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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 22 - Angela Hosts The Cow Person Barbeque

Friday March 5th had at last arrived as Angela awaited the Opening Night of Votans the new Norselandic bar that was called a Taste of Paradise in East London.

The whole pub that was once the Granite had been transformed totally. Every single piece of furniture table and glass and every bottle was thrown away into the dustbin .The dreary days of the Granite were over! The memory of the past was well and truly over !

The pub had been refurbished totally at a cost of nearly £15000. She had raised this money easily from a loan from a Norselandic bank called the National Domina Bank. She knew the East London Manager Ms Vera Fearssson very well and She had told her that the bank would easily get its money back from the takings of the Opening Night .At least 600 people were expected to come tonight spending at least £20 each so the Bank would soon get all its money back in one night!

The whole place was positively glistening. It was full of brand new IKEA furniture with bright polished bare floor boards .There was a massive colour portrait of the Queen Goddess at the entrance dressed in shiny black leather with a golden crown on Her head.There was an enormous Norselandic flag a green cross on a white back ground to which all visitors had to bow down to.

All the walls were covered in art work and full scale colour photographs of Norseland showing just what a beautiful earthly paradise it was .There were TV screens that would show a full range of Norselandic television programmes and sports such as Aerobics and Gym Kata for all those Norselanders who pined and were homesick for their Nation.The bar would only serve Norselandic beers such as Jaalsborg and Volssons and spirits such as Norselandic whisky and rum and a full range of wines such as Gronskull Creek.

The whole place had been divided into a restaurant area and a dancing area The dance floor was enormous ready for the full range of entertainments Angela had prepared for.There was a large stage for the bands and for karaoke.Tonight the country band the Valhallas would perform.There would be a full range of bands to perform and there would also be karaoke and singing competitions.

Angela had all Her staff ready for the evening. The 3 South African staff Marta, Marlena and Rik had been cleaning the floors and tables day and night under the ruthless supervision of Mina Angela's Papian slave She had also disciplined Arnold the former manager training him as a toilet slave making sure he cleaned the toilets until they were spotless She now presented a formidable figure even though she was a slave to Angela herself.She always wore a black leather sahini with a long slit up the side knee length, high heeled boots and leather gloves .She made al the staff addressrs her as Miss Popatoa .After experiencing so many beatings herself she was determined to get her revenge.She particularly enjoyed beating Arnold and ramming his face down the toilet bowl while she cropped his arse!

The 2 Papian chefs Toni and Teio were cooking the meats on a huge open barbecue and spit roast that lay along the dining area .They were cooking a choice of meats beef, chicken, pork ,lamb horsemeat ,whalemeat and crocodile

At their sides Teio's wife Maha was preparing the salad with 15 ingredients making sure they were all fresh and that everything was drowning in dressing and mayonnaise.She was also chargrilling the potatoes almost to a cinder .With the range of meats, sauces, salad ,potatoes ,pasta and fruits and sweets this was a veritable feast that no one in the area had seen before !

Anyone was free for only £20 to eat as much as they liked until they had a heart attack!What was more it was prepared by expert Papian chefs who were world renowned.

Finally Angela had built a Whipping Block in the middle of the restaurant with rubber straps where any miscreant would be thrashed mercilessly in font of the other customers.She wanted everyone to thoroughly enjoy themselves at the same time She would be totally ruthless with bad behaviour or drunkenness.

Everyone knew the Rules of the Bar and violating them would bring strict punishment on the offender! It was not enough to bar someone from the pub as they were in England They had to be thrashed mercilessly to show the disapproval of the Manager.In serious cases of misbehaviour She was quite prepared to call the ROJ ( The Royal overseas Judges)who would take the offender to the Headquarters to be put to death if necessary!

Angela was ready to greet the 4 Marshals dressed in Her Cow Person outfit which was the National Costume of the Nation. She looked really stunning. She had put on lots of mascara and shiny lipstick She wore a black leather stetson. She also wore a leather studded collar and silk scarf .She wore a skin tight black leather jacket with tassels.She also wore a tight leather skirt and knee length boots with high heels and steel toe caps .Around Her waist she wore a holster with 2 guns with real ammunition, a cat o nine tails ,a crop, knuckledusters and handcuffs.To complete the effect She wore shiny black leather gloves. She wore a badge;



What a truly magnificent sight !

The 4 Marshals arrived They looked as gorgeous as Her dressed in their Cow Person costumes .In fact the only difference between the Norse Men and the Women in appearance was that the Women wore skirts and the Men had skin tight leather trousers and the Men had their bulges in the front whereas the women had theirs in the front!

