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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 3 - The Arrival of Angela and Her Slave Mina

I sat on the Underground, on the Victoria Line, on my way to Heathrow to meet Angela and her slave Mina. In some ways I was looking forward to, but at the same time dreading, the arrival of this massive, powerful Norse Woman and Valkyrie. After all, the Valkyrie, as Norse Women prefer to be called, were effectively the strongest people on earth and were really Giantesses. They were even stronger on average than the men, though as I have explained in a previous episode this is an average figure only and does not mean there are many Norse Men stronger than the Women. I had seen pictures of the Men, particularly one of her Social Officer Jens, that she keeps with her at all times, and he really does look so strong and muscular in his leather Social Officer uniform with his huge bulge!

Still, as I was travelling ready to take the Piccadilly line from Green Park to Heathrow, I was getting quite scared at the prospect of this awesome Dominatrix, staying with me, who in comparison, I was a wimp. Generally Norselanders had complete contempt for foreigners or Oslanders as they were called thinking of them as so pathetic and inferior to them in every way. I also wondered if my standards of cleanliness were up to hers. I knew Norselanders to be very obsessive people in many ways and cleanliness like food, exercise and sex were national obsessions.

It was a country that was so clean that it was said it was possible to eat a meal off the pavement! Even though I had cleaned my house for 2 days going into every crevice I was sure she would find fault somewhere. She was someone who was used to cleaning her flat night and day and also lived in a country where to be dirty was a criminal offence. Her SO Jens made regular inspections of her flat and went round with a Dirt Detector. She had actually been punished on several occasions for not being clean enough so God knows what she would do to me!

I also hoped that my food shopping was correct as diet was something else she was also very strict about. I had made sure that I had thrown all my white bread and tea in the bin. Only coffee, brown bread, rye bread and Ryvita would be tolerated! I also had to make sure that the salad ingredients and the tropical fruit I had bought for her were absolutely fresh. She would only eat fish that came from the Pacific Ocean and God help me if I bought anything else. I had bought stocks of barracuda, shark and sea bass as her favourite fish. What was worse was that I would have to cook it all to her healthy standards, which were very high.

Thank God I had Mina to help me who knew all about cooking Norselandic food. Apparently she was a very good cook and knew how to cook Papian food very well too. Papian food was actually very popular in both the USA and England being more interesting than Norselandic food. It is very spicy and full of flavour rather like Philippine food. The only foreign food that Angela likes is Philippine food as there are many Philippine restaurants in Vikingsborg. Unfortunately there is only one Philippine restaurant called the Filipino Restaurant in London situated in Earls Court. Angela has insisted that we go there tonight.

Also, as I was travelling on the tube, I wondered what she would make of the London underground. As a member of the Norselandic Admiration Society I had heard such glowing reports of the Metro and public transport system in Norsleand generally. I had heard that it was the best and most efficient in the world. The 6 major cities are the capital Stefansholm, Vikingsborg, Varense, Haraldshus, Kristianskobing and Silkeborg all had fast efficient Metro and internal train services. New Metros were under construction in other cities such as Naksborg, Risero and Pedersborg.

The basic fare in all cities was only 10 NM(50P or 85c US) It was spotlessly clean with gangs of Papian labourers scrubbing the floors all day long supervised by their Norselandic overseers until they were shining. Litter carried a set fine of 20000 NM (£100 /$170) for the first offence and after that, 6 months in a Detention Centre. This was ruthlessly enforced by the Royal Transport Judges, the RTJ, who patrolled the Metro all day and night looking out for the slightest misbehaviour such as drunkenness or loud talking.

All Metro trains were very fast some going like the bullet train in Japan. Metro stations were like large shopping arcades with chandeliers and music playing and shops everywhere. The Metro trains themselves had toilets and bathrooms and cafes on board. It was like travelling in first class luxury with staff coming up ready to take food and drinks orders. What would she make of the London Underground in contrast, that even with its qualities as the oldest in the world was expensive, dirty, dangerous, subject to delays and had no toilet facilities at all!

