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The Valkyrie

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The Bossy Bank Women

Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 31 - Angela Beats Up Four Mafia Thugs

Angela carried on holding Marco by the collar dragging him into Wardour St. She was determined to humiliate him by beating him in the street itself in full view of all the customers and the public.She could not wait to beat him and his 3 friends to a pulp.Nearby at the other Papian restaurant the Poli Nesia, Herda was getting ready to confront the Olivio brothers .At the end all the Mafia thugs would be taken to the Judge Headquarters where they would face the Death Penalty that is if they were not dead already!

Lauha and the chef Steio and all the customers from the Pineapple Palace restaurant had come out to watch the fight .Lauha the owner and Steio the chef were desperate for Angela to win and out an end to their misery for ever.A large crowd had gathered They were in Wardour St one of the main streets in Soho in central London and it was a Friday evening .They had never seen one woman fight 4 men before!

She pushed Marco away and addressed the crowd.

'You are about to watch a fight between Me and these 4 bastards. I'm a Norse Woman and come from a wonderful country called Norseland in the Pacific Ocean. I don't know if any of you have been there ,but it's the greatest Nation on earth .I'm about to teach these 4 bastards a lesson they'll never forget .They have been harassing this Papian restaurant here and demanding protection money from them. They will never do it again! Some of you may work in restaurants and have had trouble from these bastards .Don't worry your troubles have come to an end!'

'I will fight these bastards using Gym Kata which is a superior Norselandic fighting technique .It makes its practitioner effectively invincible!I will be using the fighting techniques of Gym Kata and will explain them to you as I perform them.. These bastards can use any weapons they like .It just shows what cowards they are. These bastards can only pick on people who don't resist!'

''I'll get you you f----g Norsi bitch!' shouted Marco trying to sound tough in front of the crowd.

'You had better not use that word! I've ripped testicles out of people who have used that word!'

Just then a Police car pulled up .2 Police men walked through the crowd.

'Look here you can't have a fight in a public place! It's called an Affray. It's illegal!'said the Police man trying to sound officious.

She grabbed him by the collar. He started to shake with fear realising just how strong She was.

'Look here you arsehole. Just get out of here now! I happen to be a Judge Support Officer and I have the full authority to protect Papians from harassment. Here's my Warrant showing My powers. Haven't you heard of the Anglo- Norselandic treaty you idiot ? Now get out of here before I go to work on you and report you to my Superior Judge Finsson!'

He realized She was totally right as usual and went back to the Police car looking so humiliated.

Marco took advantage of this distraction to come running at Her with his knife

She turned round. With absolute athletic agilityShe brought the heel of Her boot up hard into His testicles. He literally shot up in the air landing several yards away.


'That was the Groin Kick!' She explained to the crowd.

He landed with full force on the ground screaming with pain. She walked over to him looking so cool and calm .She knelt down over him and took hold of his hand as he lay on the ground.

'Well Marco this is your left index finger! You sliced it off someone's hand didn't you? You cut off Mr. Iakatoa's hand with a serrated knife I wonder if you would like to know how it feels!'

She proceeded to take a knife out from Her belt sming at him as She knelt over him

'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! he screamed terrified.

She carefully sliced through his left index finger with complete expertise .Blood came shooting out as he yelled and yelled in agony. She threw the finger at the crowd.


'Also Marco I think I heard you say the words' Norsi bitch'

'Please Miss Spiteful!I didn't mean it !'

'PLEASE NO MORE!!! 'he bellowed he lay beneath Her on the ground.

'You're going to have to be taught a lesson !' She said as She placed Her boot heel on his neck.

With that She brought her knife down cutting right into his testicles.


His screams could be heard almost half a mile away The crowd was now getting bigger than ever.

Just as She was standing over Her victim, Domo came behind Her wielding a bicycle chain.He shouted out

'Leave my brother alone !'

The problem was he was so fat he could not move with any speed .She retaliated instantly with Her brilliant expertise.She moved and with incredible speed and brought Her fist crashing hard into his stomach.


