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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 19 - Angela Fights At a Chinese Restaurant

Angela got out of Her Harley Davidson. She was parked just outside the Loon Fung Restaurant.She looked so magnificent dressed from head to toe in tight shiny black leather with Her blue steel helmet.She looked every centimetre a Judge Support Officer .Around Her waist She carried leather crops and knuckledusters and knives. She really was ready for action ready to arrest that corrupt defence lawyer Baker and bring him back for Trial. She was also ready to arrest the criminal Hong brothers James and Bill and bring them back for Trial too .She was prepared to beat the living daylights out of those Triads or any Chinese gangster who got in Her way!

Before She attacked the restaurant She decided to phone Toni Uaakatua the Papian chef there.

'Toni it's JSO Spiteful.I've come to arrest that bastard lawyer Baker and bring him to Trial.I am also arresting the Hong brothers and bringing them for Trial too.There will almost certainly be a bloody fight .You'd better look for another job.I don't think that restaurant will exist after today.I'll recommend that we smash it up just like we smashed up the Crown!'

' I don't mind if you do JSO Spiteful'he said making sure he addressed Her correctly.

' This is a terrible place to work! The Hong brothers call me a Papi dog and have threatened me with a meat cleaver if I don't work every day.They have threatened to beat me up and kill me if I leave .I am a very good chef and could get work anywhere . Baker is real bastard .He seems to hate Papians too.When he got those animals off for having sex with that poor girl he said that all Papians are fit for is to be f-----d.'

'Don't worry I'm coming after all of them Toni .You will be glad to leave this place.Don't worry Baker and the Hong brothers will be very severely punished for abusing you and for their criminal activities It's going to be a bloody fight but I know as an invincible Norse Woman I will win!'

'You Norselanders always win!'he said full of admiration for Her .

Angela put the phone down and walked straight up to the front door of the pub .With one mighty move She kicked in the door hard. She was inside ready for battle.

'Right where's Baker? Where are the Hong brothers? I've come to get you and take you back for Trial' she shouted.

All the customers looked at this huge leather clad Dominatrix in terror. They had never seen a woman of such size and strength before although Angela was not as big as some Norse Women such as Heathera.

'Right I want all the customers to leave Go now as there's going to be trouble!'

Some of them hesitated.

'I said GO NOW !'she shouted ' I want Baker to stay!'

They all ran out of the door clutching all the possessions.She had been given a description of Baker by Toni.He was a big fat basard with a moustache .She saw him heading for the door with all the other customers hoping She would not notice him.She recognised him from the description at once As he was hurrying to leave She grabbed him by the collar.

'Where do you think you're going you shithead?'

'So what do you want with me' he groaned as Her nails dug hard into his neck.

'I've come to arrest you you bastard .You were the defence lawyer who defended those bastards who forced themselves on a Paian girl Kaha. Well I've got news for you. I've come to take revenge on you. How dare you humiliate a poor innocent girl in court .Well your friends have met their fate. They're now in cells awaiting Trial at the Judge Headquarters. They will almost certainly be sentenced to death which I would love to carry out myself .

'As for you I'm arresting you for Defending and Aiding and Abetting criminals. I know your record you're good at getting criminals off like your friend here the Hong brothers .Well it's the end of the road your crimes are over!'

'You can't just come into the restaurant and arrest me like that! This is England not a police state like Norseland I know all about your country. Defendants have no rights at all and the police the Judges can arrest anyone they like!We have human rights in this country you know!'

Her hand went crashing across his face .He let out a piercing scream


She dragged him up by the hair. He was shaking in pure terror at being overpowered by this mighty Norse Woman. It was clear that he was really a complete coward and wimp who could only cope with cross examining a witness in court.

'Don't you dare speak about my Nation like that you arsehole. In our nation we guarantee the right of everyone to live in safety.We may be a police state but the Judges do a vital and necessary job in maintaining law and order in our Nation which is more than your police who allow harassment to take place do!Don't you dare criticise my Nation again or I will beat you senseless you bastard!'

She dragged him from the floor by his hair. He was literally shaking with terror.

'Please don't hurt me. I have to do my job as a defence lawyer I'm sorry I criticised your Nation' he whimpered.

She dragged him across the room and handcuffed him to the chair.She ignored his pleas for mercy.

'Right which ones are the Hong brothers Bill and James?'

They both stood before Her. It was clear that they were really terrified of Her though they pretended to look tough.They knew all about the Judges as the ROJ operated in Hong kong as part of the CNT the Chinese Norselandic Treaty).Hundreds of their fellow triads had been killed already They knew quite well that no Triad or Chinese gangster stood a chance in a fight against a Judge or Justice Leaguer who were known as the Leather Tigers and Tigresses. There was a saying;

'One Norselander can kill a 100 Chinese just like a tiger can kill 100 cats.'

