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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 24 - Angela Performs Gym Kata

After She had confronted the thugs Angela walked back into the bar.The Norselanders were so happy that a fight was about to take place and their fellow Norselanders were about to beat the living daylights out of some inferior Oslanders especially if they were East London thugs!The English customers looked quite frightened not realising that they were perfectly safe and that a fight between Angela and the Marshals versus the thugs would be absolutely no contest at all!

Angela stood in front of all the guests to make an announcement.She was particularly interested in speaking to the English customers.

'Ladies and Gentlemen as part of the evening's entertainment we are organising a fight that will take place in the car park with Me and the 4 Marshals Helga and Her Partner Lars and Martha and Her Partner Erik versus a bunch of thugs '

'It will definitely be no contest and We will win easily beating them to a pulp. Not only as Norselanders are we so much bigger fitter and stronger than them ,but We know Gym Kata .

'Anyone knowing Gym Kata is effectively invincible. It is the most brilliant fighting technique ever conceived. It combines Oriental fighting techniques with the most powerful wrestling holds, going for the weakest parts of the body such as the throat ,the stomach and particular the testicles, using the techniques of Cock and Ball Torture to the full.It makes the practitioner effectively invincible against his or her opponent.'

'In our Nation everyone learns it from the age of 8 so We are a Nation of brilliant fighters by the time We leave school .The practitioner also learns to practice mental discipline and detachment rather like Tai Chi.Through mental discipline he or she gains mental as well as total physical superiority over his or her opponent .'

'If you do not want to come out into the car park, you may watch the fight from the comfort of the bar while you are eating and drinking. You will enjoy the incredible sensual and sexual thrill of seeing a magnificent leather clad Norselander beat the living daylights out of a filthy East London thug .The sheer sexual thrill of domination and submission may be too much for you and you may wish to relieve yourself in the toilet .If you do, Arnold our toilet slave will new there with a plentiful supply of tissues and napkins for your convenience . In future We will be building Love Rooms where you can relieve yourselves too if you get very sexually excited.'

'Also while We are away beating the crap out of our opponents, you will be served by our South African and Papian staff.They will be supervised by My Associate Miss Popatoa who is a Papian. You are not to treat them with any deference at all as you would to the Marshals .If you catch any of them talking or slacking, you are to report them at once to Miss Popatoa or preferably to Me. I will if necessary put them right over the Whipping Block when I return!

'At the end there will be a real display of Norselandic Beating and Thrashing for your enjoyment as I put the ringleader Nichols over the Whipping Block and beat him until his backside is just a bloody mess.!I'm sure you will enjoy every minute of it!Just enjoy yourselves and have a great time .After the fighting is over you can return to the Line Dancing!'

When She had finished speaking Heathera the Judge came over to Her .She was standing next to Leif and Karl .They all looked wonderful dressed up in shiny black leather Cow Person outfits!

Heathera walked over to Her and kissed Her full on the lips giving Her the traditional Welcome Kiss .

' Angela it's so good to see you again !This Bar looks so impressive! It's wonderful! I'm sorry we are all late but we had an assignment tonight and we were busy.I'm so glad a fight will take place .This is your chance to demonstrate the superiority of our Nation in front of all these inferior Oslanders. I don't want to see one single hair of Your hair being touched or you wont be a JSO ( Judge Support Officer) any more. Do you understand?'

'I promise you Heathera I will be unscathed '.replied Angela.

' I want You and the 4 Marshals to beat these bastards absolutely senseless. I don't care if You kill them . For tonight You all have a licence to kill so please go ahead and kill them if You want !As a Judge this is an ideal,opportunity to wipe the whole East London criminal fraternity right off the face of the earth .All 3 of us are off duty so We want you to do all the work but if You have any trouble and cannot cope We will join in!'

'I know you are all at different levels at Gym Kata. You are at the highest at Level 2 .Helga, Martha and Lars are all at Level 3 while Erik is the at level 4 .As You know all 3 of us Judges are level 1 or We would not be Judges. You will take on 5 of the thugs including Dave Nichols the ringleader Helga .Martha and Lars will take out 4 each .Erik will take out 3 as He is at the lowest level. You will win this fight easily for the sake of our Nation and the Queen Goddess!'

'I certainly won't fail Heathera .I will never let my Nation down !' said Angela confidently.

She then walked over to Karl .She gave Him a long slow Welcome Kiss. She put Her tongue hard down His throat at the same time feeling His manhood in Her leather gloved hand .God He was so gorgeous to Her!

She then did the same with Leif kissing Him passionately pushing Her tongue down His throat hard while bringing Him to climax. God She was desperate for a big hulking Norse Man!

'Right Angela I will be the referee in this fight. Let's give these bastards Hell. Let's cripple them for life or preferably kill them .Another thing when you beat your opponent I want You to take them through all the moves explaining to the customers exactly how You are beating Your opponent. Is that clear?'

'Yes Heathera I can't wait to get My hands on those bloody bastards!'

