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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 2 - The Life of Angela

It was now Wednesday and the day was fast approaching for Angela to arrive in England from her home country, Norseland. She would be arriving on Saturday and I was getting so excited by the prospect. I had never met a Norse Woman/Valkyrie before but I had seen pictures of her in her tall tanned body with her muscular physique and blonde hair. I had received so many pictures of her and really wanted to know now what she was like in the flesh!

I had recently received a letter from her that read as follows;

Alpha Block 21
Vjarkjaa 213600
Ljungnamo Lynge


Dear Stephen,

I can't wait to come to England to see you sweetheart after corresponding with you now for a year!

I will be arriving at Heathrow airport on LufteFlote Flight 200 at 2pm ON SATURDAY 13TH DECEMBER. Make sure you are there to meet me. Do not be late! I will be standing with my Papian slave Mina. We will be at the arrival lounge. You cannot miss me. I am 6' 6" tall and will be wearing a leather trench coat and high heeled boots. As you know from my pictures I am tall, muscular and with blonde hair. I will be holding my slave Mina by a dog collar so you definitely can't miss us! Mina is looking forward to meeting you too. She has a garland ready to put round your neck the traditional Papian greeting.

You have seen so many photographs of me so you will definitely not be able to miss me!

Before I arrive I want you to make sure your house is spotlessly clean. I don't want to see a speck of dust anywhere. When I arrive I will be inspecting every nook and cranny of your house and if I spot one speck of dirt you're in real trouble! I would therefore seriously suggest that you take the next 3 days off cleaning out every single nook and cranny or else you will face my leather crop!

You will have to vacate your bed as I will be sleeping there and you will have to sleep in the spare room or on the sofa. Mina will be sleeping on the floor as Papian slaves always sleep on the floor, not in a bed. She also has to be near me in case I need anything in the night.

Also I will be bringing my Norselandic flag with me and my portrait of the Queen Goddess. I expect you with Mina to be standing to attention in front of the flag and portrait and pledge the Oath of Allegiance.

'I swear that I will pledge all my loyalty and fealty to the Flag, the Queen Goddess and the Nation for which I will lay down my life.'

Naturally, as a Norselander, I will not be under the jurisdiction of your police but the Royal Overseas Judges. If you cause me any trouble I will report you to them and they will arrest you and take you to their Headquarters so you had better behave!

Also while I am staying with you I do not expect to do any cooking at all - that is the job for you and Mina to do. I will expect you to do the shopping now so I will tell you what I want to eat. I am only prepared to eat wholesome Norselandic food and not English or Oslander muck though I am prepared to go out to an Oslander restaurant one night a week provided it is spotlessly clean!

For breakfast I eat muesli, fruit juice and beans on brown rye bread or ryvita. I NEVER eat white bread so if I see any white bread in the house at all you are in very serious trouble I like every type of beans so buy lots of tins of baked, barbecued, borlotti and refried beans. I eat beans by the ton to develop my strength which as you will see is amazing and far greater than yours by the look of your pictures!

Also at breakfast I only drink coffee like all Norselanders If you give me any of that disgusting tea you English drink I will pour it all over your face! How can you drink such muck! At weekends I have a change from eating beans. On Saturdays I eat frankfurters or bratwurst and Sundays I eat hamburgers.

For lunch I have sandwiches always on brown bread. I want them with cheese that must be Norselandic such as Jaalsborg, tuna, chicken or ham - again only Noreslandic ham. I like them with coleslaw, pickle or potato salad. You’d better make them properly with fresh brown or rye bread or else.

For evening meal I have the traditional Norselandic meal of a large piece of meat or fish fried in margarine with potatoes fried, creamed or boiled with lashings of salad. Salad is very important to us health fanatic Norselanders. You will use the freshest ingredients such as tomatoes, lettuce, grapes, cheese, cucumber and oranges all swimming in mayonnaise and salad dressing.

On Sundays I like a real "stick to the ribs" mixed grill. This Sunday I want steak, pork chop, tomatoes and mushrooms and a huge bowl of fries in mayonnaise. I want the meat to be so big it is falling off the plate. The very thought makes my mouth water!

You had better cook for me properly, Stephen, or you'll face a leathering across the face. I have no worry about beating inferior Oslanders like you!

As for drink I only drink Norselandic beer Volssons and my favourite wine is Norselandic too - Gronskull Creek. You'd better have lots of bottles of it ready for me when I arrive as I will be very thirsty after my journey.

I also eat plenty of fresh fruit such as pineapples, mangos and guavas so get shopping now! Don’t worry too much about the cooking because Mina will help you in the kitchen as she cooks for me every day.

