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The Valkyrie

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The Bossy Bank Women

Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 27 - Angela Thrashes her Victim to Death

Angela stood there in the middle of the bar ready to thrash Nichols to death if necessary. He looked such a wretched sight sprawled as he was right over the Whipping Block, his naked rump high up in the air, his head bent over with his hair being held in a vice like grip by Helga as if he was just an animal.He was shaking in terror realising that today was his last day on earth as he was not able to withstand a mighty thrashing from someone as powerful and strong as Angela.

A huge crowd had gathered around the Whipping Block as the customers of Votans Bar were eager to see a real live Thrashing take place administered by an expert like Angela! I had decided to watch the Thrashing from the comfort of my table where I was going to watch it next to Angela's Papian slave Mina.She was still getting so excited and I could see that she was now soaking wet as juice was now going down her legs from her leather sahini!

'Oh God Stephen I can't wait to watch this Thrashing! I've been thrashed several times by Mistress Angela and I know just how much it hurts!I'm really having the time of my life tonight .I feel I'm in another Heaven.I've had a great time sitting next to you Stephen darling and wanking you all the time !'

'Although your cock is less than half the size of a Norse Man's cock, it's still lovely to touch.I really like your company sweet Stephen and we're going to have some lovely times together now that Mistress Angela has given me permission to make love to you!I'm so happy watching a Norselander beating Oslanders to a pulp!'

' Like most Papians I really love Norselanders and I feel so proud to share the same island Pacifica with them! I especially love Norse Men !God they're fantastic! I'd love 2 of them to take me outside and screw me senseless while you watch! You'll love every minute of it darling ,it's better than watching pornography any day!'

'Right darling sit with me while we watch the Thrashing and enjoy it .Why don't you help yourself to more food?'

'Honestly Mina I'm stuffed .I can hardly move!'

She began to get cross with me.

'Stephen you are effectively on Norselandic territory not in England now .It is considered very rude in Norseland and in Papia too, if you are invited to a barbecue to have less than 3 helpings .As you can see most Norselanders have had 5 helpings so far. I know you cant keep up with them and neither can I ,but I want you to eat more .Also my fellow Papians Teio, Toni and Maha will be very offended if you don't have more to eat .'

'Now be a good boy, hurry up and get some more food now. The Thrashing is about to start!' Although she was not as big as Angela or any Norse Woman ,she was still bigger than me and her orders had to be obeyed ,especially as she was the Kitchen Supervisor .She really was enjoying her new found power!

I went over to the barbecue. It was now nearly midnight and yet Norselanders were still eating and drinking .The stamina of these people was incredible as I had said before- were they human beings or giants from another planet?

I asked Teio for a small steak but he told me that all the steaks were huge at least 16" and he was not allowed to serve any smaller ones. This was Norselandic territory and it was a case of when in Rome do as the Romans do!.He gave me a huge steak covering the entire plate and then Maha his wife gave me an enormous portion of fires and salad swimming again in mayonnaise ,not realising that I was so much smaller than these mighty Noreslanders!

The Thrashing was about to start so I rushed to my table. As I began to eat Mina put one arm around me and her hand down my crotch ready for more wanking.

Angela stood up and addressed the crowd.

'Ladies and gentlemen A Norse Thrashing is about to take place .I hope you all thoroughly enjoy it just as you enjoyed the display of Gym Kata outside .Please make yourselves comfortable and carry on eating and drinking .Just don't get drunk as the Marshals and I are watching you!'

'In our Nation Thrashing like Gym Kata is a noble and revered art. In fact it is possible to get a University Qualification in Torture and Thrashing. I personally have a Certificate in Torture and Thrashing as I have a Papian slave or serveant Mina who works here as the Kitchen Supervisor .'

'Torture and Thrashing involve great skill as they involve a great knowledge of human anatomy .There is also great physical skill involved in holding a crop so that the maximum pain is caused to your victim.A Thrashing must involve the victim suffering the most appalling and excruciating agony possible.No one ever gets used to a Thrashing .It always hurts like hell!'

