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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 26 - Angela Beats a Thug Mercilessly

The fight had ended with the total and complete victory of Angela and the Marshals.Their victims lay sprawled across the car park all 19 of them lying in agony. Most of them would be dead, the rest would be cripples for the rest of their lives unable to walk properly or even move for the rest of their lives .This was the terrible penalty of being an East London gangster, that if you tried taking on a Noreslander you would lose miserably and end up dead or a cripple for the rest of your life!

All that remained was for Angela to fight Her enemy the ringleader of the East London gangsters Dave Nichols.She knew that She would beat him easily. She was determined to beat him in a fight absolutely senseless in front of the crowd .He would pay the full penalty of calling Her a Norsi bitch . No one does that and gets away with it! She would then take him into the bar and thrash him mercilessly right in front of the customers, leaving his body all trussed up and his backside bleeding for all to see!

Meanwhile I was still in the bar sitting next to Mina Angela's Papian slave who was now wet with excitement after watching the fight, especially the fights involving the Norse Men Lars and Erik.She could not wait to see her Mistress beat Dave Nichols to a pulp. She was so proud to be Her slave!

Meanwhile watching all this fighting had made me hungry again. I went back for my third helping. I was served by Teio .This time I asked for whale meat with fries more salad and mayonnaise After today I didn't think I could touch mayonnaise ever again! I also had my third glass of Volssons that was definitely going right to my head! I sat next to Mina again to watch the forthcoming fight on TV.

Before the fight started Angela made an announcement

'Ladies and gentlemen ,

'I hope you have enjoyed the fight so far I certainly have! It's been a magnificent display of Norselandic fighting skills The English customers among you must realise that we are the strongest people in the world and that our fighting technique Gym Kata makes us invincible .5 of us have just beaten 20 thugs and we are all completely unscathed! Most of these thugs will soon be dead through internal injuries and blood loss I'm sure you will all be pleased that they got exactly what they deserved!

'I am about to take on the ringleader of the thugs Dave Nichols. I will of course beat him totally to a pulp for your enjoyment. After that I will take him to the Whipping Block in the middle of the bar where I intend to thrash him mercilessly .His naked bloody rump will be on display for you all to enjoy while we begin the Line Dancing again under Martha's Supervision. I hope you all have a rip roaring time as the fun will go on all night! '

Angela moved forward to confront Her enemy Dave Nichols .The 19 bodies of the thugs were piled on top of each other as if they were just a pile of rubbish .10 of the thugs were now dead while the remaining 9 would almost certainly spend the rest of their days as cripples

Heathera came forward to announce the forthcoming fight.

'Ladies and gentlemen the forthcoming fight will be between Miss Angela Spiteful and Dave Nichols. The first one to win 6 rounds or the first to achieve a submission will be the winner!Miss Spiteful will use Gym Kata while Nichols can use any weapon he likes. Let Round One begin!

Angela walked forwards towering over him with Her muscular strength over Her opponent .He had already received a slapping from Her and knew just how powerful She was. He had just seen 19 of his friends being beaten to a total pulp by these mighty Noreslanders. He was confronted also by a hostile crowd who would not let him escape. He knew he stood no chance as he stood the crowbar in hand.

'Right Dave why don't you arrack me with that crowbar ? Come on I can't wait! '

He stood there nervously holding the crowbar not knowing what to do.

'Look 'ere for Gawd's sake why don't you let me go you win!' he said dreading the fate that awaited him.

'You coward!' shouted out one of the crowd.

'Well Dave it looks like they want you to fight too! '

He moved towards Her nervously his hands shaking as he held the crowbar .

She smiled as She knew quite well his heart was not on it and he was going to lose miserably against Her overwhelming power .

'Well Dave let's get this over with! 'She smiled.

With one move Her fist drove hard into his stomach. The whole crowd could hear the familiar sound of broken bone!



He lay on the ground clutching his broken ribs. It was clear that Her mighty fist had broken every single one of his bones.

Heathera stepped forwards


A loud cheer went up from the crowd as Angela stood over the prostrate body of Nichols.

'Come on Dave get up and fight !Here's your crowbar!'

She handed it over to him as She dragged him up from the ground.

