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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 28 - A Wild Night At The Barbeque

I had watched the Thrashing from the comfort of my table sitting next to Mina Angela's slave or serveant to put it more accurately.We had both had a wonderful time watching the Thrashing and were so impressed by Angela's brilliant Thrashing expertise. Mina had felt that crop across her arse several times and knew just what an expert Thrasher Angela was!

I had just about managed to eat my enormous steak .I really felt I could not eat another thing or even drink another bottle of Volssons lager. I knew that the Line Dancing was about to start any minute and I did not know how I would cope!

Mina continued to massage my cock in her expert way.I had now come several times especially as Angela's Thrashing and the sight of Nichols' suffering had given me a real sexual thrill.Mina had also become really excited and had constantly cheered for her Mistress.Several times she had run to the toilet to relieve herself she was in such ecstasy!

'Stephen sweetheart the Line dancing is about to start soon .I would love to be your partner .Being a Papian I don't have much experience as normally we are not allowed to take part and we have our own dancing which is quite different .However tonight Mistress Angela has allowed me to take part as I am the Kitchen Supervisor .I understand Madame Helga has also asked you to dance so She can show us exactly what to do'

I had never done Line Dancing in my life. I was sonly able to do it because I was helped by 2 Norse Women.

'Yes I saw you with those 2 Norse Women .They were really maneuvering you around the floor .You stood no chance! Just remember when they ask you to dance just do as they say .In Norseland if you are asked to dance by a Woman as a Man you must obey at once!'

Martha was about to announce the Line Dancing that was to begin again.It was now 2 AM and the doors had just closed You had to stay and enjoy yourself or else !

Just as She was about to announce the Line Dancing an English couple were trying to open the door.Angela walked up to them absolutely furious

'Where the hell do you think you're going?' She demanded.

'Look here it's getting late it's 2 AM well past our bed time and we want to get to bed!' said the man in a cocky voice.

'You're going nowhere !You're staying here the doors are locked and I will decide when to let you out!' She said imperiously.

'Look we want to go now we're tired and it's late It's a free country and we can go when we like!'

She grabbed him by the collar in Her powerful leather gloved hand so he could not move.

'Look here I'm the Manager here and you will do as I say and you will address Me as Miss Spiteful .What is more you are effectively on Norselandic territory and you will abide by the rules. You are here to take part in the activities and participate or else!'

'So what.s your name?' She demanded squeezing him by the neck

'John Spars 'he whined

You have forgotten the correct mode of address,John. What is my name?'

'Miss Spiteful'l he groaned whining as Her leather gloved fingers dug into his throat.

'Well John you will be a good boy and you will take part in the Line Dancing If I have any trouble from you or your girlfriend you will both face My leather gloved hand across your face and you may go over the Whipping Block Is that quite understood?

'Yes Miss Spiteful !'he said terrified of Her!

'Now get out of my sight and enjoy yourselves!' She said throwing him across the room.He landed in a heap next to one of the tables yelling with pain.His girlfriend burst into tears.

Martha then stood in front of the audience to announce the beginning of the Line Dancing

'Ladies and gentlemen Line Dancing is about to begin again.'

'I want everyone to get up and stand in a line a Woman next to each Man You will obey My instructions .The Valhallas will start playing again This piece is called the 'Cowgirl Boogie and Strut '

'Take your places!'

The band stated. They played Jambalaya a song originally sung by Hank Williams . Marissa sang it at the top of Her voice in Norselandic almost deafening everyone!

Helga came right up to me

'I'd like to dance with you now Stephen.I understand Mina wants to dance with you too. Normally we don't allow Papians on the dance floor but as she's the Kitchen Supervisor we'll make an exception!'

Helga dragged me onto the dance floor by my crotch .I was in real pain as She grabbed me hard showing no mercy. We stood in a line together ,Mina on my left and Helga on my right.Mina had her arm around my waist while Helga had Her hand down my crotch.It was clear that they were going to maneuver me around as if I was just a toy!

