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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 29 - A Gang Bang By Two Norse Women

I stood there feeling so weak and shaking with fear in front of those 2 massive Norse Women Lara and Karla .I was standing there completely naked in that dark room shivering in the darkness feeling as I have said so disoriented and confused .I was about to get well and truly screwed by these two and probably later on by my Mistress Angela Herself.

Karla came up to me and put Her arm around me.

' Don't worry Stephen darling .We are only going to give you a damned good screwing .You are about to be gang raped ! '

'You're just going to have to get used to being a sex object to being screwed remorselessly .I'm afraid that's your role in life sweetheart.You are an object .We are going to screw you with our strap ons and wank you furiously. We will be screwing you in various different positions and wanking you all the time .There is nothing you can do about it .You will have to accept it .If you resist we have leather crops and are quite prepared to use on you .Do you understand?'

'Yes Karla' I said in trepidation.

'You must now get used to calling me Madame Karla and my friend Madame Lara .You are there to be used and abused .Later on Angela will come and screw you Herself. Just accept that you are Her sex toy and submit to Her completely!'

'Right Stephen let's begin .Lie on the bed darling Lara and will take out out on our strap ons'

They went into their bags and took out 2 huge strap ons that were made of rubber and really long and erect .I was going to have those going right up my anus .How was I going to stand it ?They put them round their waists on their belts .They really protruded forwards looking so powerful strong and arrogant!

'Right Stephen as you have never had a strap on up your arse before so here is some vaseline .Put it right up as it's really going to hurt as you've never felt a strap on before. We're going to screw you until you bleed!'

' Lie on the bed and make yourself comfortable .You've got hours of screwing ahead of you!'

I lay on the ned naked trying to make myself comfortable .I was feeling so conscious of the darkness that really made me feel so disoriented and confused.

I could feel Lara's and Karla's leather clad bodies next to mine. They had just put some haunting music on the stereo which only served to make me even more scared!

I could smell the overpowering scent of leather and perfume as I could feel their huge bodies next to mine completely overpowering me with their total superior strength and power .I was now nearly crying with fear. Lara then started to massage my cock gently at first in Her strong leather gloved hand.

'Come on Stephen darling 'She whispered in my ears 'I only want to screw you totally senseless. We'll have some foreplay first before the screwing starts!'

With that Her tongue went down hard down my throat penetrating hard .At the same time She held me by the throat in Her leather gloved hand in the same way as a male cat holds a female down .At the same time She moved Her leather gloved hand up and down my cock moving gently at first and then increasing the speed .

Lara was lying in the other side of me She was biting hard into my ears and neck. At the same time She held me tightly by the back of the neck in a vice like clamp.With Her other hand She moved her leather gloved fingers in and out of my arse .I was held down just like an object by these mighty Women as if I was just a sex toy!

This went on for nearly 30 minutes .At the end of it my throat was aching from the deep throat kissing, my neck was almost bleeding ,my cock and balls were really sore and my anus was really hurting from all the finger scewing.Yet I still had not yet been screwed!

Eventually Karla said to me

' Stephen darling the time has come for us to screw you absolutely senseless You must submit to it like a good boy .You are an Oslander man and to us you're just a sex toy. Try to relax .You're very tense darling and that's why it hurts so much ! Just do as I say. You're going to be well and truly strap on raped and you will be very sore afterwards.'

'Madame Karla please don't be too hard on me. I'm only a weak English man I'm not as strong as your Norse Men!'

'If you were a Norse Man We'd screw you even harder and you'd be screwing us. Now be a good boy and keep quiet .Remember we don't want to hear your voice at all.We just want to f----k you!'

I realised that I was effectively just a sex object and had to take whatever They gave me without resistance .If I said another word I was likely to get a slap across my face or even worse a leather crop!

My legs were pulled right apart by Karla in Her mighty hands .She pulled my legs across Her shoulders stretching them right across Her. At the same time Lara held me down by the neck. Karla then pulled my legs right back until my toes almost touched the pillow .There was a loud crack as my legs were pulled back.


With one huge thrust She was right inside me with Her strap on going right up the length of my arse. I let out a piercing yell I felt as if I was being literally split in half !


I yelled so loudly the whole bar could hear as She thrust into me remorselessly showing no mercy at all.

She rammed inside me for at least 20 minutes. I was well and truly penetrated as She screwed me hard .She wanked me hard making me climax over and over again!

They then changed positions with Lara ramming Her strap on hard up my arse while Lara held me down with Her leather gloved hand over my face. By the end of it my anus cock and balls were all hurting and I was as sore as Hell.

Yet they would show no mercy They were getting so excited determined to screw me absolutely senseless!

'Right Stephen we're going to bend you over and screw you doggy style!'

My head was forced hard down into the pillow by Lara. At the same time Karla positioned Herself right behind me. Lara then pushed Her strap on hard into my mouth almost forcing me to choke.

From the back Karla drove the strap on with full power right up my anus pushing in as hard as She could driving in relentlessly .

I was being screwed and screwed as if I was no more than an object.I was now almost vomiting as Lara drove the strap on into my mouth until it

reached my tonsils.At the same time Karla was wanking me furiously not showing any mercy whatsoever.

They soon changed positions with Lara now driving into my anus with the strap on while Karla drove hers into my mouth making me choke and splutter. At the same time Lara was wanking me for all She was worth .My cock and balls were now absolutely aching and sore.

Just then the door opened suddenly.I could tell it was Angela. Oh no more screwing!

Yet She had come to rescue me!

'Right Lara and Karla the party's over! The barbecue has finished and you have to go home now .He's my property and it's clear he can't take any more .He's not a Norse Man who can take an all night screwing. If you carry on you might kill him!'

They both did as they were told knowing that Angela was the Manager and Her orders had to be obeyed without question.

Karla kissed me goodbye

'We've had a lovely time Stephen. We'd love to have another session with you once you have recovered !'

After Lara had kissed me Goodbye too. They both walked out of the door.

Angela looked at my naked body .

'Stephen you look in a terrible state .Your neck is covered in bites, your cock and balls are all sore and I can see blood coming out of your anus .You have been well and truly debauched!'

I began to cry .Angela held me in Her arms

'Don't worry Stephen. You can spend the night here on this king-size bed .I will bandage you up and look after you. You're going to have to accept your role in life is to be a sex object for Norse Women. Do you understand/'

'Yes Mistress Angela 'I said still crying bitterly on Her shoulder.

She took me to the bathroom .Using Her medical knowledge She bandaged up my arse.She them applied cream to my sore cock and balls. She then put cream around my neck and put a bandage round to stop the blood flow.She then put me under the shower washing me thoroughly all over in Her latex gloved hands.

She carried me to bed in Her muscular arms as I was almost unable to stand up.She tucked me in as if I was a little baby. She then gave me 2 sleeping tablets as I was still in too much pain to sleep.

She kissed me full on the lips driving Her tongue down my throat.

' Darling Stephen you may have to spend all day tomorrow in bed . Mina will bring you your breakfast in the morning. I'm going to have to get you well again so I can screw you as I'm desperate to shove a strap on up your arse too! I will screw you even harder than Them!

She stood up and kissed me once more.


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