Also what would she make of the ethnic diversity in London that was in many ways the most cosmopolitan city in the whole world. Every single nationality and every type of restaurant was here! In Norseland everyone was White apart from the Papians and they were segregated and were only seen doing menial jobs. The only dark or Black people seen were tourists or a few foreign students or workers in foreign restaurants.

In Norseland the only really cosmopolitan city was Vikingsborg where there were just a few Chinese, Philippine and Japanese restaurants. There were a few foreign restaurants in Stefansholm the capital. Apart from that in every single other town foreign food was unknown completely. In Varkjaa, where Angela lived, there were no foreign restaurants, as there were none in Lildestrom the nearest town of nearly 35,000 inhabitants.

The only food that the vast majority of the people ate is the healthy but rather dull diet consisting of muesli, fruit juice and beans on rye bread or Ryvita for breakfast, rye bread, sandwiches with ham, cheese, etc for lunch and a hunk of meat such as steak with potatoes and tons of salad for the evening meal. I met a member of NAS who had just returned from Norseland and said they could not bear the sight of salad ever again or the taste of pineapple juice! As for mayonnaise it is used for everything for salad sandwiches and fries that are only served covered completely in mayonnaise!

Norseland is really the most inward looking country in the world with most Norselanders hardly travelling abroad at all. However, foreign travel is becoming increasingly popular as many Norselanders are finding that they are not subject to the same restrictions they face in their own Nation.

When Norselanders travel to Thailand and the Philippines the top holiday destinations, they find that they are not subject to the jurisdiction of the local police at all. Under the treaties made between Norseland and Thailand and the Philippines they are subject to the Norselandic police, the Royal Overseas Judges. These generally take a lenient view as they are on holiday in a foreign country. They would only arrest a Norselander if she/he murdered a Thai woman or committed serious criminal damage. Otherwise the view of the ROJ is for them a good time, rape, debauch and pillage as much as they like, just like their Viking ancestors. These are Oslanders and that is what they deserve and if any Thai tries to stop them the ROJ will arrest the Thai.What is more the Government will take military and economic action against Thailand including sending in the Justice League (the equivalent of the SAS or the SWAT) and bombing Bangkok if necessary if any Thai police try to prevent a Norselandic tourist enjoying herself/himself on holiday!

As a result if the influx of Norselanic tourists into Thailand the town of Phang Nga north of Phuket has been taken over by Norselanders. It is full of Norselandic bars and restaurants. The streets are patrolled by the ROJ. The local women have effectively been turned into sex slaves for the Norselanders who use and abuse them. The Norse Women are worse than the men and take part in the rape and pillaging with the Norse Men, having contempt for the Thai women and holding them down forcefully while their Norse Men debauch them.

Naturally the local population are terrified of this Viking invasion and generally flee the area in the summer months and allow the Norselandic gangs to take over. The area is terrorised by biker gangs sometimes all female such as the Valkyra Sisters and mixed gangs called the Thoras, who roam the countryside looking for Thais to debauch. The ROJ do nothing and sometimes take part themselves. They only do something if a local person is killed, which has not actually happened yet.

One of the favourite pastimes for a Norselandic couple is to take a Lady Boy back to their hotel and give him a damned good screwing. The Norse Woman will hold him by the neck and hair while the Norse man shoves his huge penis in his mouth ejaculating inside him. That will teach him not to look like a woman! Norse Women have complete contempt for Thai and Oriental women generally and like nothing more than tying one up holding her by the hair while her partner screws her remorselessly. It is all part of the Sex Holiday!

I am telling you this just to tell you how violent Noreslanders can be. God help it when they start to arrive by their thousand in England and Europe No one will be safe. I can just imagine how violent Angela can be. Imagine that she will use that crop without mercy!

The train had just pulled into Heathrow and I was to meet her at Terminal 3. I was now sweating with fear dreading what might await me! I walked up to Terminal 3 looking out for Angela and her slave Mina. I noticed that the Lufte Flote flight must have arrived as I saw masses of air hostesses dressed in leather basques and thigh length boots with the airline symbol on their hats. They all were really busty and confident looking with leather crops to be used on awkward passengers and were obviously Norse Women. Yet I could see no sight of Angela at all. Suddenly I could feel a leather gloved hand tap on my shoulder. I turned round. It was Angela!

