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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 30 - Angela and the Judges Take on the Mafia

I was awoken in the morning by Mina bringing me breakfast.I had slept really heavily after Angela had given me 2 sleeping tablets the night before.I awoke feeling so sore. My neck was really aching as Lara and Karla had bitten me all over the night before.My cock and balls were aching all over and I knew I would have serious trouble ever going to the toilet again.

She looked so gorgeous her shinig black hair that looked even more cgorgeous than ever. She was wearing a bright red sahini and knee length boots .She smiled sweetly as she gave me a typical Norselandic breakfast of beans on rye bread, toast ,coffee, orange juice ,coffee and muesli.Beans, salad and mayonnaise were staple diet for Noreslanders!

'Oh Stephen you really do look in a state !Your neck is covered in bruises from all those love bites Lara and Karla gave you !'

She then opened my pants.

'You poor thing Stephen. They really went to work on your cock and balls !They really do look red and sore! You have to realise that Norse Women really are very big and strong .They will gang bang you as they see you as an inferior Oslander. They will almost certainly force you to have sex with them again .As an inferior Papian I have experienced group sex and I know just what it's like I could hardy move after I had been screwed senseless by a Norse Man and Norse Woman!'

'But Mina I don't think I can stand any more .I'm in so much pain!'

'I'm afraid you have to Stephen .There's absolutely nothing you can do about it. It's your fate in life to be a sex slave to Noreslanders especially Norse Women! Once you have recovered Angela will almost certainly want to screw you.'

'You probably won't be able to see Her today as She is dealing with yet another harassment case.This time a friend of mine called Lauha who works at a Papian restaurant called the Pineapple Palace in Soho has reported to me that the owner Mr. Iakahoa has been badly beaten up by some thugs She has told me that they are part of the Sicilian mafia and they harass the restaurant and the staff regularly.She wants Angela to take revenge!'

Angela was indeed determined to take revenge. After She had left me after saying goodnight She had received a phone call from Judge Heathera Finsson.Heathera had told Her that Mr. Iakahoa had been badly beaten up after he had failed to pay his protection money to the Mafia' She said that the restaurant had been constantly harassed by the Mafia .There were 4 of them altogether the Bezini brothers Domo and Marco and the Olivio brothers Joe and Toni.

In Sicily the Benzini brothers were known as the Monsters of Messina while the Olivio brothers were known as the Rottweilers of Ragusa .The worst of all was Marco Benzini. He speacialsed in removing parts of the anatomy. If someone failed to pay on time he would be ruthless. In the case of Mr. Iakahoa he had removed his left index finger with a serrated knife!

Angela was determined to stop this harassment for good .As part of the Anglo -Norselandic treaty as I have already said ,the Norselandic Police the Judges were entitled to protect the Papian community in Britain by force if necessary They could deal with the harasser through the death penalty by taking them to the Judge Headquarters and putting them to death.

This was called Operation Kill All Harassers the purpose of which was to put every single person who harassed Papians to death .Altogether 5 people were involved in the operation in England Judge Heathera who was in charge the other Judges Karl and Leif (see previous episodes) ,a new Judge called Herda Vaalgaard who was a really tough Norse Woman and

Angela Herself as a Judge Support Officer.

Yet even though She was a Judge Support Officer, Angela wanted to take the most active part in the operation. She had already dealt with several harassers personally and lived in East London that had the largest Papian community of all.Heathera had given Her permission to deal with these 2 families personally .The restaurant concerned the Pineapple Place was actually in Soho where there were now 4 Papian restaurants as Papian food was becoming more amd more popular .Heathera had given permission but said that if there was any trouble Herda would be there to help Angela in any fight or trouble.

Angela decided to go to the hospital to visit Mr. Iakahoa .As usual She looked really stunning as She set off for University College hospital on Her Harley davidson .She was dressed in a shiny black leather jacket, tight leather skirt, thigh length boots, leather gloves and studded collar To complete the effect She wore a leather hat with the Judges coat of arms a golden crown and 2 whips to make Herself look even more frightening. She also wore a leather mask.She was determined to strike terror into Her enemies and looked really stunning!

She rode off at top speed to the hospital .She broke the speed limit but did not care as She knew no police would dare stop Her. She strode into the hospital cracking Her whip and demanded to know what ward Mr. Iakahoa was in. She walked into the ward as if She owned it striking terror into all the nurses and patients .She could see Mr. Iakahoa in bed his hand all bandaged up after his thumb had been removed by Marco Benzini.

'I am a Judge Support Officer .You will address me as Miss Spiteful .You will tell Me exactly what happened to you!' She said imperiously letting him know as a Papian he was Her subject.

'Well Miss Spiteful the problem is that the Mafia in particular the Benzini brothers are making my life a complete misery .They have been demanding protection money. Together with the Olivio brothers they harass the 3 main Papian restaurants in Soho ,my restaurant the Pineapple Palace, the Poli Nesia and the Coconut Inn .They are demanding £1000 a month! '

'Yesterday I could not pay on time due to cash flow problems so Marco Benzini beat me up and then took out my left index finger with a serrated knife .There was blood everywhere!He has threatened to cut off every finger for every day I'm late! He has even threatened to come to the hospital this evening !'

'Right Mt Iakahoa you need not fear any more. I have come to put an end to this harassment for good .Will the Benzini brothers be going to your restaurant this evening?'

'Yes Miss Spiteful I have put my assistant Miss Lauha Loloa in charge of the restaurant .I have managed to find the money .They have said if there is no payment not only will they cut off my finger they will also smash up the restaurant!'

