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The Valkyrie

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The Bossy Bank Women

Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 25 - Fighting and Beating At The Barbeque

I had decided to watch the fight from the comfort of the bar while I helped myself to some more food as I was beginning to get hungry again.I went back to the barbecue where the Papian chefs Teio and Toni were cooking away ,assisted by Teio's wife Maha whose job it was to prepare the vegetables.

I ordered an enormous chunk of venison that was really cooked to a cinder and was almost falling off the plate.Maha gave me a huge bowl of fries and an even larger bowl of salad the largest I had ever seen in my life.The

fries and the salad as usual were drowning in mayonnaise that Norselanders seemed to eat by the gallon! After that she gave me what looked like a knickerbocker glory, a huge glass of mango ice cream drowning in cream and covered with tropical fruits. After today my weight would increase by at least one stone and I already had difficulty walking let alone dancing!

I sat down to watch the rest of the fight in front of the TV as the fight was being relayed on TV's all over the bar.I was looking forward to the next round of the fight which was Helga the Associate Manager versus 4 thugs.I was so looking forward to it after watching my Mistress Angela beat the living daylights out of 4 thugs as well as give the ringleader Dave Nichols a good hard slapping. I could not wait to see the last fight between Her and Nichols that would definitely result in Her total victory!

Mina sat next to me while I was eating .She really did look totally stunning dressed in her black leather sahini with the slit up the side, her calf length boots and her leather gloves!She was really enjoying her new found power after being beaten and dominated so long. She had already given Arnold a beating, giving him 3 strokes of the crop after he had failed to clean the toilet properly after a customer had used it.She had also given one of the South African staff Marta 3 crops on the hand for slacking.Finally she had given one of the chefs Teio 3 strokes of the crop across his arse in the back room for talking to his wife.She was proving to be a real terror and enjoying every second of it!

She sat next to me ready to enjoy the rest of the fight.

'Oh Stephen isn't this wonderful !Wasn't our Mistress Angela brilliant giving Nichols a good slapping !Wasn't it wonderful when She disposed so easily of those 4 thugs!'

' I am so proud to be Her slave .I really am so happy to be a Papian and to be subject to those wonderful Norselanders who are the superior race on earth .I really also adore Norse Men like all Papian women .I can't wait to see last fight! I know Lars is on next after His Partner Helga .At the end there's Erik whose even more gorgeous. Just the thought of Them both

screwing me senseless together drives me wild!'

I could see that she was almost having an orgasm as she proceeded to wank me until I came in my trousers . I knew she was going to have an orgasm as soon as the fight started!

'I agree Mina. I am so proud to be Her slave too. I just can't wait to see Her beat that bastard Nichols senseless!'

We sat together to enjoy ourselves. I tucked into my venison and fries and drank my Volssons beer while she gently massaged my crotch. I knew she would go to the toilet and have to relieve herself as soon as the fight between Lars and the thugs started!

Helga was ready to confront 4 thugs absolutely confident of victory As I had said before She was extremely muscular even bigger and stringer than Angela .However in fighting terms She was not as advanced being level 3 as opposed to level 2 like Angela.However She loved fighting and performing Gym Kata especially as it was better at building up Her muscles than going to the gym!

In learning Gym Kata everyone specialised in one particular skill .Her skill was Ballbusting and CBT(Cock and Ball Torture). She loved the sound of broken testicles and was determined to do some serious Ballbusting today

She walked forwards looking really powerful and dominant.She shouted out at 2 thugs holding bicycle chains

'Why don't you attack Me? I only have My hands and legs while you have your bicycle chains. Why don't you attack?'

2 of them came running towards Her .

One of them yelled out

'I'll get you you Norsi bitch!'

She was furious .They had already been warned by Angela that if they used terms like that again they would have their testicles removed .As one of them tried to hit Her, She deflected the blow with one hand .She then grabbed hold of his testicles with the other holding them in a vice like grip .She twisted as he let out a piercing scream


'I think my colleague Miss Spiteful warned you that if you used that word She would rip your testicles off !I will do the same to you!'

She pulled and with one move held his prick and testicles in Her hand. He let out such a bellow that he could be heard right across the town!