By the way don't get up to any funny business with Mina! If I see you getting friendly I will have you both bent over and given the thrashing of your lives, so be warned!

Also I am a fitness fanatic. I will be going jogging every day. I also want space in your house and garden to do my exercises. I also want you to find out the names of heath clubs and fitness centres in your area, Walthamstow. You will see my enormous muscles when you see me and just how powerful I am!

Also you will play the music I like which is country and western or opera especially Wagner. Once I'm in your house I will be the one in control.

As you know I am coming to England to improve my spoken English in particular and to learn about the English way of life. I will be working at the local pub in Walthamstow near you called the Cock and Granite which I will be doing in the day and will be studying in the evening. I will be in England for a year and will stay with you until I can find somewhere else to live with Mina.

Don't worry too much Stephen I am really a very kind person and will only punish you if you are disobedient to me.

So get shopping and cleaning!

Yours truly


I decided to e mail her back.

Dear Angela

I can't wait to see you and Mina when you come on Saturday. I’m sure I will recognise you as I have seen so many of your pictures. I promise you I will work day and night for the next 2 days making sure there is not one speck of dust anywhere. I will always obey you when you are in my house I promise. I will do all the shopping even if it means going to Fortnum and Masons for what you require. I promise I will only play your music.

Yours truly


I thought I would tell you about Angela before she arrives. Angela comes from a small town called Vjarkjaa (pronounced VY -ARKYAW) that lies south of Vikingsborg the second largest city in the province of Ljungnamo pronounced (lLYUNG- NAH-MOW) It has a population of about 4000. It is situated in the north of Norseland which is regarded as the Norwegian part of the Nation. Everyone in the Nation speaks Norselandic which is quite a harsh guttural language.

It is the most beautiful part of the Nation and resembles Norway in many ways with its mountains and fjords. The centre of Norseland is more Swedish in character and is generally quite flat resembling in many ways the centre of the USA.The South is more Danish in character and was the first part of the island to be settled by the Settlers.After the first Norwegians arrived they were followed by Danes and then the Swedes.The capital city Stefansholm is in the extreme south. It is a very big and by all accounts quite an ugly city of 15 million people. Angela being a Northerner hates it!

Vikingsborg the Northern capital is apparently a lovely city and has been referred to as 'Bergen in the sun'. It has a population in the metropolitan area of about 11 million. It is certainly a top tourist destination. Like Bergen it is built on a series of hills that jut out into the ocean. It is a very cosmopolitan city by Norselandic standards. It is full of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It also has a Chinese and Philippine section that have many excellent restaurants.

Varkjaa looks a lovely place from the photos as it is situated on the coast with white sand beaches and the mountains of the Thorskull behind. It is the sort of place where you can go skiing in the morning and sunbathing in the afternoon, which Angela does.

She works as a senior librarian. As she is on the morning shift she works from 7 AM to 4 PM Tuesday to Saturday. She gets up at 5 AM every day does an hour of exercise on the cycle machine. She then has a hearty breakfast of muesli, coffee, fruit juice and beans on brown toast or ryvita.

She sets off for work almost always dressed in a crisp white blouse and leather skirt, dark tights and high heel shoes. She really enjoys her work and is very polite but firm with customers. Naturally she does not tolerate talking in libraries. In all libraries, in Norseland, you can hear a pin drop!

She has a male Social Officer whose name is Jens. He inspects her flat and makes sure she is happy and well adjusted. I have said that women are generally in control in Norseland. However this is an average and there are men who are in control of women such as male Judges SOs and bosses at work and they are very strict. Angela has to do exactly what Jens tells her as he is a SO and very big and dominant. She has told me that she really loves him as many subjects do fall in love with their SOs.

She loves it when he comes to inspect her flat, dressed in his leather SO uniform that shows his huge bulge. He is the SO for the block of flats she lives in called Alpha Block. He is extremely strict with the residents. There is one resident there called Stefan who is never tidy enough for Jens and gets beaten regularly with the leather crop. His screams can be heard right across the flats. If Stefan does not mend his ways he is likely to be sent by Jens to a Detention Centre run by the Judges who will make his life a living Hell! It is partly because Angela is so controlled by Jens that she wants to dominate me!

She leads a very active social life too. Like all Norselanders she loves sports. She goes to the gym every day for 2 hours after work. She loves developing her huge muscles as do all Norse Women. She will probably be disgusted at the sight of small English women and will not understand how any man can possibly be attracted to small weak women. She cannot even understand her own gorgeous Norse Men wanting to have sex with Papuans and Oslanders! She also loves swimming and skiing in the mountains near Varkjaa. She also loves karate and fighting sports and is a yellow belt. God help anyone in England who lays a finger on her!

