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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 23 Angela, The Marshalls and Line Dancing

I sat down at the table and asked for my first complimentary drink of the evening.I should say asked for as in Norseland the Bar Person is in charge in the bar and although the customer's need are always catered for and there is an excellent service ,the customer must remember that the Barperson is in charge and their orders must be obeyed. I was served by the Marshal Helga the new Associate Manager.

She really did look impressive in Her black leather Cow Person outfit.She looked a real bodybuilder even bigger and taller than Angela herself and certainly bigger than Her partner though he was big and strong enough She brought me a bottle of Volssons beer in a pint size bottle.In Norseland drinks are served by Bar Persons at your table ,not in a glass at the bar as it is in England.This is a far more civilised way and also payment is on a tab at the end of the evening not immediately as in England.

As She came up to me She gave me a Welcome Kiss on the lips .It almost hurt as She held me by the neck and brought Her tongue right down my throat 'Stephen I know you are Angela's slave and property.However I think you are very nice too and really enjoyed kissing you and putting My tongue down your throat in the Welcome Kiss. I will be your Barperson all evening. Don't forget to address Me as Madame Helga with respect and deference .'

'I will be dancing with you tonight as well .Also other Norse Women will be asking you to dance. You must always say Yes Remember that in our Nation the Woman makes the first moves to Man,not the other way round as in England. In our Nation Women take the lead as you will see at the Barbecue tonight!'

'I would love that Madame Helga I really do believe that Norselandic ways are so superior that's why I'm a member of NAS( the Norselandic Admiration Society) .I desperately want to go to your Nation!' I said.

'I know you do and that Angela has invited you to stay with Her in Vjarkjaa.

I come from Ljungnamo Province too from a city called Oksvanger on the coast about 40 KM south of Vjarkjaa.Perhaps you can visit Me too when you're there!'

'I'd love Madame Helga!

' There's another problem I've got. Mistress Angela told me to act as an informant for Her.I have just been to a pub nearby that is full of gangsters called the Queens Arms It looks as if there's going to be trouble tonight.I've got a tape that you and Mistress Angela should listen to before the bar opens!'

'That's very good Stephen .I will play it to Mistress Angela now!'

She went over to Angela.

'Angela this is a tape that Stephen gave me.I thought We could listen to it now. He says there might be trouble tonight.'

'Certainly Helga. I can't wait for trouble. I would really enjoy doing some beating and fighting tonight I'm really in the mood!'

Angela really meant She said After all the beating She had done. She could not wait to do some more!

As it would take some time to hear the message Angela told Erik the Marshal to open the doors and greet the customers.

They played the tape back as follows.It was clear they were all drunk.They all had broad East London accents.

'Oi Dave why don't we do somefing about that bleedin' Spiteful woman .Surely she can't win all the time!'

'You're right Mike -why don't we just shoot the bitch ? She can't dodge bullets surely! '

'She's gone to bleedin' far oi say. She finks she can do anyfing she likes just cos she's a Norsi!'

' First of all she took over that pub from me mate Arnold .Then she bleedin' well had the whole Hopper family killed just cos' they was making fun of some Papis Then she beat up me mates who go into that pub .Then she beat up me other mates Mike Geoff and John just cos' they screwed a Papi girl . She and her mates then trashed me favourite pub.Then the bitch beats up me lawyer friend Baker. Then she took out all me Chink friends the 'Ongs and the Triads .It's a bleedin' liberty oi say!'

'She can't win all the bleedin' time we gotta do somefin' about 'er!'

'You know she's taken over me favourite pub called the Granite and turned it into a Norsi bar called Votans or somefing. Oi say we go round there tonight and smash the f----g place up!

'Yeah get the bitch before she gets us! '

'What the bleedin' 'ell she doin opening Norsi pubs in our country anyway .Why don't she f--- off back to bleedin Norseland and take her f-----g Papis with her!'

'I f----g hate those Norsis I'd like to nuke em! They come over ere and take over our pubs!'

'Yeah the next thing their men will take our women too! Just cos they got huge muscles and big dicks! It ain't fair!'

Angela switched the tape off.

' I've listened to enough of this drivel.Well Stephen has done a good job as an informant. I can't wait for those bastard to arrive tonight. It looks like all the criminal fraternity and the local BNP( British National Party) will be here. I can't wait to beast them all senseless and kill them as long as Heathera gives me permission!'

'I can't wait to fight them too Angela as would my Partner Lars and Martha and Erik. We're all Gym Kata experts and can't wait to put our skills into practice! ,

'Certainly Helga as soon as we see them arrive we will announce on the intercom that a fight is taking place in the car park as an exhibition of Gym Kata. All the customers will love it and it will be a change from the music too ! There may be 20 of them at least. All 5 of us will take them on and beat the living daylights out of them. We will then put the ringleader over the Whipping Block and thrash him senseless! It will be such fun and so entertaining for our customers!

The time had arrived for the Barbecue to start. I could see a huge queue outside.I could tell the Norselanders from the English as the Noreselanders all wore leather or rubber Cow Person outfits and were so much bigger and stronger in appearance .Also they all had blonde hair,with the Women even taller than the Men.

