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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 34 - The Judges Invade Sicily

Angela roared down the road on Her Harley Davidson.She looked so magnificent in Her shiny black leather cat suit and thigh length boots.She really was ready for action and could not wait to get on that plane bound for Sicily. She was desperate for action and to also bathe in the warmth of the Mediterranean!

She rode at breakneck speed .She headed for the M25 from Walthamstow through the Blackwall Tunnel. She roared along overtaking most of the traffic.She turned off the M25 at junction 8.

She was soon at Gatwick Airport itself. Heathera had ordered Her and the 3 other Judges Herda ,Leif and Karl to meet up at the Norse Air office that was situated at Terminal One at 6 PM sharp.She managed to find the office after She had been given instructions .She walked in and was met by Heathera. All 4 of the Judges looked so wonderful in their shiny black leather Judge uniforms boots and shiny steel helmets.

After giving Angela the Welcome Kiss She addressed the Judges and Angela the Judge Support Officer The Fearsome 5 as they called themselves.

'Fellow Judges We are about to embark on a very dangerous mission the most dangerous any of you will have ever been on. Our objective is nothing other than to invade Sicily and eliminate the Mafia .What's more We intend to do this in only 3 days! 5 of us will take on the entire Sicilian Mafia ,kill all the main Godfathers and deal with the Italian police who will do everything they can to stop us!

We are up against a dangerous and very violent enemy .They know We are coming and will do everything they can to stop us .We will use every weapon against them including guns, knives, whips and of course our amazing Gym Kata . You are all Grade I in Gym Kata except Angela who will very soon be Grade 1 I expect you to win every single fight or else !'

Remember we are fighting for our Nation and to eliminate crime! This is the only way!On the way there We are likely to meet hostile resistance from the italian and NATO Air forces. Don't worry we have the Royal Norselandic Air Force the RNAF to protect us They will accompany us in Cheeta fighters the most advanced and fastest aircraft in the world ,equipped with heat seeking laser guided missiles .They will be flown by 2 expert Pilots ,Pilot Erika Gerhardsson and Pilot Jan Storqvist '

They both looked just like Judges dressed as they were in shiny black leather ,the only difference was that they had RNAF badges on.

'I would like to give you all your instructions now. I will not be able to give them on the plane as I will actually be flying the plane myself being a Pilot Class1.You may be glad to know that the airfield itself near the town of Toretta has been secured by 3 members of the Justice League who landed on Sicily earlier today .They have met some resistance from the Italian army which they have easily dealt with.'

'We do expect NATO attacks as the US base in Italy in Aviano in north italy has been warned about our invasion .Don't worry Pilots Erika and Jan will deal with it easily being expert Pilots and the Cheeta is the best aircraft in the world.'

'We take off at 7 PM and arrive at 11 Pm local time.You will stay at a location outside Palermo owned by the Embassy.'

'Tomorrow We will split into 3 teams.I will operate from Palermo where I will take out the Godfather Luigi Pirandeelloi personally, the most evil mafiosi in Sicily .Karl will team up with JSO Angela and will take out the Godfather of Catania Marco Digegorio.Leif and Herda will operate in western Sicily where They will take out the Godfather of Ragusa Pietro Ernano '

'You will face heavy resistance not only from the bodyguards but also from the Italian army and police .I expect nothing less than victory!'

'Good luck and enjoy yourselves you are fighting evil!'

They all had a typically hearty Norselandic meal of steak, fries and lashings of salad before they set off for their Mission.

They then boarded the plane together Before they got on the plane They received a personal letter written to them from the Premier Herself

Dear Miss Spiteful

I am writing to you to wish you every success in Your righteous Mission ahead .You are engaged in a fight against evil itself .You must show no mercy to the criminals You are dealing with'

'You are about to invade another country. Yet You must not see this as an invasion but as a Mission of Justice .You are eliminating a threat to the world and you have right on your side.'

I have attempted to make the Italian Prime Minister see reason on this .I have told him that these criminals pose a threat to the world greater than any terrorists.You must understand that your quarrel is with criminals not the Italian people whom I believe will overwhelmingly support You in Your Mission. I have no alternative but to order you with the Justice League to move into Sicily and to eliminate this criminal and terrorist threat.I am sure you will be successful!

