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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 35 - Operation Kill All Mafia Begins

The plane landed down safely at Toretta airstrip in Sicily.It was dark outside and Angela could see the lights of a few houses in the distance.She felt so pleased She had landed at last in Sicily and that so far the invasion had been so successful.Already Her Nation was winning and showing the world it was taking a lead in the war against terror and crime .NATO fighters had tried to bring down their plane but had failed miserably .She looked forward to the task remaining before Them!

As their Boss Heathera touched down on the airfields She could see 3 Justice Leaguers waiting for them. It was clear that they had secured the airfield against the attempts of the police and army to stop them.All 4 Judges walked out of the aircraft after the plane had landed .They were met outside by 3 Justice Leaguers .They were led by Senior Justice Torturella She was accompanied by Justice Vanessa and Justice Per.

Senior Justice Torturella Bransson walked forwards looking magnificent as ever in Her shiny JL Uniform. It was similar to the ROJ uniform only instead of a steel helmet They wore leather hats rather like the SS cap with the logo of a golden crown with a gun and a knife underneath.They also always wore leather masks in order strike utter terror into their enemies .They were the world's elite anti terrorist force .They were invincible and terrorists all over the world were utterly terrified of them.

She looked so impressive with Her almost white blonde hair and massive breasts and rippling muscles She was like all the Judges a Grade1 in Gym Kata being incapable of ever losing a fight at all.She had supervised the 2 other Justices taking out an entire unit of the Italian Army that had tried to stop them. They had emerged unscathed! Next to Her stood Justice Vanessa Hestrup. She was slightly smaller than Her Boss but really powerful and strong .She had blonde hair and was very powerfully built . She stood there looking so massive and strong again invincible just like Her Boss.She had a really wonderful curvaceous figure with huge muscles looking so impressive.

Next to Her stood Justice Per Jaalsqvist .He looked really stunning too in His shiny black leather uniform that really revealed His gigantic bulge.He has lovely blonde hair tied in a pony tail making Him so attractive a real Nicole Bass look-alike!

Torturella embraced Heathera .They both looked really impressive in Their tight black leather and huge muscles.

'It's good to meet you Senior Justice Torturella!'

'It looks as if Kill All Mafia is successful so far. Pilots Erika and Jan have beaten an aerial attack from NATO. They were no match for us at all and all of them were shot down into the Mediterranean Sea!'

'We had a similar success .The 3 of us using guns, rockets and knives have fought off a whole division of the Italian Army!'

'We must have killed at least 15 of them They were no match for us' said Torturella.

'They never are SeniorJustice Torturella .We Norselanders always win!'said Heathera.

Heathera introduced the Judges to the 3 Justices .They all gave each other the Welcome Kiss. Angela particularly enjoyed giving Per the Welcome Kiss and feeling the huge bulge in His trousers .God She was so desperate for a hulking Norse Man!

'Well Heathera We have taken over the town of Toretta and effectively put it under Norselandic control .It will be the centre of all our Operations. We have commandeered the local hotel to make the centre of our Operations. All of us will stay there tonight and we will get ready for operations tomorrow!' said Torturella.

Angela was desperate for a sleep. They had hired a taxi to the local hotel They soon arrived there. Angela was booked into a room with Her colleague on the operation Karl .They were told to avoid all intimate relations before the Operation.They all came from a Nation where nakedness was quite acceptable!

She awoke to a glorious spring morning with the Mediterranean sun blazing through the room.She took Her shower and then woke Karl up by stroking His huge bulge .She put on her leather jacket, leather shorts and thigh length boots all ready for acton!

They all assembled ready for a hearty Norelandic breakfast of muesli, coffee orange juice beans and rye bread .They were not prepared to eat any of these Continental breakfasts of a coffee and a roll!

After they had eaten Heathera addressed them.

'Right as you all know I am in charge of Operation Kill All Mafia .This is the first full day We expect it to be over by tomorrow Sunday. We will rendezvous at 18.00 hours.'

'As you know Judge Support Officer Angela will be travelling to Catania with Judge Karl.I will be travelling to Palermo only a few kilometers way. Herda and Leif will be travelling to Trapani in the west of Sicily.

'As you know we are going to take out 3 Godfathers and kill as many Mafiosi as possible.I will be taking out the Godfather Luigi Pirandello , Karl and Angela will take out Marco Digregorio and Herda and Leif will takeout Luigi Ernano. I want you to be as ruthless as possible ,showing no mercy .Also I don't want to see one hair of Your heads being touched. Is that understood?

'Yes Senior Judge Heathera' they all called out at once!

'You will all be equipped with Hardanger motorbikes ,the best and fastest in the world that have been parachuted in .You have also been supplied with road maps. You have also been given full range of fighting equipment including guns, knives ,leather chords and knuckledusters .You must be ruthless .I only accept victory!,

Angela and Karl were soon ready in their Hardangers revving up ready to set off for Catania .They had never been here before and relied on the road map that Karl was reading. They realised that to get there they had to pass through the outskirts of Palermo .As they were going to Palermo They travelled with Heathera .They said goodbye to Herda and Leif and to the 3 Justices who were staying in Toretta for the time being.

As They rode along with Leif leading Angela could see the Mediterranean and Palermo in the distance dominated as it was by Mt Pelegino ,surrounded by the lush and fertile Conca d 'Oro valley.

Angela as usual being such an intelligent person had read about the city and Sicily before travelling there . It was once an Arab and Norman city and as once the greatest city in Europe .It had beauitiful buildings and the same time crime ridden neighbourhoods. Still Heathera wanted to rid the city of crime for good and make it even moore beautiful. Angela read that it had fascinating history being settled by the Phoenicians ,then the Romans, then the Byzantines and then the Arabs .After that it had known a succession of conquerors the Normans ,the Germans and the French. Now it was being invaded by Norseland as part of a long line of conquerors!

It finally became united with Italy in the 1860'S.After the Second World War the city expanded considerably as its population grew with the influx of rural labourers .The poor moved into the city centre as the wealthy moved into the suburbs .The newly built housing estates apparently became infested with the Mafia itself.

The plan was for Heathera to ride into the suburbs of Capo where the Godfather Pirandello lived. Angela and Karl would then turn right and ride along the coast in the direction of Barghera and then head inland to the Monti Madoni, then head for Enna and ride along the main road to Catania.

However as They were entering the city they were stopped by a roadblock near the airport. There were 12 police all along the road armed with machine guns. A loudspeaker called out .'This is Commander Rossini of the Palermo military police .You are ordered to end this illegal invasion of our country and turn back. If you do not turn back to within 5 minutes we will open fire!'

He spoke in Italian. Heathera as the Senior Judge in charge of the Operation repied in fluent Italian.

'I am Senior Judge Finsson of the Royal Overseas Judges. My Nation Norseland has declared war on the Mafia and you must not stop us or We will attack you. I am ordering you to clear the road and let us through .We have come for criminals who pose a threat to the world and not for you!'

'As soon as We have taken out and killed the criminals and terrorists We will leave your country .Our quarrel is with them and not with you or the Sicilian people.If you persist in stopping us We will take action against you. Be warned we are ROJ and we were invincible. Our anti terrorist force the Justice Leaugue with only 3 of them has taken out an entire unit of your Army .I am ordering you to clear the way now!

'We will not clear the way You must leave now! 'he shouted.

'Very well 'She replied 'You have brought this on yourselves!'


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