He could hardly stand up he made an attempt to hit Her . She moved out of the way in the opposite direction .

'I'm over here Dave! '

Before he had time to move around Her right fist went crashing into his face .It was an incredible blow as half his teeth went up in the air and most of the bones from his nose went flying up too .There was blood everywhere!



He went flying across the car park hitting his head on one of the cars.He was rolling over on the ground clutching his face bellowing in agony

Heathera went over to Her and held Her hand up to the loud cheers of the crowd .


Once again Norselandic flags were flying high in the air as the crowds were beside themselves in sexual and patriotic joy!

Dave lay on the ground in total agony he had all his ribs broken ,half his teeth were missing and most of his nose was broken .There was blood all over the place!

'Come on Dave get up there are 4 more rounds to go! 'She said smiling confidently.

She dragged him up from the ground holding him by the hair. With the other She twisted his resticles around really hard until She could hear them crack He let out a terrible bellow of agony.



The pain was totally unbearable as he began to scream .Eventually they became screams for mercy.

'NO MORE I SUBMIT! I SUBMIT! 'he bellowed.

She let him go as he rolled over screaming and crying for all he was worth .He had now lost the use of his testicles in addition to his ribs most of his teeth and his nose!

Heathera walked over to Angela and held Her hand up high.



An almighty cheer went up from the crowd as once more they erupted into a wild patriotic frenzy waving Norselandic flags and shouting out


Angela acknowledged the cheers .She then dragged Nichols up by the hair'.

'Well Nichols the time has come to give you a damned good thrashing in front of all the customers .Let's go you bastard! '

With that She pulled him up from the ground in Her leather gloved hand.

'PLEASE DON'T THRASH ME I'VE HAD ENOUGH! 'he bellowed absolutely terrified .

'You're getting 20 strokes Dave in front of all the customers I was going to give you 30 but I've decided to show you mercy! '

She then put a dog collar around his neck and dragged him to the bar to a standing ovation from all the customers .She looked so impressive while Nichols looked so wretched .

She carried on dragging him into the bar by the dog collar as he carried on groaning in pain .A loud cheer went up from the crowd as She pulled him towards the Whipping Block.

'WE LOVE YOU ANGELA! BEAT HIM TO A BLOODY PULP! 'they screamed in pure joy!

Angela then threw him right over the block .At the other end Helga the Associate Manager had him tied down securely holding him hard by the hair in Her leather gloved hands.

She then made an announcement to the customers

'Ladies and gentlemen I hope you have enjoyed the fight so far .We will be open all night so make sure you all have a really rip roaring and wonderful time !'

'I will now give you a display of Norse Thrashing .This bastard is about to get 20 strokes right across his naked rump.He has deserved every single one of them .In fact I was going to give him 30 strokes so I have shown him mercy.'

'You must all believe that he gets what he deserves .If I see any of you showing any sympathy you will be thrashed too!.At the end he will almost certainly be dead. Don't be squeamish about this' We Norselanders have the Death Penalty and have no compunction about putting criminals to death especially Osladers .In fact we are very happy to rid the world of vermin! '
'You must carry on enjoying yourselves eating and drinking while I inflict the punishment .Remember English licensing laws do not apply here so you must stay up all night. In fact after 2 AM the doors will all be locked so there is no escape. '

'You must stay here and enjoy yourselves. I know you English are so much weaker than us Norselanders and do not have our stamina but I expect you to be able to stay up all night and enjoy yourselves when we enjoy ourselves .We do it properly. We do not leave the bar at 11 PM like you English wimps. We know how to enjoy ourselves !'

'One final word of warning -no drunkenness! A tab is kept behind the bar and if I see anyone drunk you will be over the Whipping Block too and you will be thrashed to sober you up!After this there will be more Line Dancing.You will dance until you drop! '

She turned Her attention to Nichols who was now shaking with terror as he lay over the Whipping Block .

'Right Nichols you bastard ,you will count every stroke or you will get it again.You are being punished for your crimes. You are an evil thug and I don't care if I kill you !Your naked rump is now being exposed to 500 people for their enjoyment. Hold still and count every single stroke Do you understand ?'

Yes Miss Spiteful' he groaned as he lay right over the Whipping Block.


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