'Don't worry Mr. Iakahoa You will never have to pay them another penny. I will get back all the money they have stolen from you too.My plan is to go to your restaurant tonight and take on both of the Benzini brothers and their friends.Which restaurant do the Olivio brothers harass?'

'They usually go to the Poli Nesia in the evening. They are bastards too They usually order a meal and don't pay! They love to harass my friend the owner Mr. Valulo.'

'The reason why they pick on you is that you Papians are so weak and submissive That's why you need us powerful Norselanders to protect and look after you!'said Angelal.

'We Papians are so grateful to be Your Subjects and to serve You.We are so glad the Judges are now able to save us'

'Don't worry we will deal with them and defeat them .My plans are for Me to go and have a meal at your restaurant this evening .My colleague Judge Herda Vaalgaard will go to the other restaurant the Poli Nesia.

'I will beat the Benzini brothers senseless using my Gym Kata skills.Herda will do the same to the Olivio brothers. Don't worry after today you will not face any more harassment !'

Angela said goodbye to Mr. Iakahoa and made Her way to the Pineapple Palace in Wardour St in Soho. Normally She hardly ever ate Papian food at all .She regarded it as far too spicy and oily. She much preferred to eat Philippine or Chinese restaurants

She could not understand why Papian food was now so popular in England .Also She regarded Papians as an inferior and subject people to be protected and looked after by the superior Norselanders.It was therefore demeaning to eat the food of a subject and inferior people .At the same time She regarded the Papians as the best chefs in the world but only if they were cooking Norselandic food!

As She walked in She was greeted at the door by the owner Lauha.

'Oh Miss Spiteful Mr. Iakahoa has told us You were coming .We are so honoured to have You in our restaurant. We are so happy that You have come to save us . Please eat as much as you like.It's all free for You!'

'Well normally I don't eat Papian food at all but I'll make an exception this time .You will of course treat Me with the respect and deference I deserve!'

'Yes certainly we will Miss Spiteful .We know we are in the presence of a Superior Being a Norse Woman! '

'I will also tell you what the Benzini brothers look like .They will be coming in about 30 minutes to collect the protection money!'

'Don't worry Laha you're not paying a penny in protection money!'repied Angela

Before She ordered Angela decided to give Herda a ring at the Poli Nesia.

'Herda its Angela I'm at the Pineapple Palace!'

'I'm in the next Papian restaurant the Polu Nesia Angela The Olivio brothers will be coming round later to collect their protection money .They will be coming round in about an hour's time !'

'I'm waiting for the Benzini brothers. They won't collect any protection money at all!'

' By the way Herda which part of Norseland are you from?'

'I'm from the city of Haraldshus' Where are you from Angela?'

'I'm from a small town called Varjkaa in Ljungnamo Province. I'm a Northlander and you're a Midlander(or Prairie Woman) but we can still get on!'

'Certainly Angela we'll keep in touch when I next go back to our Nation!'

Angela put the phone down. She looked at the menu and was ready to order

Lauha came up to Her .She adopted the pose of submission kneeling in front of the table before Her.

'Right Lauha I'll order now' I'll start with chicken and sweetcorn soup .As a side order I'll have crispy white baracuda. I'll then have mixed seafood with 4 vegetables, onions, corn ,coconut and sweet potato with egg fried rice. I will also have a large roast duck in peanut sauce.'

'I want it cooked to perfection and not too spicy or greasy or I'll throw it back at you!I don't want the food swimming in pepper sauce! Bring me a glass of white wine too!'

Lauha rushed to get the food. The soup and the wine arrived almost at once The soup actually was delicious .The chef Steio Ualeo realised he was cooking for a Norse Woman and had gone to great trouble cooking the food.

Just as She was eating the door opened and 4 really rough looking thugs walked in .She could tell these were the Benzini brothers Domo and Marco.They had 2 friends with them whose names were Franco Delguardo and Tony Damato .They were all big and fat with Domo the biggest of all.They all had black greasy hair and were unshaven and looked really rough.They were all quite drunk as well.

They all sat down together One of them the roughest of all Marco called out

'You Papi bitch get us some drink !'

'Yeah and we want some decent food not that greasy horrible Papi muck! And don't expect us to pay either you Papi whore!You pay us remember !'said Domo.

'If we don't get our money today were going to trash this place and then go over and cut another finger off old Yakawhatshisname! 'said Marco.

'What a f-----g stupid language I can't pronounce a f----g word of it! 'said Franco Angela ordered Lauha over.

'You will not do as they say .You will obey Me .I will deal with them don't worry. You will not bring them any drink or food at all or pay them any money !Their behaviour is disgusting!'

Domo shouted out .

'Hey you Papi c----t! We want some f-------g drinks now. Are you deaf and stupid like all Papis?'

Angela stood up and walked towards them. She towered over them in Her magnificent leather outfit.

Marco turned round .

'Hey blondie I like your leathers Are you kinky or something?'

She grabbed him by the neck and dragged right off the ground

OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! he yelled as She held him in the air.He was overwhelmed by Her superior strength.

'Look here Marco! I'm a Norse Woman and I've had enough of your appalling behaviour and your crimes. You will never harass this restaurant again. I will personally fight and beat all 4 of you .Then you will be taken to the Judge Headquarters to face death fo your crimes!'

'I aint being beaten up by no f----g woman 'said Domo

'Yes you are !All 4 of you are!'


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