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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 38 - The Beating Of The Bodyguards

As Angela and Karl stood in the road looking as wonderful as ever clad in Their shiny black leather, a voice came out from the villa

'Why you no go waya! If you no go awaya we fira!

Angela and Karl leapt onto Their bikes hurtling round the villa at top speed .Karl had devised a plan to ride round the back of the villa and to attack from there.He radioed up to Vanessa.

'Vanessa I want you to follow Angela and Me to the back of the villa .Please could you pick Us up in the helicopter .My plan is to attack the villa from the back!'

'That's an excellent plan Karl I will pick you up and We will attack from behind I will fire on anyone who tries to attack us!' She replied.

It was clear that They were right out of the range of the fire as They rode near the slopes of Etna itself. It was quite clear that the Mafiosi had completely lost sight of them.

Vanessa landed the helicopter just by the slopes of the mountain. She could see the inside of the crater from the helicopter itself. It really did look so terribly foreboding and all powerful in the distance!

She landed nearby as they were riding by the road .She got out of the helicopter .She looked really lovely dressed in Her black leather cat suit and Her Jl uniform and black leather hat!

She walked up to Karl and gave Him the full Welcome Kiss fondling all over His crotch and putting Her tongue right His throat .She then went up to Angela and They both kissed passionately too.

Angela went up to Karl and Vanessa .

.'I know You are both senior to Me but I would like to start the fight and really demonstrate My fighting skills I would also like to put Di Gregorio to death personally!'

'Certainly Darling Angela 'said Karl kissing Her again' I would love You to demonstrate Your fighting skills. You will also put Di Gregorio to death by any means You wish .This will be Your opportunity to apply for Your Grade One in Gym Kata .I'm sure Heathera is already very impressed with You after demonstrating Your fighting skills!'

'Come on let's go Let's really kick arse! 'said Vanessa.

They all went into the helicopter landing their motorbikes .Vanessa took off heading the helicopter straight in the direction of the villa

They were soon on the south side of the villa .The Mafiosi looked up in horror They had lost sight of the bikes and of the helicopter itself and now it was coming straight towards them!

They tried firing at the helicopter but the bullets just bounced off as it was made of reinforced steel the most powerful in the world .She had one of the Mafiosi in Her telescopic sights .She fired the machine gun that was on the sides .It fired bullets that riddled through one of the Mafiosi's body .It literally exploded in a mass of blood!

Soon she landed the helicopter on the forecourt.She then leapt out with Angela and Karl .All 3 of them were ready to fight Their opponents if necessary to the death .Altogether they courted 14 of them .Angela would take out 6 ,Karl 4 and Vanessa 4! Angela really wanted to prove Her fighting skills and gain her Grade 1!

Angela was surrounded by 6 Mafiosi all armed with knives and bicycle chains

'Come on you bastards Why don't you show me how you can fight!'

She was determined to fight 2 at a time concentrating on the cock balls and stomach.

2 Mafiosi ran towards Her carrying knives .With one swift move She knocked the knife out of the first one's hand with brilliallint kick.Another one moved towards her It was useless.She kicked him hard in the stomach He literally flew up in the air.She then dragged him up by the hair and dragged him up hard .She then out her leather gloved hand hard down his crotch He bellowed in pain


She then dragged the other one up by the hair. He bellowed loudly just like the other one


She had them both by the cock and balls CBT was Her specialty!

2 more ran towards Her holding knives. She kicked forwards hard straight into his groin .He fell down on the ground bellowing with pain.


She carried on holding them by the cock and balls .She was thoroughly enjoying Herself .She moved towards the other one with the knife at the same time dragging the 2 Mafiosi along who carried on bellowing for all they were worth.With one move She kicked hard into his testicles as he took off from the ground screaming


There was only one left to deal with. He stood there knife in hand not knowing what to do. She let Her 2 victims go as they fell on the ground clutching their testicles screaming.

She ran toward him and with on move brought the steel toe of Her boot hard into his tesicles crushing every one of them!


The sounds of their screams were like the sounds of hell itself as they writhed in agony on the ground .Once more She had demonstrated her fighting skills beyond question!

It was now Karl's turn to show His fighting skills. He stood before 4 Mafiosi they looked in fear at His rippling muscles With His black leather and His gigantic bulge He really was a true Dominant Master! He walked towards 2 of them .With one move He grabbed one by the collar .His fist went straight into his face With one mighty blow. It was incredible as teeth blood and bones went flying in the air!



It was an amazing display of sheer power and so effortless too!

Another Mafiosi made an attempt to attack Him with a knife .It was equally futile. He just grabbed his hand in his powerful hand .The knife dropped out almost at once.His strength in no way matched that of Karl. With one mighty move His fist went crashing hard into his face. Blood teeth and bone came pouring out These Mafiosi were such complete weaklings He thought!



There were 2 more for Him to deal with. They were terrified now not daring to face Him at all

With one move He grabbed hold of one of them by the collar.

Sweat was pouring down as the Mafiosi knew that he faced that mighty fist!


'Here goes!' He shouted.

His fist went crashing hard into his face



Once more there was an explosion of blood bones and teeth as he literally took off from the ground landing several meters away!

There was another one for Him to take out .He made an attempt to run away but Karl had him by the collar

'So you're trying to run away from Me are you?'

He began to ask for mercy .Karl realised what cowards and weaklings these Mafiosi really were!


He moved His leather gloved fist up and down his face slowly just to make him sweat even more with fear .Then He brought His fist back and then brought it crashing hard into his face. There was another mighty explosion of blood teeth and bone as he went catapulting across the ground landing in an unconscious heap.



Once again He had demonstrated His power to His 2 colleagues Angela and Vanessa. He almost made Schwarzenegger look like a wimp!

It was now Vanessa's turn .She was actually the strongest of all 3 of them She had huge muscles and She had practiced for years in Gym Kata and body building.They had never seen such a powerful woman especially as their own Italian women were small and submissive.She really was as a Justice Leauguer a real expert in Gym Kata able to take on any number of men!

She specialised in going for the throat and face .There were only 4 left for Her to take out. She smiled as She walked confidently towards them.

'Well which one wants to fight Me first?'

One of them made an attempt to attack Her with a chain .It was totally useless .She ducked out of the way easily With one move She grabbed his neck with Her powerful hands .She could hear the bones crack as She let him go as he went crashing down on the ground.



Another one came behind Her hoping to catch Her off guard. She swung round grabbing him by the neck .She held him for some time and then brought Her knee up and smashed his face hard into Her knee .He bellowed in pain as teeth and bones came pouring out of his bloody mouth!


There were only 2 more left to take out. She walked confidently up to one of them and suddenly grabbed him by the hair .At the same time She grabbed the other one by the throat .With one move she brought their faces crashing together.They yelled in agony as she could hear their heads split open.


They both fell on the ground in an unconscious heap!

It was over 15 mafiosi bodyguards lay on the ground bleeding and in agony soon to be dead from internal injuries and blood loss .What a bunch of weaklings they really were!

Angela looked in the distance .She could see a car take off at full speed down the road .It was the Godfather Di Gregorio trying to escape

Angela shouted out

'I'm coming after you you bastard!'


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