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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 36 - Victory Over The Italian Police and Army

The Police started to fire straight at the 2 Judges Heathera and Karl and Angela ,the Judge Support Officer.There was a full volley of fire. One bullet hit the front light of Angela's motorbike.The firing intensified and one bullet hit the front of Karl's motorbike Suddenly Heathera shouted at Karl and Angela

'Get on your bikes now! Do as I say !Turn back !'She yelled.

Angela and Karl did exactly as They were told, leaping onto Their bikes and riding at over 1OO KM per hour until They were nearly 5 KMs away .Heathera's plan was quite clear.She would park the motorbikes down the road. She would then ring up one of the Justices to come over and load them onto the helicopter. They would deal with the Police by putting their bikes onto a helicopter . They would then land behind the Police lines.She knew that the Justices had a Valhalla helicopter gunship at Toretta.

She also knew that there was a gigantic aircraft carrier just off the Sicilian coast called the QGS(Queen Goddess Ship) Amazonia.It was like a vast floating palace the biggest in the world .On board was a huge fleet of Cheeta aircraft and Valhalla helicopter gunships, the fastest in the world equipped with deadly accurate missiles.The jet fighters were ready to bomb the Italian mainland and if necessary use 'Shock and Awe 'against any Italian city including Rome itelf should there be any resistance to Operation Kill All Mafia!

Justice Per soon arrived with the helicopter looing as gorgeous as ever in his black leather Justice uniform.All the motorbikes were loaded into the helicopter which took off in the direction of Palermo.They went over the Police roadblock above them .The Polce seemed to think that they had beaten an invasion and looked so pleased with themselves!

The helicopter landed just a few meters away from the roadblock.Heathera spoke to the others.

' Right I will take out 5 of these bastards. You Karl will take out 4 and You Angela will take out 3 .Show no mercy!'

With that all 4 of them shot forwards towards the roadblock. All 12 of the Police looked around in absolute horror .They thought that they had beaten back an invasion and here it was coming towards them again!

They looked in real fear as Heathera came charging towards them yelling the Viking Yell to make Herself even more frightening .At the same time She hurled a knife forwards. It went straight into the throat of the first Police .He fell up in the air screaming for all he was worth.


She moved forwards in between 2 Police .She kicked hard sideways .The heel of Her boot went hard into his groin as he let out a piercing scream.


At the same time She brought Her fist crashing hard into the face of the third Police knocking out half his teeth.He bellowed in pain!


She leapt out of Her motorbike and brought Her boot heel crashing hard into the face of the next Police He went flying off the ground and landed several meters away as blood came spewing out of his nose.


One of them made an attempt to hit Her with his truncheon .It was a complete failure .She just brought Her fist crashing hard into his face.



As usual She was totally and completely victorious !

She shouted over to Karl.

'Come on Karl Darling !Show Us Your fighting prowess Take out 4!'

He rode towards them at full speed on his Hardanger bike .With one move He threw a knife forwards It landed right into the throat of the first


Blood spurted out as he went flying backwards screaming.


He move forwards right into another Police .With one move He dug the knife hard into his stomach making sure it went right through the other end.Blood came gushing out as he bellowed in pain for all he was worth


A Police man tried to hit Him with his truncheon .With one swift move He brought His fist crashing hard into his face. Blood and teeth exploded everywhere. What a brilliant Face Smasher He was!


Another moved way from him .He seized him by the collar. He pleaded with Him not to hit him .It was no use at all.With one mighty blow His fist went smashing like a steel cricket bat hard into his face. Again there was a massive explosion of blood teeth and bone followed by an ear splitting yell.


He took off from the ground literally flying up in the air and landing with a crash several meters away!

Once again Karl had demonstrated his invincibility!

It was now Angela's turn to take out the last 3.She was determined once again to demonstrate Her fighting skills to achieve Grade 1 in Gym Kata. One of them came running towards Her with a knife. With absolute expertise She brought her boot heel driving into his stomach. He really bellowed with pain .


He fell on the ground screaming .She leapt on top of him and wrapped Her steel like mighty legs around his throat .He screamed for all he was worth unable to move beneath Her mighty hold .Gradually the bones of his neck began to crack as She pulled backwards.


The other 2 did not know what to do.One of them moved towards Her to help his friend .It was a hopeless move. She grabbed hold of his testicles with Her powerful leather gloved hand .She had one by the balls and the other by the throat .They both screamed for all they were worth in total agony ,eventually bellowing for all they were worth and begging for mercy. Eventually She let go of his testicles. He fell on the ground screaming on top of them the other one.She stood up smiling gloating with victory .


There was only one left .With one swift move She moved towards him and put Her mighty hand under his trousers .She began to move Her hand up and down his prick until he was screaming in pain .She then dug Her nails into his testicles .He fell on the ground writhing in agony.She was an expert in Cock and Ball Torture!

'That was absolutely brilliant Angela !Once more You have demonstrated your fighting kills You will soon be a Grade 1 in Gym Kata!' said Heathera.

They had won another brilliant victory !All 12 bodies were writhing in agony on the ground almost all nearly dead with blood loss and internal injuries.

They looked in the distance .They could see 2 tanks coming towards them They were using the Army now!One of the tanks fired straight at them .They ducked for cover as the missile exploded a few meters away.

'Right so you want a fight do you!' yelled Heathera .With that She fired a rocket that was attached to Her motorbike. It went straight into the front of the tank .The whole tank exploded in flames..The 3 cheered loudly!

There was another tank behind. The helicopter gunship manned by Per was just above it. With one missile it fired down hard into the tank .There was another huge explosion like a massive fireball. Again the Judges and Angela cheered loudly!

'Well it looks as if the way is clear!' said Heathera in triumph.

Just then She received a message on her radio It was from Commander Rossini.

'This is Commander Rossini from the Military Police. We accept that You have won Supreme Judge Finsson .We cannot sustain any more losses Please proceed. I will wait further instructions from my Superiors. Please could you let us take our dead and dying away. The day is yours!'

'Right Commander Rossni You have effectively surrendered. You can take your dead and dying away .You had better not try to stop us ever again or more of your men will die!' She repied in triumph.

She shouted to Karl Angela and Per


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