'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! 'he bellowed falling onto the ground

'This is known in Gym Kata as the Stomach punch !'She explained to the crowd.

She stood over him delighting in his torment as he lay beneath Her.She took the bicycle chain from the ground

'Well Domo were you really going to hit me with this?'

He was now blubbering like a little baby holding his broken ribs.

'PLEASE NO MORE!! 'he screamed

'You must pay for your crimes Domo!'

With no warning She brought the bicycle chain crashing down hard onto his face.

Blood literally shot up in the air .She had broken his nose completely and taken out at least 4 of his teeth. Teeth blood and bones went flying up into the air!

He screamed and screamed but soon the screaming stopped .He lay there in a bloody heap unconscious with pain.

There were 2 more to take out Franco Delguardo and Tony Damato.She walked towards both of them smiling looking so powerful and confident

'Well you two .So you're friends of scum like these .So you are criminals too!'

Franco was standing there with a kitchen knife in his hand.

'Come on Franco attack me !'She said smiling at him.

He made a futile attempt to attack Her knife in hand.

With amazing speed She brought her boot heel high in the air and kicked the knife right out of his hand .The knife went sailing up into the air.

She then kicked hard into his stomach. He went flying forwards like a catapult landing several yards away.A loud cheer went up from the crowd who were amazed at Her fighting expertise.


'This is known in Gym Kata as the Flying and Stomach Kick !' She explained to the crowd

She stood over him taking real delight in his misery.

'It's lights out time Franco!'

She brought Her boot heel hard into his groin. He let out another bellow of pain as She carried on driving Her spiked heel down hard.


Soon he was unconscious just like Domo who lay next to him.

There was now just one to go!

She walked over to Tony. Again She was smiling looking so confident and pleased with Herself

He stood there knife in hand not knowing what to do He had a big strong Dominatrix standing in front of him and was surrounded by a hostile crowd.

'Well Tony what are you going to do with ?' She said smiling in confidence.

One of the crowd shouted out.

'Why don't you attack her with that knife!'

She moved towards him.

'This is how you disarm your opponent in Gym Kata if he has a knife 'She explained to the crowd.

With one move She grabbed his wrist. She had him in a vice like grip digging Her nails into his wrist.

The pain was so terrible that he dropped the knife at once.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!' he yelled as She dug her nails in even harder

'At the same time I use Cock and Ball Torture to increase the pain!'

With that She pushed Her leather gloved hand hard down his testicles squeezing them hard showing no mercy whatsoever.


She eventually le go .He fell on the ground bellowing for all he was worth.


She could not stand the noise of his bellowing any more. With one mighty blow She kicked him hard in the ribs breaking every one. He was unconscious.

4 unconscious bodies lay sprawled on the ground with blood everywhere. Once again She had demonstrated Her amazing fighting skills for all to see.

A huge cheer went up from the crowd .They had never seen such fighting expertise.

Lauha and Steio ran up to Her

'Oh Miss Spiteful! You are our Saviour and Redeemer. Please eat for free at our restaurant any time!'

'You have no more to fear from these hooligans .They will all be take away in the Judge Wagon and then to the Judge Headquarters to face Trial and almost certainly the Death Penalty for their crimes.'

'As for eating in your restaurant, although I will always protect you I do not on principe eat Papian food. Only Norselandic food is good enough for me!.

She decided to ring Herda on Her mobile

'Herda I've just won a great victory over these hooligans!' She said triumphantly.

'I thought You would Angela .You are well known to be a brilliant fighter!'

'How are You getting on Herda?'

'Well I'm at the Poli Nesia in Broadwick St around the corner. The Olivio brothers have just walked in here with 4 friends .They have clearly heard about the fight and are looking quite scared'

'I'm coming round now Herda. I'd love to do some more Gym Kata .It's such good exercise!'

'Right Angela. You can take out 2 and I'll take out 4!

Angela was getting wet with excitement at the prospect of more fighting.

'I'm coming now Herda!'


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