May God and the Queen Goddess be on Your side!

Yours in truth



Angela felt so honoured to be receiving a letter from the Premier Herself whom She so loved and admired .As She sat in that plane She felt so ready for the Mission ahead desperate to get Her hands on those criminals and do Her duty to the Nation.

She sat next to Her companion Karl feeling the bulge in His crotch. She certainly did feel some fear. After all NATO aircraft were threatening to blow the plane right out of the sky no matter how strong She was She could not protect Herself against a missile. She was dependent on the skills of 2 Pilots and really hoped they would do their work!

As She sat next to Karl She looked outside at the night sky .In front of them was a Cheeta aircraft piloted by Pilot Erika. Behind Them was the other aircraft piloted by the other pilot Jan. The whole fate of the 5 of them lay in the hands of just 2 Pilots from the RNAF! Soon the plane was taking off from the runway eastwards in the direction of Sicily!

As She was a highly educated person She had decided to do some research on the Mafia and learn something about them! Like almost all Norse Women She had a University degree as well as postgraduate qualifications.Norseland was a Nation where Women were on average even stronger and more intelligent than the Men which made them the strongest and most intelligent people on earth!

She had done extensive research on the Mafia and had read John Dickie's excellent book the History of the Sicilian Mafia..She had done extensive research of Her own as well There was a famous Chinese saying 'Know your enemy, in a thousand battles a thousand victories'

She found out that they had emerged from the state of banditry that existed in Sicily in the 19th century.It had developed when landlords had recruited bandits to manage their estates These were originally called 'gabelloti' .They used strong arm tactics against other landlords and also intimidated peasants into paying rent by force.

During the time of Mussolini in 1926 a war was waged against the Mafia However as Dickie explains it only served to repress the Mafia for a short time and did not defeat it.Later on with the Allied invasion US troops actually allied them selves with the Mafia .The Mafia then moved in again to dominate politics in Sicily.As Dickie has explained the Mafia is heavily involved in politics in Sicily .What is more it is a political organization in itself having a whole hierarchy of power.It is also heavily involved in building especially in Palermo and there is evidence that money from the EU has been transferred to the Mafia .It is for this reason that the Norselandic Government and Premier Ingvoll thought it imperative to destroy the Mafia at all costs!

Just as She was reading She looked out of the plane and could see 6 fighter aircraft in the distance.Heathera the Pilot of the plane had received a message on Her radio

'This is Wing Commander John G Wilson of the US Air Force. You are about to enter the territory of a sovereign state I am asking you to turn back or you will be fired on!'

This brought an immediate response from Heathera .

'I am Judge Heathera of the ROJ .We have no intention of turning back. We will proceed to uur destination in Sicily .If you fire at this plane we will retaliate!'

'You leave me no alternative but to fire ! 'he said.

Just as he spoke a missile was fired straight at the plane.Heathera was an expert pilot and with immediate precision moved the plane downwards.The missile hit the back of the plane and flames came out of the back.She immediately used the extinguishers that put out the fire.

Erika decided that the best form of defence was attack.She moved Her jet fighter straight towards rhe 2 fighters .At once She fired 2 heat seeking missiles at them An enormous explosion could be seen as they exploded in the sky What a tremendous sight!

Jan moved his Cheeta too. With incredible skiil he flew in between 2 of the aircaft.He fired at once. The missiles went sideways and hit their targets with incredible accuracy. Another mighty explosion took place. All 5 of the Judges cheered for all they were worth!

There were 2 fighters left to take out. Erika decided to attack the first moving down with full speed .She fired a missile straight into the cockpit. It hit its target with deadly accuracy. Another massive explosion took place!

There was only one fighter to take out. Jan aimed straight at his target .It was an Italian aicraft and he could see through his telescopic sights that the pilot was absolutely terrified Suddenly he parachuted into the Mediterranean.Jan decided to fire all the same.A huge fireball could be seen in the sky as it exploded in flames.

All the Judges cheered rapturously .Their Nation had won yet another victory! It was now safe to land .Angela was relieved the danger had passed for good!

The plane was now ready to land at Torretta airstrip that lay beneath them and Angela could see the lights .Heathera with Her brilliant skills landed the plane on the runway that had been secured previously by the Justice League.


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