Their full names were Helga Nastisson who was going to be the Associate Manager and her Partner Lars Ruthqvist .The other 2 were also Partners Martha Kristianssdottir who would run the line dancing and her partner Erik Killsdahl.Notice unlike married coupes they did not take the husband's surname Also they did not always live together as Martha and Erik lived separately as did their children.

'Right Marshals welcome to the Votans the Norselandic bar in east London This will be where you will be working from now on .Your work will be to serve customers meals and drinks .You must understand that unlike England being a waiter and bar person is a skilled and noble profession in our Nation.' said Angela addressing them.

'You are in charge .You will be addressed as Sir and Madame always. You will ruthlessly enforce the Rules of the Bar .No nonsense will be tolerated! You must understand that this is effectively Norsleandic territory and our Law not British law applies

'In particular you will not tolerate drunkenness at all .You will only serve a drink with food only. You will keep a tab of each customer and they may only consume 4 alcoholic drinks in one evening and no more- after that it's soft drinks only! Anyone caught drunk you will use your crop or cat to sober them up!'

'Another disgusting habit I don't tolerate is smoking .As you know in or Nation it is banned in all public places and in all restaurants and bars completely. In fact it is almost illegal.It is only allowed for a week in designated areas .If you see anyone dropping ash on the floor you will order them to clean it up if necessary with their tongues! Also if you see someone smoking too much you will order them to stop that filthy habit at once or else!, 'As a Norselander like you I loathe dirt or mess of any kind .I detest bad table manners particularly eating with dirty hands of fingernails. If you see anyone eating with dirty hands or fingernails you have my full permission to drag the miscreant in the toilet and forcefully wash their hands and cut their nails. This applies to scruffy jeans too. If you see anyone with dirty jeans you have My full pernission to rip them off and crop the miscreant over the table and then kick them out of the door!'

'In the toilet there is the toilet slave Arnold .He used to be the manager here before I took over and was absolutely bloody useless. You should have seen the state of the place before I took over!. It was a complete shithole!If you see him slacking or if you see the toliet is not spotless you have My full permission to shove his face down the bowl and flush the toliet His job is to work !'

'There are also 4 Papians working here too.There is my slave Mina ,2 chefs Teio and Toni and Teio's wife Maha They are here to work and as Papians to do as they are told. They must NOT fraternise with customers.If you see any of them fratenising you are to crop them and the customer too!This does not

apply to Mina My slave she is the kitchen suopervisor If you see her cause any trouble which I'm sure you won't you will report her to Me to be dealt with'.

.There are also 3 South Africans working here Marta Marlena and Rik .They come directly under Mina the kitchen Supervisor.However I want you to supervise them too. They are here to wash up clean the kitchen and to clean the tables. Like the Papians they are here to work in silence. If you catch any of them slacking or talking ,you have my full permission to crop them either in front of the customers or in the kitchen!'

'I want customers to have a great time and to enjoy themselves .If you see anyone sitting down while the dancing is going on you will confront them and tell them to participate. In particular if a Norselander asks an English person to dance he or she must dance. You are here to enjoy yourself and there is no such word as No!.,

.Finally you will see a Whipping Block This is where I will put customers over if there is serious misbehaviour such as fighting, extreme drunkeness or making rude remarks about the Nation or the Queen Goddess which will not be tolerated Only I and Helga the Assistant Manager will be allowed to beat customers over the Whipping Block .You are to report misbehaviour to Me or Helga at once I am quite prepared to give 30 strokes!'

'Is that fully understood?'

YES MISS SPITEFUL they all said at once.

It was now 6.30 PM.As Angela's special friend and slave I was the first person to be invited .She came right up to me I was really excited looking at Her in Her leather cow person outfit.

'Stephen sweetheart it's so good to see you! '

She gave me a long Welcome Kiss fondling my crotch and putting Her tongue right down my throat.

'So what do you think Stephen ?'

'It's fatrastic Misstress Angela. It's the smartest restaurant and bar I've ever seen in my life .What a contrast to the Granite!

'I know Stephen that dump is a memory .You will not mention it ever again. Now help yourself to a free complimentary drink. Remember it's only 3 more alcoholic drinks after that! As My slave and and special friend you can eat as much as you like for only £10!'

'Stephen from now on I want you to concentrate on eating rather than drinking .Get way from this English habit of drunkenness and enjoy yourself being sober! Also tonight I'm sure a gorgeous Norse Woman or Brunhildse will ask you to dance .You must accept as is the tradition in our Nation .She will almost certainly like to feel down your crotch You must oblige her!You look very smart in your stetson and jeans .You must enjoy yourself tonight sweetheart!. '

As She said this She gave me another kiss on the lips.


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