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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 20 - Angela Brings Criminals To Justice

James Hong went running out of the restaurant sweating with sheer terror.He had witnessed Angela's brilliant fighting skills as She had disposed of 16 Triads as well as arresting and overpowering his brother Billie. He ran towards his car that was parked outside .He was sweating with fear as he ran into the car and pushed his foot on the accelerator. She was coming after him and just managed to fail to trip him up. She was determined to capture him at all costs. There was no way he could escape from Her .She leapt onto Her Harley Davidson as She sped after him down the road.

He was driving in the direction of Loughton exceeding the speed limit .He did not care- all he wanted to do was to escape from the terrible wrath of this mighty Norse Woman ,who was coming after him determined to bring him to justice.

He began to drive like mad man as he looked in the mirror and could see Her coming straight after him.He was diving in the direction of Loughton.He managed to drive through a red light not caring that a car was coming straight towards him so determined was he to escape from Her.He knew that he stood no real chance of escape .A Harley Davidson could go so much faster than a car!

He was entering Loughton when he saw the one thing he dreaded a red light He could not cross as the traffic was so heavy.He looked behind him and saw Her right behind him on Her bike smiling with a sense of victory.He suddenly turned the car onto the pavement nearly hitting 2 pedestrians.She drove the bike straight in front of him that made him drive straight into a shop window He came to a sudden halt. With one move She opened the car door he had forgotten to lock. She dragged him by the hair onto the pavement.

'So Hong you're not just a thug and criminal you're also a road safety threat!'

She dragged him up by the hair.

'What you going to do with me ? 'he groaned.

'I'm going to show you some mercy by challenging you to a fight. It will be a fight between us over 6 rounds.It will be Gym Kata versus Kung Fu!'

She knew that She would win.Not only was She a Norselander bigger and stronger than any number of Chinese .The saying was quite true 'One tiger could kill a 100 cats'.

It was also that Gym Kata was a superior fighting technique combining the best of oriental fighting arts with Cock and Ball Torture and very painful wrestling holds ,attacking the most vulnerable parts of the human body such as the throat and stomach.Norselanders learnt it from the age of 8 so that they were already a Nation of brilliant fighters by the time they left


A large crowd had gathered around the pub car park after hearing the noise of the crash .All the customers in the pub the 'Rose 'were outside as they had never seen woman fight a man before.

She walked over to the crowd.

'Right this is a fight between me a Norse Woman and a Chinese. It is also a contest between Kung Fu and Gym kata. It will be over 6 rounds.'

She looked at the crowd gathered around Her.

'Right which one would like to be the referee?'

A fat person came forward .

'I'm the landlord of this pub .I'd love to. My name's Chris'

'Right Chris I'm Miss Spiteful and this is Hong. You will call out the result of each round.'

'Right let's get started. It's Gym Kata versus Kung Fu !'

It was quite clear that Hong had no desire to fight at all. He stood there not knowing what to do.

One of the crowd called out.

'Why don't you beat her up with your Kung Fu? She's only a woman!'

'Come on James .I'm sure you're a really good Kung Fu fighter' She smiled.

He was actually a yellow belt in Kung Fu .However he knew that it was useless against a Norselander There was a Chinese saying' Kung Fu is as useless against a Norselander as it would be against a tiger'

Still he had to fight Her .He went towards Her trying to kick Her. It was hopeless. She grabbed his leg with one hand and twisted it right round .He let out a piercing scream.


He fell on the ground writhing in the most terrible agony

Chris then counted to 6 .


A cheer went up from the crowd.

'Well that was pretty hopeleess wasn't it.Is that the best you can do why don't you attack me again?'

He could hardly walk as he got up from the ground still feeling total agony.

'Come on try another Kung Fu move You said you were a yellow belt!'

He made an attempt to hit Her It was totally hopeless .With one move She grabbed his hand and twisted it right round his back.With the other hand She dug Her nails hard into his neck. He bellowed so loudly he could probably be heard right across the town.


'It looks like my Gym Kata is definitely superior to your Kung Fu. This is the Arm and Neck hold. It's very painful and there's nothing you can do about it!'

He carried on screaming for all he was worth as Her nails dug in even harder and She pushed his arm right round his back .Soon his arm would be broken completely.