Before the doors were opened the country band the Valhallas arrived .They were all dressed in red leather Cow Person outfits with yellow silk scarves to make them look really stunning! The lead singer was a Woman called Marissa Vorkstrom and the 2 guitar players were Men called Per Rasmusson and Jan Lasterqvist.They were apparently famous in Norseland itself and knew the full range of American and Norselandic Country music.

As the customers entered they were ordered to stand to attention by Angela for the Noreslandic National Anthem. and face the portrait of the Queen Goddess The Norselanders were told to sing lustily . It was played by the Valhallas.

Glorious Nation our Motherland
We will fight forThy liberty
To make our Nation strong and free
We are prepared to die for Thee!
Glorious Nation O motherland
We shall be true to Thee till death
We shall be true to Thee till death!

As soon as the National Anthem had been sung the queue began for the meal.I had never seen such quantities of meat cooked to perfection by the 2 Papian chefs Toni and Teio .There were 8 choices of meats all being chargrilled and spit roasted almost to cinder. Further along chargrilled potatoes and pasta was piled high to the ceiling almost after being expertly cooked by Maha Teio's wife.Further along was a range of tropical fruits and ice creams that were again piled high almost to the ceiling as well .I could go back and eat as much as I liked. I was in serious danger of a heart attack !There was no way I could ever get drunk after consuming this quantity of food!

I chose crocodile meat, fries and salad .The helpings were simply enormous and my plate was piled high . I had never tasted crocodile before .The meat was quite tough and covered all the plate After eating it I felt incapable of eating any more at all.What was more I felt unable to drink any more after just drinking one bottle of Volssons lager.

Yet I looked at the Norselanders around me and they appeared to have the most amazing appetites! I saw them go back in some cases for 3 helpings with their plates piled up with huge chunks of meat ,piles of potatoes and pasta and salad drowning in mayonnaise. These people were really incredible! I sometime wondered whether they were human beings or giants from another planet!

After most people had eaten Martha announced on the loudspeaker that the time had come for the Line Dancing and everyone had to take part or else as She was the Supervisor.I was so weighed down with the food yet Helga the Marshal was standing by me and it was a case of get up and dance now!

I stood in a line next to 2 big tall Norse Women whose names I found out to be Lara and Karla .They both looked very alike in their Cow Person outfits and their blonde lacquered hair like all Norse Women. They said they would show me all the moves which were quite complex for a beginner.

The Valhallas started to play the famous country song 'My Elusive Dreams' sung in Norselandic of course as were all the songs.Marissa had a very strong voice and her singing almost blasted out my ear drums especially as there were speakers all over the walls.

'Right everyone get ready this dance is called The Auctioneer' announced Martha the Line Dancing Supervisor.

The Valhallas started to play full volume .Marissa began to call out in English for the benefit of those beginners like me

'Rock forward on right

Step in place on left

Step right next to left!'

I did not know what to do but fortunately Lara and Karla guided me in all the moves with Lara holding me by the waist and Karla by the crotch moving me in all the positions as if I was just a toy.

Marissa continued to call out making sure everyone did the moves exactly.

'Step in place on right

Rock forward on right!'She shouted

The Norselanders were all brilliant dancers as Line Dancing was almost a national obsession like Aerobics .Most of the English people did not have a clue and were being forced into the correct positions by the Norselanders next to them who maneuvered them as if they were just objects!

As Karla and Lara continued to forced me into right positions I looked outside and could see some faces at the windows.I could hear them call out 'What a bunch of tossers !'

'You all look bleedin' stupid!'

I could tell they were the thugs I had seen at the Queens Arms previously coming to cause trouble.

Suddenly Angela announced on the loudspeakers.

'Please could the band stop playing and everyone return to their seats!'

They did exactly as She said and everyone sat down. She walked to the door and walked outside. 20 thugs were standing with knives and crowbars in their hands. She stood there imperiously in front of them showing no fear .She confronted the ringleader whose name was Dave Nichols

'So have you come to take part in the Line Dancing ?You all look as if you

have 2 left feet!' She smiled

'Look 'ere what's happened to the pub what was 'ere it was my local!' said Dave.

'That dump does not exist any more thank God. A new bar called Votans has taken its place that's far too smart for scum like you!' She replied.

'We've had enough of you f--g Norsis coming over 'ere and taking over -why

don't you and those Papis f-- off back 'ome!'

'And what are you going to do about it ?Why don't you force us to leave?'

There was no reply.

She walked in front of them

'I know what .I and my 4 Marshals will fight you all in the car park.You can use any weapons you like We will use Gym Kata fighting just with our hands and legs .All the customers will be invited as part of the entertainment of the evening.If you win we will go away. If we win you will almost certainly be cripples for the rest of your lives! Is that fair?'

She knew exactly that the outcome would be total victory for the Norselanders as usual.

'Right you're on -there's 20 of us and 5 of you' said Dave trying to sound tough.

'Yes but one of us is worth at least 20 of you!' She replied confidently.

'Let the entertainment begin!'


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