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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 37 - Angela And Kurt Hunt A Godfather

It was now time for Angela and Karl to proceed to Catania to deal with the Godfather Marco DiGregorio. The Italian Army and Police had effectively surrendered after the beating they had received ,such a severe beating from the Royal Overseas Judges and the Justice League!They had surrendered and they knew it .Norseland as a Nation and Norselanders were effectively invincible .They just could not be beaten !The Italian government was terrified now of the JL and the ROJ knowing quite well they were invincible

What was more the Norselandic government had sent in another aircraft carrier the QGS( Queen Goddess Ship) Valkyra .It was stationed off the Italian coast near Capri with a whole squadron of the RNAF(Royal Norseladic Air Force) to strike with 'Shock and Awe 'against Rome itself should the Italian Police and Army ever try again to stop the just cause of the ROJ and JL.

Senior Judge Heathera spoke to Karl and Angela.

'Right We have won a victory easily .They have effectively surrendered .What's more the Italian government knows quite well that the RNAF are quite prepared to bomb the Italian mainland mercilessly should they interfere with Our righteous task ever again .If the RNAF go into action it will make the bombing of Baghdad look like the vicarage coffee party!I do expect the Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi to contact our Premier Patricia Ingvoll and surrender his forces and allow us free passage'

'Right let's get going and We will deal with these criminals .Our intention is to put them to death It's the only language they understand I wish you all success ! I will be on my own in Palermo where I will take out the Godfather Luigi Pirandello.Herda and Leif should be in Trapani now to take out the Godfather Luigi Ernano .The best of luck and report to me on the success of your Mission!'

They soon took off .Within minutes They were outside Palermo riding along the Tyrrhenian coast. The local people looked in sheer amazement at the sight of these two magnificent leather clad riders especially Angela in Her black leather cat suit and thigh length boots .

The whole Tyrrhenian coast was an almost uninterrupted line of resorts, beaches and small towns.The tourist season had begun and tourists looked in amazement at the sight of the two of them riding at full speed!They passed the town of Termini Immerse and were soon ready to turn off the A18 into central Sicily.

They were now riding at top speed through the Madonie mountain range that incorporated some of the highest mountains in Sicily after Mt Etna.It was now a nature reserve but also incorporated many small towns vineyards and farms.

As They wanted to stop for a break and had plenty of time They decided to ride through the mount tains .They wanted to see something of the country as opposed to the motorway .They also wanted to show just what a wonderful bike the Hardanger was that it could ride full speed along any stretch of road!

They rode past the pretty town of Petralia Soprana one of the oldest towns in Sicily with its lovely cathedral. They carried roaring on at full speed through the pretty medieval hilltop town of Gangi.They were now getting very tired and hot with the midday sun beating down on top of them.They decided to ride on until They reached the small town of Nicosia. They were now just over half way and so they stopped for a coffee.

They found out that Nicosia was an old town that dated from the Norman era though it was in an alarming stast of decay .Still there were some wonderful old buildings .They walked through the Piazza Garibaldi in the centre of the town with its cathedral They stopped at a cafe where they ordered 2 coffees.

As they sat there a bunch of men were ogling Angela .They had just never seem a woman of Her size and strength. One of them shouted out in Italian

'You gorgeous blonde Amazon!'

Angela was getting quite tired of their attentions. She strode over to them and put the heel of Her boot on the same chair as one of them.She shouted to them in English

'Listen you worms! If you don't stop your ogling this boot heel is going straight into all your groins and I mean it!'

They were immediately silent .She was definitely an Amazon one you did not mess with!

They soon finished their coffee .The 3 men looked at Her sweating as She strode onto Her Hardanger exposing Her magnificent thighs for all to see!

They were now on the last leg of the ride to Catania. They rode past the town of Agira with the ruins of its Norman castle being one of te oldest towns in Sicily going back to 399 BC .They rode past Regalbuto , Adrano and Paterno all unremarkable towns.Soon from the mountains they could see the city of Catania spread in the distance before them!

They knew that the Godfather Di Gregorio had actually moved to a resort town called Acireale north of the city .Their plan was to have lunch in the city and sample the famous Sicilian cuisine before moving north to deal with the Mafia.

As They rode into the city They could see the magnificent Mount Etna in the distance rising above the city. They knew that Sicily' s second city had been under the awesome presence of Etna. They knew that the city also had a reputation for crime that was in some ways worse than Palermo .

Angela had as usual read all about the city knowing that it dated from 729 BC. Like most of Sicily it had experienced extensive conquests being conquered bt the Byzantines the Saracens and the the Normans It was now its turn to be conquered by Norselanders!

It had also suffered from being close to Mount Etna after the city was nearly destroyed in 1699 .The city was then totally rebuilt. Now it was necessary to free the city from crime for good which was even more of a blight than Etna itself!

Before hunting their victim They decided to visit a tratorria to try out the famous Sicilian cuisine. They decided to try out the Tratorria dei Conti in Via Oberdan .They had read in the guidebook that it was famous for its seafood .They decided to have a hearty meal together before dispensing justice!

Angela ordered a Pasta con le Sarde Pasta with sardines .Karl ordered a Pesce alla Messinese' Messinese style swordfish a truly mouthwatering dish!

While They were eating they fondled each other passionately. Karl felt Angela's huge breasts while She dad Her leather gloved hand massaging His crotch .As They were the conquerors and invaders and descendants of the Vikings,They did not care how many people were watching them!They could do as They liked!

They looked above them. They could see clearly in the sky a Valhalla helicopter gunship. It was driven by Justice Vanessa .She radioed down to them

'Don't worry I will be with you today. If the Mafia give you ant trouble at all I will blast them out of the sky!'

They realised that the Mafia stood no chance at all against the combined might of the ROJ and the JL .All 3 of them could take on an entire army of the Mafia!

After They had eaten heartily it was now time for Angela and Karl to hunt their foe who lay before Them.They rode northwards in the direction of Taormina.To Their right was the Mediterranean, to Their left stood Mount Etna in all its glory They could see that it was Europe's largest live volcano It really was a magnificent symbol of power and destruction!

They we soon in the town of Acireale that lay 17 kms north of Catania .It had a magnificent position on the coast It was a wealthy resort frequented by the rich from Catania

They knew that the Godfather's villa lay at the foothills of Etna occupying a commanding position right over the sea

As They approached on their bikes They could see the villa in front of Them It was more like a castle with huge turrets .They could see that it was guarded by men in dark glasses with machine guns.

Angela and Karl got off their bikes and stood right in front of the villa in the road .The helicopter gunship piloted by Vanessa hovered over Them.

Karl stood there next to Angela who looked equally magnificent dressed in shiny black leather.

'Right the game is up. I am Judge Karl Laarqvist of the Royal Norselandic Overseas Judges .This is Judge Support Officer Angela Spiteful.You must surrender to Us at once. We are Norselanders who have come to arrest you .Your crimes are over! We will put you to death in a slow and painful way as you deserve Come outside now with your hands on your head!'

' If you do not surrender We will come in and arrest you and kill anyone who stands in our way Justice Vanessa Hestrup is here with a Valhalla helicopter gunship and She is ready ready to blast your house into oblivion!Your fate will be even worse than what the Israelis did to the leaders of Hamas!Like them you are a terrorist and criminal!


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