Suddenly he screamed out at the top of his voice


She let him go as he rolled around the ground holding his arm screaming in utter torment.

Chris moved forward


Hong was hardly able to move he was in such agony. Angela dragged him from the ground by his hair

'Well are you sure you're a yellow belt Your'e hopeless Hong 'I'll give you another chance to show me your fighting skills!'

Come on show us your Kung Fu She's beating you easily 'one of the crowd shouted out.

He then made an attempt to hit Her again .He missed completely as She dodged out of the way and he went flying across the car park hitting a car at the other end.

She walked over and pulled him up by the hair again.

'Really you are absolutely hopeless Hong -a little child in my Nation could fight better than you !'

With that She grabbed hold of his testicles With one hand and his prick with the other. He bellowed in sheer agony as She moved Her leather gloved hand up and down hard while She dug Her nails hard ito his testicles


'This is called the Cock and Ball hold it's really effective isn't it?'

The pain was ow so unbearable he was almost fainting.He could stand no more.

SUBMIT !' he screamed.

She let him go and he was rolling around the floor in torment.

Chris walked forwards


A cheer went up from the crowd .He was almost beside himself with pain as he rolled on the floor bellowing


'Hong I'm getting tired of your screams She said as She pulled him up by his hair as he lay on the ground in such torment.


He was now crying just like a little baby.

'Do you admit you have been totally beaten by Me?

'Yes you win easily!'

'Do you accept that Gym Katas is always superior to Kung fu.And you address me as Miss Spiteful!'

'Yes you much better Gym Kata always wins' he admitted knowing he had lost miserably.

Chris came forwards


A loud cheer went up from the crowd They had never seen such a wonderful display of fighting skill in their lives.

She dragged him from the ground and threw him over Her shoulder as if he was nothing but a sack of potatoes.She walked over the the crowd who gazed at her in wonder.

'I am a Norse Woman and Valkyrie and am invincible This is what happens to criminals .If any of you are thinking of committing a crime I may do the same thing to you .Do you understand?'

YES MISS SPITEFUL' they all cried out knowing She meant exactly what She said.

She carried Hong over Her shoulder throwing him over the motorbike .She strapped him over the side tying his hands and legs together as if he was just an animal. She rode off into the distance back to the Loon Hong .As She arrived She saw the Judge Wagon again and Judge Leif there ready to take the criminals away.

He really was a gorgeous hunk even better looking than Karl .He had a bronzed complexion and long blonde hair tied in a long pony tail.He was totally dressed as a Judge in black leather .Angela thought Him wonderful .She was desperate for a Norse Man after seeing all these wimpy looking English and Chinese!

'Oh Leif it's so good to see you 'She said as She gave him the traditional Welcome Kiss of a long slow kiss on the lips putting Her tongue right down His throat and holding His face in Her leather gloved hand.

'Well Angela I've come to take these criminals away .I've left Baker for you to take away.I've thrown all the Triads into the Wagon .You did a wonderful job beating them up .What wimps they all are! I managed to pick up 4 with one hand!'

'You're quite right Leif darling I've just had a fight with this bastard Hong and managed to beat him over 3 rounds using Gym Kata against his Kung Fu.It was no contest!'

'I imagine it wasn't Angela .You're so big and strong especially compared with any Chinese!I'll take him off you and throw him into the Judge Wagon .He'll be standing Trial along with all the others!'

He unstrapped Hong and carried him over his shoulder as if he was a small animal like a cat.He really was so huge and muscular. He then threw him into the Judge Wagon along with all the other Triads and his brother Billie as if he was so much garbage!

Meanwhile Angela walked into the restaurant to collect Baker The whole place was scene of devastation with broken chairs and windows and glasses and blood and bits of human limbs still on the floor. She saw Baker in the corner shivering with fear.

'Right Baker you're coming with Me .This time you're going to face a proper Trial!'

With that She took the handcuffs off and threw him over Her shoulder.He really was such a weakling like so many Oslanders !She threw him down with one hand over the side of Her motorbike and strapped him down.Leif was in the Judge Wagon ready to go to the Judge Headquarters . She would go first as She was faster on her motorbike.

'Leif darling let's go!'


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