Marissa then shouted out the instructions. They were relayed on loudspeakers all over the bar 'Fan toes of right to the right!

Remaining to the right top toes of right again!

Return of right to the center

Remaining at center top toes of right again!'

I did nor have a clue what to do neither did Mina .She was being maneuvered around by a hulking Nose Man who had his hand on her breasts .It was quite clear she was going wild with desire as she was being moved by him from side by side to the music.

Meanwhile I was being moved from side by side to the steps by Helga. She held me in Her leather gloved hand moving me as if I was just an object!

Martha continued to shout out the instructions while the Valhallas continued to play Jambalaya the sound was almost deafening!

'Fan toes of left to the left

Remaining to the left tap toes of left again

Return toes of left to the centre!'

Marissa then sang in English again. Her voice was really almost deafening!

'Jambalaya crawfish pie and fillet gumbo

For tonight I'm going to see my sweet love!

Pick guitar, fill friut jar and be gayo!

Son of a gun we'll have big fun down the bayou!'

The Line Dancing went on for at least another hour .By the end I was almost unable to walk and could just about stand up. My crotch was also aching from Helga's constant wanking .My ear drums were almost blasted out by the combined instructions and singing of Martha and Marissa.

I sat down exhausted next to Mina. She appeared worn out to as this was her first experience of Line Dancing too.She was also sore and wet after the constant frigging she had received down her crotch from the Norse Man who was dancing next to her whose name I found out to be Hans.

I had just about time to order another Volssons my last one when Marissa stood up and announced that more Line Dancing was about to take place.This time it was ' Ghost Ranch' apparently one of the most difficult steps in Line Dancing of all.I sat there unable to move It was almost as if I had run the marathon

As I was sitting there Lara and Karla who had been my partners in the first Line Dancing came up to me It was clear they were on a Man Hunting expedition

'Stephen we want you to dance with us now!We've cleared it with Mistress Angela and you have Her permission as you are Her property! 'said Lara.

'Please I'm shattered Can't we wait?'

'No Stephen we want you to dance with us NOW!'

It was quite clear in Norseland if a Woman asked you to dance She meant it!

I had no option but to agree .I was almost lame but they both guided me by the crotch to the dance floor.

The Valhallas were playing the song 'The Ghost Ranch' sung in Noreslandic. Lara and Karla both held me firmly by the crotch not letting me move a centimeter.Marissa yelled out at the top of Her voice

'Twist torso to the right bend knees swivel heels to left and bounce heels!

Bounce heels in place again

While twisting torso to the left with heels bent

Swivel heels to the right and bounce heels!'

We must have danced for over an hour. At the end of it I could not stand up at all. I felt I had just run 10 miles. I had to be almost carried back to my seat by Lara and Karla together.

They put me down on the chair. I drank my last glass of Volssons . I was now feeling really exhausted aching all over

Karla spoke to me

'Stephen we haven't finished with you yet .We both feel in a really raunchy mood and we really want to screw you if necessary senseless. We both have big long rubber strap ons that we really want to ram up your arse hard .We really don't care how much it hurts you. You're an inferior Oslander and it's our pleasure as Norse Women that matters not yours .You will be very sore afterwards probably unable to move. We'll take you to one of the rooms upstairs where we will f-----k you mercilessly We have full permission from your Mistress Angela !'

I was about to be used as a sex toy by these 2 huge Women to be screwed at their will .They pulled me up and took by the arms upstairs to the spare room that would soon be converted into a Love Room. I was about to get gang raped by 2 huge Norse Women and 3 whenAngela joined in !

Karla pushed me inside

I stood inside the room shaking with fear .It was dark inside and I fet totally disoriented.There was a king size bed in front of me .That was where I was about to be gang banged until they had enough!

'Right Stephen we've danced with you ,now its time for some more fun .We want to screw you senseless .Angela will almost certainly be joining us later' said Karla

'Strip naked now!'


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