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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 32 - Gym Kata At A Papian Restaurant

Judge Herda sat in the Papian retaurant the Poli Nesia in Wardour St in Soho central London.The Olivio brothers Joe and Toni had just entered.They had arrived with 4 of their friends ,Orazio Di Cantania ,Luigi Donizetti ,Marco Moretti and Calo Palerma .They all looked really rough even rougher than the Benzini brothers. Like them they were all completely drunk and looked dirty and unshaven .They walked in as if they owned the place and immediately sat down and ordered drinks from the waiter whose name was Pieo Vakatuu.

She looked really magnificent dressed totally in shiny black leather. She was wearing leather from head to toe .She also wore thigh length boots .She had short blonde almost white hair. She had a wonderful curvaceous body and enormous muscles all over Her body.

She was a brilliant body builder and practitioner of Gym Kata. In fact She had given lessons in Gym Kata itself.She was Grade 1 which showed what a superb fighter She was. She was being even better than Angela who was a Grade 2 She was literally invincible which meant that She could take on 30 men in a fight and win easily .The Olivio brothers and their friends would be a pushover!

She had just finished Her meal .The owner of the restaurant Mr. Valulo had served Herda if She was royalty.The food in the Pol Nesia was not up to the standards of the Pineapple Palace where Angela had previously eaten. Like Angela She did not particularly like Papian food and could not understand its popularity in England.She found it far too spicy and oily .Also did not believe in eating the food of a subject people whose duty it was to protect and look after.

She had ordered Hoa Foa a Papian soup that was made up of pork, shrimps onions, corn, coconut and sweet potato.She had found it far too spicy and had sent it back ordering the chef to cook it again. The rest of the food was only moderately spicy .She ordered fried chicken wings, chicken curry in egg fried rice and pork in peanut sauce and noodles.She then ordered mixed tropical fruits. She was eating just as the Olivio brothers walked in

They were all behaving like complete pigs .Yet at the same time they knew all about the fight and that Angela had beaten their fiends the Benzini brothers to a total pulp.Yet they tried to look confident even though they knew quite clearly that the Judges were after them!

Tony shouted at the waiter Pieo .

'Oi you f----r Give us some drinks! What are you waiting for you smelly Papi?

His brother Joe shouted out

' Get us some decent Italian food .We're not eating that Papi garbage. And you'd better pay us tonight or this place is going up in smoke!'

The owner Mr. Valulo walked up to them.

'I'm very sorry but we only serve Papian food .There are some Italian restaurants nearby.

Joe grabbed him by the collar.

'Look here you Papi c----t .You go and buy some Italian food and cook it properlyor this place is definitely going up in smoke Now get going!'

With that he threw him hard against the door.

This was enough for Herda She walked towards them hitting the sides with a leather crop.

She towered over them as She stood there in all Her black leather magnificence They knew that the game was up and the Judges had come for them They were really frightened though they tried to appear confident

'My name is judge Vaalgaard .I'm arresting you for your crimes. You will stay here while I arrange for a Judge Wagon to collect you and take you to the Judge Headquarters where you will stand Trial

Joe walked up to Her

'You can't arrest us Who the hell do you think you are?'

Her mighty hand went crashing right across his face



He went flying right across the restaurant .The customers who were there gazed in amazement.

'You address me as judge Vaalgaard (pronounced VAWL GAWRT)' She said standing over him

He lay there in agony .

'Yes Judge Vawlgrad 'he said failing miserably to pronounce it

Suddenly his brother Tony grabbed hold of Mr. Valulo. He picked him up and had a knife right against his throat

'Look here you Norsi cow! We're leaving now .Just let us go. If you try to stop us we'll slit his throat!'

All 6 of them walked out taking Mr Valulo with them

Just as they were walking out they met Angela .They were now surrounded by 2 big strong Norse Women.

'Where the hell do you think you're all going? She demanded looking so strong and demanding Tony Olivio did not know what to do .He shouted at Her

'Get out of my way you Norsi c-----t or I'll rip his throat out!'