'I will be giving this bastard 20 strokes his backside . It will be the most terrible bloody mess afterwards.I will lay the first one at the top of his arse and follow with 3 in succession Then 3 more will follow until I hit him on the ball sac which will involve the most dreadful agony of all.I will expect him to count every single stroke or he gets it again even harder!

'As I have said enjoy yourselves and have a great time eating and drinking and enjoying the Thrashing!'

She positioned Herself moving the crop up and down his arse in front of the crowd. She then took aim at the top of his rump making sure the first blow was deadly accurate!

She ran towards him fast and brought the crop down hard at the top of his rump




She positioned herself again .This time She aimed with deadly accuracy at the flesh just below the first one.








A loud cheer went up from the crowd as they were all so impressed by Her Thrashing expertise.Nichols' bellows could be heard right across the town and were enough to wake the dead!

Suddenly She moved forwards again and struck him forcefully just below the last 3 .



He was in such torment that he had forgotten to count!

'Right you bastardad you get that one again!'

She laid the stroke hard right on top of the last one.




A wild cheer went up from the crowd who were now thoroughly enjoying themselves eating drinking and watching this brilliant display of Norse Thrashing!

This time She decided to draw blood. She decided to lay 3 on top of the first 3.

She moved with total ferocity not prepared to show the slightest mercy at all.








His bellows were now like the sounds of Hell itself .She had broken the skin with Her crop and blood was now flowing onto the ground.He would soon be unconscious' It didn't matter as Angela would get Helga to throw a bucket of iced water all over him! Helga was thoroughly enjoying Herself and was almost pulling his hair out by the roots as She held him tightly over the Whipping Block

'Get ready Nichols 3 more!'

She was desperate to draw more blood as the Thrashing was now giving Her a real sexual thrill .She ran towards him and brought the crop down with terrible force.







The pain was now so unbearable that he had now fainted .Helga went up to him and threw iced water all over him'

She grabbed him by the hair.

'Look here you bastard you stay conscious. Do you understand?'

'YESSSSSSS!!!' he groaned

'Yes who you piece of garbage! She screamed at him as Her hand went crashing across his face'



'YESSSS MADAME HELGA' he bellowed as more blood came pouring down his already broken nose.

'Please Angela draw more blood!' She said.

'I certainly will!' She smiled as with more even greater force She brought Her crop down landing it accurately over the last 3.








Blood was now pouring out of his rump in torrents all over the floor.He was screaming and bellowing at the top of his voice suffering the most terrible agony imaginable.

Angela then decided to crop him next to his ball sac as hard as possible After that She would bust his balls completely.

She took aim carefully .With frightful accuracy She brought Her hand back and aimed carefully just above the ball sac.She brought the crop down with full force.







'I didn't hear Seventeen!' She shouted

There was no response to Her .Helga knelt down and felt his pulse.

'I'm afraid that's the end Angela' It looks as if all this was too much for him .He's obviously dead from heart attack, blood loss and internal injuries!'

A loud cheer went up from the crowd .It was clear that once more Angela was totally victorious..She ordered 2 of the South African staff to put his body in a bag together with the 9 dead thugs outside .It would be taken in the morning to the Judge Headquarters to be thrown straight into the incinerator.

'Ladies and gentlemen' She announced 'The fighting and Thrashing are over for the evening .We Norselanders have won a wonderful victory. Now enjoy yourselves!'

Heathera walked over to Her and kissed Her right on the lips

'Oh Angela you are wonderful. You and the 4 Marshals Helga. Lars .Martha and Erik have rid the world of vermin .You have put to death the evil ringleader.You have done this without a hair on Your heads being touched. You are all wonderful !You will all be rewarded for this!'

'Thank you Heathera .We have really enjoyed Ousrelves!'

Angela announced to the customers

'Let's have a wild night!'


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