Heathera walked forwards. Behind Her walked Angela. To Angela's right were the Partners Helga and Lars .To Her left Martha and Erik ,who had just come back from the car park itself after watching over the thugs .A huge crowd had gathered in the car park as Angela and the Marshals walked forwards. The crowd let out an almighty cheer especially the Norselanders who wanted this fight to be a living proof of the superiority of their Nation.

Heathera walked forward. She was going to supervise the fight .She stood in front of the thugs looking so imperious and powerful in Her black leather Cow Person outfit.

'Right this will be a very violent fight. It will be between Angela and the 4 Marshals Helga and Her Partner Lars and Martha and Her Partner Erik versus 20 friends of Dave Nichols from East London.Angela and the Marshals will demonstrate the fighting technique of Gym Kata using only their hands and feet.They will face Dave Nichols and his friends all 20 of them .As you can see they will fight with any weapon they choose including knives, crowbars and bicycle chains.I hope all you customers enjoy it!'

She waked right up to Dave Nichols.

'Well are you and your friends ready?'

'Yeah we're ready We can't wait to beat you f-------g Norsis!'

He was trying to sound tough in front of his mates .Yet he knew that the end was coming .It was obvious that Angela and the 4 Marshals were bigger and stronger than any of his friends whatever weapons they carried .What was more there was no escape at all .They were surrounded by a hostile crowd most of whom were Norselanders and determined that Angela and the Marshals would win.Most of the crowd being Norselandic obviously resented being called f-----g Norsis by these thugs and were quite determined if necessary to beat them all to a complete pulp themselves!

Angela then walked up to Her enemy Dave

'Right Dave the time has come for us to fight .I will fight you right at the end. I know with My superior strength and fighting techniques I will beat you senseless.Once I have finished with you and for the entertainment of all My customers, I will put you over the Whipping Block and thrash you mercilessly .Is that understood you bastard?'

'Oim not going to go over no Whipping Block you Norsi bitch!'

Her mighty hand went crashing right across his face. 2 teeth came flying out as he fell on the ground clutching his bloody nose

'You certainly are going over that Whipping Block you bastard! What's more if you call Me a Norsi bitch once more I will personally rip out your testicles with one hand !From now on you will address Me as Miss Spiteful .Is that understood?

'YES MISS SPITEFUL!' he screamed at the top of his voice as She ground Her boot heel hard into his testicles.

'Now be a good boy and stand over there ready for our fight together!'

He did exactly as She ordered utterly humiliated in front of the crowd and his mates.

She then walked up to the thugs

'Right I'll take 4 of you on displaying my Gym Kata expertise. After that Helga ,Martha and Lars will take on 4 each and lastly Erik will take on 3!'

'Let the fight begin!'

Suddenly 2 of the thugs came towards Her wielding crowbars .One of them screamed .

'You f--------g Norsi bitch!'

With total fighting expertise She brought Her boot heel up high .The crowbar went flying up in the air .She then turned round and kicked hard into his solar plexus. He let out a terrible piercing scream.


He went crashing across the ground into the ground and lay there in an unconscious heap.

'That was the Solar Plexus Kick! 'She explained to the English customers not familiar with Gym Kata .

The next one came towards Her .He tried to hit Her with the crowbar but failed totally.

With one move She kicked hard into his groin .He let out a bellow of pain and fell on the ground screaming


'That was the Groin Kick!' She explained to the crowd.

She walked over to the next 2.

'So what are you going to do next? I warn you if you use the word 'Norsi' I will personally kill you and so will the Marshals!'

'Come on attack Me you bastards!"

2 of the thugs came towards Her this time with knives.

As one of them came towards Her She deflected the blow. She then twisted his arm right round turning it right round until his arm was over his shoulder. She easily knocked the knife right out of his hand

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! he roared with pain. 'That's how you disarm your opponent using Gym Kata and at the same time breaking his arm!' She explained again.

He fell on the ground bellowing in sheer agony.

There was one more left for Her to deal with.He stood there not really knowing what to do with it.

With one move She grabbed hold of his arm. With the other hand She twisted his fingers with Her superior strength until he was forced to let go off the knife.

With one move She smashed him hard in the stomach .Every single one of his ribs were broken. He let out the most ear splitting scream as he fell on the ground clutching his stomach.



'That was an example of how to take a knife way from your opponent and the Belly Punch!"

All 4 of Her opponents were writhing in agony on the ground.Angela smiled in total triumph.

Heathera walked towards Her.

'Once again that was brilliant Angela. Soon You will be a Level 1 like Me and Leif and Karl!'

A loud cheer went up from the crowd as Heathera announced


Heathera then went up to Helga.

'Helga I want You now to demonstrate Gym Kata to Me and the customers. I know You are Level 3 but you may soon attain Level 2 .Again I don't want to see one hair of Your head being touched!'

'I won't disappoint You Heathera .I hate these evil bastrads and can't wait to beat them and kill them if necessary!"

She walked over to 4 of them'

'Come on you bastards!"


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