She was the most powerful woman I had ever seen in my life a real Glamazon and Dominatrix. Yet she had told me that by Norse Woman standards she was not particularly tall or big. What were the others - Giantesses? She had bright almost white blonde hair. She had a lovely superbly tanned complexion. Her face was covered in make up and she had shiny purple lipstick on. She had a gorgeous smiling expression that looked as if it could turn nasty at any time She towered over me completely and she was even taller with her high heeled boots with their razor sharp heels. She was wearing a long shiny leather trench coat; she had tight leather gloves on. Altogether she looked a stunning and wonderful slight.

Next to her stood Mina, her slave. She was about a quarter the size of her Mistress. It was like the contrast between a tigress and a kitten! Yet in her own petite way she was lovely too. She had a really sweet face with slightly oriental eyes and gorgeous silky shiny black hair. She was wearing a short fur coat that showed off her pretty brown legs and was wearing high heels. Even though she was a slave she was actually taller than me. She also looked so happy and confident not like the normal image of a beaten slave.

I had actually learnt that slave was not the correct word to apply to these Papians like her. A slaveant would be a more accurate term. This was a combination between slaves and servants. Mina would be paid a basic wage of 200 NM(£10) an hour which by Norselandic standards is very low is very high by world standards. As a slaveant she can earn 10,000 NM (£500) a week which is too high by world standards. She is also given almost free accommodation in a Papian hostel, subsidised meals and free medical care. She is given legal protection that stipulates how many hours she can work in a week, no more than 80, and how she should be treated .

Angela will be visited by officials from the MPR Ministry of Papian Relations who will check how Mina is treated. In her spare time she will travel second class in the segregated part of the train to the Papian quarter in Vikingsborg. She will have to remain there and not go to the rest of the city which is barred to Papians unless they are working on a specific job. However the Papian Quarter is a lively bustling area, full of Papian bars and restaurants and is popular with foreign tourists. She will visit her relations and have an enjoyable time. However she must be home in her hostel in Varkjaa by 10.00pm or else face punishment from the Judges. As I have said Judges Karl and Marissa are the most ruthless Judges imaginable and unfortunately for Mina are especially ruthless with Papians, so Mina makes sure she is home well before 10.00pm.

In return Mina has to obey the orders of her Mistress Angela without question. She must address her as Mistress at all times and she must only speak when spoken to. Angela is permitted by Law to use corporal punishment on Mina as her slave or slaveant. She usually uses her favourite leather crop. She usually only gives 3 at a time on the backside or hand. If she gives any more she must get permission from the MPR. Mina is very obedient to her Mistress and has not been beaten for a long time. In addition to Angela, Mina also serves her 2 friends Helga and Laura as well as the Social Officer Jens whom she must address as Master at all times. Needless to say he always gets his sexual way with her at any time!

Angela came right up to me towering over me and held me by the neck in her strong leather gloved hands. She gave me a long slow kiss right on the lips until I was groaning half in pleasure and pain. This is known in Norseland as a Welcome Kiss and is given whenever a Norse Woman meets a man for the first time.

She carried on holding me by the neck as she spoke to me.

'Oh Stephen darling it's so good to see you .We've corresponded for a year and at last we meet! We have had an exhausting 16 hour flight. It was excellent service. Naturally I went first class while Mina travelled at the back!'

Mina then came up to me holding the flower garland and put it round my neck. She held me by the neck and kissed me softly on my cheek next to the lips making sure her Mistress could see that she was not getting too forward.

'Oh Stephen I'm so happy to meet you. My Mistress has told me all about you. This is the first time I have left Norseland and Papia in my entire life!' she said in her sexy husky voice obviously feeling the terrible cold.

Angela walked in front of us and grabbed us by the hands.

'Come on Stephen and Mina I want a lovely hot shower and then we'll eat out together!'


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