'Well perhaps you'd like to swallow these too!'

With that She opened his mouth up wide forcefully and rammed them hard down his throat.


She had almost choked him as he lay there screaming with blood pouring our from where his prick and balls had once been .He would soon be dead through blood loss.

She walked towards the other 2 who looked in sheer terror at what She had done to their friend.

One of them was standing there with the bicycle chain in his hand shaking with fear.

'Come on hand it over to me now!'She demanded.

With one hand She grabbed the end of the bicycle chain .With the other She

grabbed his crotch and twisted Her hand right round. He let out a yell of



She twisted hard with Her leather gloved hand .He was screaming begging Her to stop, pleading for mercy. He fell on the ground next to his friend bellowing with pain .


There were 2 more this time with crowbars. One of them ran towards Her crowbar in hand trying to hit Her .It was utterly hopeless as She brought Her boot heel right up kicking it hard in the air.


With another move She brought the heel of Her boot hard into his crotch. He fell forwards writhing in total agony.


She moved towards the next one .Before he could move She had kicked him hard in the groin .He literally took off from the ground landing in an unconscious heap several feet way. What a wonderful victory She had won! What an expert Ball Buster She was!

Heathera came right up to Her and held Her hand up high


An almighty cheer went up from the crowd and many of the Norselanders were now waving Norselandic flags and singing the National Anthem.

She walked over to Her Partner Lars who was standing nearby.

'Lars darling it's your turn. Give them hell sweetheart!'

They kissed passionately in front of the crowd not caring who saw them .Mina was watching next to me and was now getting so excited she was almost wetting herself at the sight of these 2 magnificent Norselanders kissing away.She thought Lars looked so gorgeous in his shiny black leather silk scarf and his huge manhood protruding!There would soon be a long queue outside the ladies toilet as the women in the audience were getting so excited!

Lars walked towards 4 more of the thugs. His speciality was Face and Throat smashing. He had fists that were so powerful. Being hit by Him was worse that being hit by a steel cricket bat!

'Right which one of you wants to take Me on?'

The 4 of them just stared at his massive muscles and huge bulge .They did not know which one was to go first!

One of the Norse Women shouted out;

'Come on Lars you gorgeous hulk .Beat them senseless for God's sake!'

He walked up to one of the thugs .The thug tried to hit Him with a crow bar

.It was a total failure Lars brought His massive fist hard into his face. An almighty cheer went up from the crowd as blood bones and teeth went up in the air and the thug went crashing backwards taking off like a catapult.



Without giving the second thug a chance to recover He brought His fist

crashing again into His face More blood and bones went up in the air as he

literally took off landing several feet away!



Mina was going wild with desire as were some of the other women .A long queue had formed outside the ladies toilets as they waited to relieve themselves.

Another of the thugs made a futile attempt to hit Him with a bottle. Lars just held his hand and forced him to drop the bottle with His superior strength .With lightning speed His mighty fist went crashing hard into the thug's face taking out almost every single one of his teeth.He let out the most terrible scream imaginable



A wild cheer went out from the crowd. Mina was going wild with excitement.There was one thug left for Him to deal with. The crowd especially the Norse Women shouted out in a sexual and patriotic frenzy.


The thug was all alone not knowing what to do.Lars grabbed him by the collar and ordered him to drop his bottle at once. He obeyed immediately as Lars dug His leather bound fingers hard into his throat. The thug was squirming with pain.

With the other hand He took careful aim

The thug screamed out.


It was to no avail as Lars' mighty fist drove with full force right into his face .His whole face seemed to collapse in half under the blow All his teeth came out, his nose was smashed totally and blood teeth and bones went flying up in the air!



He took off in the air flying high like a catapult landing in an unconscious heap about 50 yards way!

All 4 bodies of Lars victims lay crumpled on the ground unconscious soon to be dead from internal injuries and blood loss .Heathera went straight up to Him kissing Him passionately on the lips.

She called out



His partner Helga kissed Him hard in the lips almost making love to Him in the middle of the crowd .Angela then kissed Him wanking Him furiously under His leather trousers. The whole crowd especially the Norse Women exploded in a wild patriotic and sexual frenzy.Mina had got so excited that she almost had to change her leather sahini as her knickers were ringing wet.