Billie Hong walked up to her trying to sound tough'

'You leave premises now You go away!'

She grabbed him by the throat .He let out a scream of pain as She shoved him hard against the wall.

'Look here you damned Chinese gangster !You are a criminal and I'm putting you under arrest .I will be taking you with me to the Judge Headquarters to stand trial I'm a Tigress and you're a cat! It's the end for you!'

He began to groan in agony as Her fingers started to dig hard into his neck.


She then handcuffed him to the chair too next to his friend Baker.

She looked behind Her. She could see his brother James yelling down the phone for reinforcements.She looked and could see all 6 staff surrounding Her. 2 of them had meat cleavers ,2 had samurai swords and 2 had broken bottles in their hands.This was like a scene from Kill Bill only this would be even more violent!

She stood in the middle ready to fight with only Her hands and feet. Still She was not afraid as She stood right in front of them.She was a Norse Woman and they were Chinese. She looked in the corner and there stood Toni ready to support Her.

'Come on you Why don't you attack ?Just remember one thing I am a Norse Woman and you are Chinese smaller than me.Remember the Chinese saying 'One tigress can kill 100 cats!'

They knew She was right and were not sure what to do.Suddenly the 2 of them with meat cleavers came towards Her yelling thinking that would frighten Her.They were totally wrong.With lightning speed She brought Her heel hard into his solar plexus cracking half his rib cage. He screamed for all he was worth as he went flying across the room like a catapult.


The next one made an attempt to attack Her It totally failed. She just grabbed his arm with Her powerful hand and twisted his wrist around .The meat cleaver just dropped from his hand.

'You see I'm a tigress and you're a cat and tigresses always win!' she said smiling.

With that She picked him up with one hand by the hair .He went crashing acrooscthe room.He lay there in an unconscious heap on the floor.

2 of them stood there holding samurai swords not knowing what to do She had a meat cleaver in her hand and advanced towards them smiling

'Are you really going to attack me with those swords ?Well I'll strike first!'

With one move She struck. She brought the meat cleaver across the face of the first one. A stream of blood shot across the room as She took out his eye and half his nose He fell on the floor screaming in agony.


She then brought the meat cleaver down cutting off the next one's resticles .He bellowed as he fell on the floor as blood came poring out in torrents!


2 more stood there with broken glasses not sure what to do.She did not hesitate but ran towards them .With one incredible move Her boot heel shot up in the air connecting with the jaw of the first one. He literally took off in the air flying across the room and crashing through the window outside.

She then moved to the second this time doing another brilliant drop kick.Again he took off in the air landing right through the bar breaking about 6 bottles on the way and landing in a heap of broken glass.

10 more triads had arrived as reinforcements. 4 came running towards Her with samurai swords.

She took out the first with Her meat cleaver taking his hand right off He bellowed with pain


The second She kicked in the solar plexus hard. He went careering across the room.


The third she took out by bringing the meat cleaver across his face taking out his eyes and nose at the same time.


The fourth she brought the cleaver right across his legs He rolled on the floor as more blood came pouring out .


The floor was now awash with blood getting deeper every minute.

4 more ran towards her with baseball bats.

She brought the cleaver down again taking the hand completely off the first.


She brought it down once more slicing right across the neck of the second.


She grabbed the next 2 .With one hand She twisted the testicles of the first while kicking into the testicles of the second breaking every one.



There were 2 more left They stood there shaking holding their samurai swords not knowing what to do They realised that this huge Norse Woman was winning easily and they didn't stand a chance they looked at the floor that was covered in blood and human limbs.Blood was now getting deeper than ever .They could hear the screams .It really was just like the scene from Kill Bill only Angela was even tougher than Uma Thurman herself.

She walked right up to them.They were really afraid of Her given Her incredible fighting skills.

'Right you will surrender and put down your swords or I will cut your cock and balls off with this meat cleaver.


They had no choice but to obey .They put down their swords and meekly stood before Her.

'Right take down your trousers and bend over that table!'

They obeyed Her without hesitation knowing what a tigress She was.

She took aim with Her boot She ran forwards and kicked the first one hard up his anus with the steel toe of Her boot .He went flying up in the air and went crashing across the room.


She took aim again.The toe of her boot connected with the inside of his anus as he too went flying high in the air .Blood came spurting out as Her boot had gone hard into his anus.He took off and went flying right up in the air crashing through the windows outside!


She had won a brilliant victory.She looked in the distance and saw the other Hong brother James running out of the restaurant .She shouted at him.

'Hong I'm bringing you to justice!'


To continue this story, click Episode 20.

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