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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 33 - Norseland Declares War On The Mafia

The 10 Mafiosi were all thrown into the Judge Wagon just like the heaps of garbage they were.They were immediately taken to the Judge Headquarters where they were put on trial in front of Supreme Judge Helga Andersson.Of course no defence lawyers were allowed at all.They were just placed in front of the Supreme Judge, told they were criminals and sentence was passed at once.

They were then taken to the Dungeon where they were put to death by strangulation .Heathera put 4 to death while Judges Herda ,Leif and Karl put 6 to death.Their bodies were then all hurled into the incinerator. That would be how criminals would be treated from now on. No mercy whatsoever would be shown!

The Norselandic government had decided to declare total War on international crime.This was similar to the US Government that had declared way on terrorism.As I have explained before Norseland is the country with the highest standard of living in the world .It is an extremely wealthy and industrialised country.

This enables it to have the most advanced armed forces and security services with the best equipment in the world.The Justice League (JL)is the most efficient and effective anti terrorist force in the world .It can penetrate and destroy any terrorist network anywhere making the SAS look quite mild in comparison. The ROJ( Royal Overseas Judges) are the most effective police force in the world.What makes them both so effective is that they are absolutely ruthless in dealing with criminals showing no mercy whatsoever.Their policy is that criminals must be killed after being beaten and tortured .It's as simple as that!

Norseland is now aware of itself as a world military power. In many terms it rivals the USA in military force.Since the demise of the USSR it has rivalled the USA and wants effectively to become a rival power in the world . It sees itself as a Socialist state promoting social values such as justice and equality unlike the USA .Already Noreslanders abroad are not under the jurisdiction of the police in those countries but under the ROJ who can only arrest Norselanders. They can also arrest or put to death anyone committing an offence against a Norselander or Papian in any country in the world.

The Norselandic Premier Patricia Ingvoll was determined to extend Norselandic power and influence throughout the world .She was determined that Norseland would be the rival power to the USA.

All world Leaders were afraid of Her referring to Her as 'Patricia the Terrible'.She would force world leaders to sign Treaties like the ANT The Anglo Norselandic Treaty after bullying them into accepting them.The Treaty would give the ROJ and the JL the opportunity to operate freely in their countries arresting whom they like in return for economic investment .No anti Norselandic behaviour or policies world be tolerated.

Military action and sanctions would be taken against any government that violated the Treaties.The Norselandic government was now prepared to topple any government that was hostile or harboured terrorists or criminals of any kind.The result was that Leaders in particular in Asian and South American countries were in total fear of Norsleand ,a Nation that was now so powerful it could easily topple any regime that offended it.

In particular the Norselandic Government were determined to rid the world of crime and criminals that posed a threat as deadly as terrorism.Any country that harboured criminals or did nothing about crime would be labelled a 'criminal state' .The main criminal organisation that was targetted was the Mafia. This organisation had spread from Sicily and was now world wide involved in almost every business activity going.What was more it actively harassed Papians in particular being involved in harassing Papian restaurants and demanding protection money. The Norselandic Government was determined to destroy the Mafia totally

.It regarded it as even worse than Al Qaeda ,that at least operated from some religious ideals, whereas the Mafia operated solely for money. As a Socialist country with the SDP( Social Democratic Party) In power for 86 years the Norselandic Government was determined to rid the world of crime regarding it as fundamentally anti social and based on targetting and harassing innocent people for profit.Unlike the US Government it regarded organised crime as far worse than terrorism.

In order to rid the world of this deadly menace Premier Ingvoll had decided to strike at the base of the Mafia Sicily .She regarded Italy as a criminal state in the sense that She had intelligence that the Mafia were bribing and had contacts with the Italian Government .After all these years the Mafia still operated freely in Italy particularly in Sicily and Calabria.,where it controlled whole areas .She knew from information supplied by the Royal Intelligence Services ( RIS)the best in the world, exactly who were the leaders of the Mafia and exactly where they lived .If only the US and British governments had used the services of RIS before they invaded Iraq!

She decided that the only way to eliminate the Mafia was to be even more ruthless than them .After all that was how Mussolini had eliminated the Mafia in Sicily. His policy was to use extreme force . The ROJ would use the same force .They would literally kill every single Mafia leader .They would strike terror into the Mafia itself.The policy would be that to kill a snake you had to cut off the head!

It would be called Operation Kill All Mafia led by the ROJ based in England.It would be carried out by the Fearsome Five as they called themselves. They would be led by Judge Heathera .The other 4 would be Herda, Leif ,Karl and of course Angela as a Judge Support Officer .They would travel to Sicily and the 5 of them would kill the Godfathers and any other Mafia whether the Italian Government approved or not.

Premier Ingvoll had been to Rome to inform the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi that the ROJ were going to Italy to eliminate the Mafia. Like all world Leaders he was petrified of Her. She made Margaret Thatcher look like a wimp!

She arrived at his office in Rome looking really formidable dressed in National Costume a black leather jacket ,silk scarf ,leather skirt and shiny leather boots .Her purpose was to intimidate Her opponent which She did by Her size and intetectual superiority .She realised that Berlusconi was regarded in the world anyway as rather a ridiculous figure any way. She told him in no uncertain terms that her Nation was determined to rid the world of the Mafia totally .She also said that the Italian government had done very little about it and She knew that the Mafia had connections in the Government.

She said that as a result She was sending in the ROJ to destroy the Mafia. The Italian Government could cooperate by signing a Treaty allowing the ROJ and the JL to operate freely in Italy. If they refused the Norselandic Government would consider Italy a criminal terrorist state. Any Italian police or army resisting the ROJ or the JL would be eliminated too.She reminded him that if it came to a contest between Italy and Norseland , Norseland would win easily!

He replied by telling Her that italy was an independent country and Norseland had no right to intervene in internal affairs of a sovereign country .If an attempt was made to send the Judges or JL in ,then Italy would retaliated by force if necessary.Italy was a member of the EU and NATO and foreign assistance including help from the USA would be sought.

Premier Ingvoll replied that Norseland considered Italy to be a criminal and terrorist state in harbouring the Mafia .If force was used against the ROJ or the JL , they would retaliate using force too.As for US help, Norseland was a rival power and was quite prepared to take on US forces.As for protecting Italy against invasion, the USA had already invaded a sovereign country Iraq and could not be expected to defend another country's sovereignty! Needless to say She left Berlusconi a complete shivering wreck!

Angela read all about this, being very intelligent and well read about world affairs as well as being such a brilliant fighter. The day had come round at last for Operation Kill All Mafia. She was dressed from head to toe in a shiny black leather cat suit as usual. She had left Votans in the capable hands of Marshal Helga. She did not know how long She would be away .She could not wait to taste the warmth and sun of Sicily after the cold of England!

The plan was to meet up at Gatwick airport with the other 4 Judges. They would travel in a charted aircraft. They would be protected from hostile enemy action by 2 jet fighters of the Royal Norselandic Air Force (RNAF).They would land at a secret airstrip near Palermo where they would be met by staff from the Norselandic Embassy in Rome.

She revved up Her Harley Davidson .She said goodbye to Her slave Mina and to me and told Mina to look after me.She then took off into the distance

'You Mafia bastards!' She thought to Herself


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