Suddenly Herda came behind him .With one mighty blow She brought the crop crashing down across his back.He let out a piercing scream and fell down on the ground



Half the skin on his back had been ripped off. He lay on the ground yelling for all he was worth Blood came pouring out of his back.

Angela walked up to Herda .

It's very good to meet you Herda 'She said They both gave each other the Welcome Kiss putting each other's tongues down Their throats.

While They were doing this an enormous crowd had gathered out in the street. Many of them had already seen the fight between Angela and the Mafia and wanted to see more action.

Mr. Valulo ran back to the entrance of the restaurant with the waiter Peio and the chef, a woman called Loisa Vonolulu. They were desperate for Herda and Angela to win .Yet they knew that the fight would be a pushover!

'Well Angela would you like to take out 2 of them and I'll take out the other 2! 'said Herda

Certainly I'd love to

'Well I'll deal with the first 2 !'

She walked up to Orazio .He could tell that She really was so big and powerful .He backed away looking frightened 'He really wanted to run away

'Come on why don't you attack Me. You can use any weapon you like!'

He had a knife in his hand .He made a pathetic attempt to lunge at Her .It was totalfailure With brilliant athletic expertise She ran towards him and did an expert Flying Drop Kick .He went flying up in the air landing in a bloody heap about 20 yards away



'That was marvellous Herda! I'll take 2 out I'd like to take on 2 at once!'

She walked up to Luigi and Marco

'Come on you 2 .You can use any weapons you like!'

They hesitated at first .Eventually they moved towards Her .Luigi had a kitchen knife and Marco had a chain.

She moved with lightning speed .With one move She kicked hard into Luigi's stomach with the heel of Her boot. At almost the same time She brought Her fist crashing into Marco's face. It was incredible!




They both literally took of landing in 2 bloody heaps in the middle of the crowd!

'That was a Stomach Kick and Fist Punch !'She explained to the crowd

'That was amazing Angela You will soon be a Grade 1 just like me!'

There was only one left to deal with Carlo.

Herda walked up to him leather crop in hand

'Well Carlo what weapon are you going to use on Me?'

He was absolutely terrified .He knew quite well that he stood no chance whatsoever against this mighty Woman

'Right Carlo you will drop that knife now!'

'DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!' She yelled at him

The power of Her size and personality were just too much for him .He dropped the knife at once and fell prostrate onto the ground

'Please forgive Judge Herda .I didn't mean it! I was forced to do it by the others!'

'That's what they all say Get down and lick my boots now!

He did exactly as She ordered him licking Her boots for all he as worth and making sure he did not miss an inch

They had won a tremedoiusvictory displaying beyond all doubt Their amazing Gym Kata skills for all to see.10 Mafiosi lay sprawled on the ground mostly nearly dead and unconscious.

A huge roar went up from the crowd.Mr. Valelo and Peio and Loisa embraced Angela and Herda.They were joined by the owner of the Coconut Inn Mr. Sokatoa in Darblay St further up the road and the owner of another Papian restaurant in Wardour St the Papaia, Miss Papititi.All embraced Herda and Angela.

'Oh you really deserve the title of Goddesses! You have redeemed us .Our sufferings are over!' he said licking Herda's boots ,while Mr. Sokatoa and Miss Papititi licked Angela's boots.

'Your sufferings are all indeed over !If you have any trouble ever again you'll report it at once to me or to Judge Support Officer Spiteful here.Operation Kill All Harassers has begun and I want every harasser dead!

'She said.

'Right Angela I will call Judge Leif Rohlstrom to take these bastards to the Judge Headquarters!'

Soon Judge Leif Rohlstrom arrived in the Judge Wagon. He looked so magnificent dressed totally in black leather with His huge bulge at the front He threw all 10 bodies in the Wagon as if they were so much rubbish.

After He had done so He gave both Herda and Angela the Welcome Kiss fondling their huge breasts while They fondled His enormous organ.

Herda then rang Her Superior Judge Heathera Finsson.

'Heathera It's Me Herda. Angela and I have shown Our wonderful fighting skills once more! We hve beaten 10 Maiosihands down!

'That's great Herda You are both ondrful Bring them to the Judge Headquarters!'


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