'WE LOVE YOU LARS!' They all screamed out waving Norselandic flags overjoyed by this victory over these Oslander thugs!

It was now Martha the Line Dancing Supervisor's turn to perform Gym Kata She was big and muscular though not quite as large as Helga She specialised in Belly and Throat Punching. The sound of broken ribs was music to Her ears!It was clear to Her that this fight was proving no contest and that the Norselanders were winning easily. 12 thugs lay on the ground in total agony most of them would be dead soon .Angela and the Marshals were winning hands down!

She walked over to 2 of them who were standing with broken glasses in their hands

'Are you really going to use those on Me .Why don't you try hit Me?'

Before they could move Her fist had driven hard into one thug's solar plexus.He let out a scream of agony.




With almost lightning speed She smashed Her fist right into the stomach of the second thug.




A loud cheer came up from the crowd .Norselandic flags were being handed out as the crowd were really being whipped up into a patriotic and sexual fervour!

2 more stood before Her. One of them made a pathetic attempt to hit Her with his crow bar .Her fist shot forward into his adams apple. The crunch of broken bone could be heard right across the car park




There was one more left holding a broken bottle in his hand not knowing what to do.

'Drop that bottle now!' She ordered

He hesitated at first not knowing what to do .She shouted even louder.


He realized resistance was futile and dropped it right in front of Her

'Now hold still!'

'NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!' he screamed.

With one mighty move She drove Her fist hard into his stomach .It was a brilliant move as every single one of his ribs were broken. He doubled up and went flying in the air.




A wild cheer went up from the crowd . Hundreds of Norslandic flags were being waved as the crowd were now going crazy with excitement.

Heathera walked over to Matha and announced


It was now Erik Martha's Partner's turn .He was only a Level 4 and could only take on 3 thugs .He really did look gorgeous dressed totally in shiny black leather a real Nicole Bass lookalike .Martha went right up to Him and kissed Him while She massaged Him under His crotch making Him climax in front of the crowd.

'Erik darling I want you to beat these Oslander bastards senseless for the sake of the Nation!' She said as She kissed Him hard on the lips and wanked Him at the same time.Like all Norselanders She was fiercely patriotic and had complete contempt for Oslanders.

Erik specialised in CBT rather like Helga before him .He could not wait to do some serious Ball Busting! Mina was sitting next to me still holding me by the crotch and massaging me.It was quite clear she was even more attracted to Erik than Lars.

'Come on Lars please beat the shit out of them !'she screamed at the TV set obviously having an orgasm.

There were only 4 thugs left including Dave Nichols the ringleader. Erik walked towards 2 of them One of them tried to hit Him with a crowbar. Erik went straight for His testicles twisting them right around.At the same time He grabbed the other's testicles twisting them even harder.

'It looks like I've got you both by the balls!' He smiled.



They were both bellowing for all they were worth! He really had them both by the balls

Suddenly He let go. They rolled around on the ground yelling in pain


There was only 1 thug left .Erik walked towards him smiling

'I think you need a damned good wanking!'

With that He suddenly pushed His hand inside the thug's trousers .He started to wank him furiously right in front of the crowd with his leather gloved hand. With the other hand He twisted his testicles right round.


The sight of this display of full scale wanking drove the Women in the crowd crazy with excitement. Some of them had to rush to the toilet to relieve themselves. Mina was screaming in ecstasy.

'Please wank him harder.!I love You Erik!'

With one move He twisted the testicles and broke them completely.A loud crack could be heard right across the car park



He let the thug go as he joined the others rolling around in agony screaming on the ground.The sound of their bellowing was like the screams of Hell!

Heathera walked up to Him and held His hand up while the crowd especially the women cheered rapturously



Martha walked right up to Him and kissed Him passionately again. They both looked at the prostrate and mangled bodies of 19 thugs , most of whom would soon be dead.There was only Dave Nichols the ringleader left to deal with by Angela and that would be a pushover!

Mina held me and kissed me on the lips pushing her tongue down my throat.

'Aren't those Norselanders fantastic Stephen?'

'They certainly are the strongest people in the world Mina'

'They're wonderful Stephen


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