She goes out every weekend usually with her 2 friends Helga and Laura. Mina is their slave too and is expected to spend most of the day in their flats cooking and cleaning. They go to Vikingsborg or sometimes to the nearest large town Lindestrom. Varkjaa is completely dead at night being a town of only with one main street.

It is made even quieter by the fact that the 2 local Judges a couple called Judge Karl and Judge Marissa are so ruthless. They patrol the streets in their leather Judge uniforms showing no mercy to anyone who does the slightest thing wrong. They also impose a strict curfew after 10 PM. Anyone found on the streets is liable to be arrested and taken to the Headquarters while Karl and Marissa have a Discipline Session with their victim. Angela and her friends always make sure they get a taxi home from the station as Laura has been arrested once for breaking the curfew and says she was put through 2 hours of Hell!

A typical evening out for Angela and her 2 friends will be to meet up at the station in Varkjaa. They will all be dressed the same in shiny black leather or rubber cat suits and high heeled boots They will all be wearing a lot of make up and shiny lipstick They will make sure they all look really stunning for an evening of Man Hunting. They usually go to Vikingsborg with its vibrant nightlife.

With the Nation's wonderful train service it only takes 20 minutes and the trains are so clean and safe and run all night long every 15 minutes. The fares are so cheap too, it only costs 40 Norse Mark return (£2) to go 50 kilometers. The unit of currency is the Norse Mark. It is divided into 100 pfenning. There are 20 to a £ so one NM is about 5 p. There are about 13 to the $.

When they arrive in the City they will go straight to the Chinese or Philippine quarter and have a hearty meal usually ordering 5 dishes and wine. They will go out then to a bar. Bars in Norseland are pristine clean with bare floor boards and IKEA furniture. They resemble All Bar One in England. All the service is waiter only. Beer is served in bottles not pints as in England. It is illegal to drink without eating and the penalties for drunkenness are very severe. The 3 friends will usually order a bottle of wine for about 60 NM. They will then look around the bar for men.

It is the usual practice for women in Norseland to approach men first unlike the rest of the world. In fact it is almost unknown for a man to start a conversation with a woman. Also the usual practice is for the woman to buy drinks for the man. Last week Angela and her 2 friends were in a bar called Rattas Bar in the University Quarter. After they had ordered smorgasbord each, which is a large rye bread bap with layers of ham and pickle and mustard, they then looked around for men.

They found 2 sitting together, Kristof and Lars. They went straight up to them and asked them if they would like to spend the evening together. They bought them beers and began to be very forward and friendly as Norse Women always are. They carried on buying them drinks and only once did Kristof and Lars ever have to buy a drink.

They spent the rest of the evening singing karaoke which is very popular in Norseland especially in Vikingsborg where almost every bar does karaoke. They then danced together to the music. Angela danced with Lars holding him tightly around the waist and eventually putting her leather gloved hand down his crotch. Helga and Laura danced together with Kristof finding him so sweet and attractive. Helga eventually was holding him from the front by the crotch while Laura had her hands on his ball sac from behind. He was soon groaning under their strong leather gloved hands unable to move a centimetre.

Angela, Helga and Laura then took Lars and Kristof to the Love Rooms always found in bars in Norseland where couples can go after a drink. They threw them on the bed where they proceeded to screw them senseless! They left the bar at about 4 AM Lars and Kristof were so sore after being masturbated and screwed with strap-ons which Norse Women carry at all times Angela has said she would love to see Lars again which makes me very jealous. At the same time I know there is nothing I can do about it!

As usual the 3 friends did not get home until very late at about 5 AM. Norselanders are very much night people and do not start going out in the evening until 8 PM and do not start coming home until 4 AM at least on Sunday morning. I do not know how Angela is going to cope with the ridiculous English licensing laws whereby pubs must close at 11PM. That is just when she is starting to enjoy herself!

It is of course perfectly safe to travel at any time of the day or night anywhere. Mugging is unknown completely. Apart from the act there is no need to mug anyone for money as everyone is so affluent, any person caught would be taken to the Judge Headquarters at once and strangled to death by a Judge immediately. What is more any man tying to lay a finger on Angela, Helga and Laura would spend the rest of his life as a cripple!

It is now Saturday and Angela arrives in a few hours. This is the first time she has been out of Norseland in her life except for spending a few days in Honolulu, the nearest foreign city.

I have spent 2 days cleaning and cleaning until I am sore all over and aching. My whole house reeks of bleach and disinfectant. I do hope its up to her standards. I have also done all the shopping. It took me all day and cost over £100 to get everything she needed. I hope she is satisfied. I can't wait to meet her slave Mina too though I will be very careful how I behave.

I leave the house in trepidation walking to the Underground to Heathrow in a cold sweat.


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