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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 4 - The First Day in England

I walked down to the Underground station at Heathrow airport accompanied by Angela and her Papian slave, Mina. They both looked so impressive in their own ways. Angela looked the tallest and most impressive woman I had ever seen. She was so big and muscular looking with her broad shoulders and height that made her look so wonderful. With her high heeled leather boots she was so much taller than anyone else. Yet by Noreslandic standards she was actually not that large so what did all the others look like? She really did look so amazing in her shiny black leather trench coat and tight leather gloves strutting forwards as if she owned the place!

Mina looked really impressive too, in her fur coat and high heeled shoes. I really felt myself so attracted to her though I knew that I could not do anything about it as her Mistress would be after me with her leather crop. Yet even though she was much smaller than her Mistress, she was still quite big and tall and was actually quite confident in her manner. She was clearly very obedient to her Mistress but at the same time did not display complete fear and she still had a happy relaxed manner as if she readily accepted her position of servitude as something quite normal. She really was lovely with her brown complexion, her black silky hair and her lovely smile!

We walked towards the station down the stairs. The first thing Angela noticed was that there was litter on the station floor. She could not cope with this at all because she came from a country where the dropping of one piece of litter would incur a penalty of £100(2000 NM) and further offences would incur at least 3 strokes of the crop. She was used to seeing gangs of Papian labourers under their Norselandic overseers cleaning and cleaning for all they were worth until the floors positively shone!

Also, she could not put up with the weird people she saw. People scruffily dressed in jeans and strange coloured hair, hair that looked so disgusting to her. In her country every one was very smartly dressed. People generally wore suits and leather was a favourite material to wear. Everyone looked so clean and tidy.

What was more, she could not cope with the sheer ethnic diversity of London.

There seemed to be nationalities from every country in the world. It was the most cosmopolitan place she had ever seen. It was amazing! In her country the only foreign people she ever saw were a few tourists and some students and there were not that many of them! Being in England was a really novel experience for both of them. It was like being on a completely different planet!

What was more she could not accept the outrageous fares. From Heathrow to Walthamstow it was £5 (100 NM). The standard fare in Vikingsborg, as with other Norselandic cities, was only 50p (10 NM).Yet there's was the fastest, cleanest and most efficient public transport systems in the world! Not a system like London's that was dirty, full of weird people and subject to constant delays!

All the way back to Walthamstow Angela carried on with the same theme 'Everything is better in Norseland'. She was convinced, like all Norselanders, of the innate superiority of her Nation and people over every other country and people in the whole world! Although I was getting tired of her constantly saying how superior a country Norseland was, I had to agree with her as a member of NAS (the Norselandic Admiration Society) that it was the superior country on earth, with the highest standard of living and incredible economic and military power, as well as the best public services in the world. Mina of course agreed with every single word Angela said. She had been brought up to recognise the total superiority of Noreslanders, in many ways just like a faithful dog will accept the superiority of human beings and its master.

We had soon arrived at my house. The first thing she noticed was how old the houses in England were. Almost everything in Norseland was new and modern. Even though a house was 100 years old it would be renovated until it was modern with State grants. Norselanders just could not understand how the English could live so much in the past!

After Mina had unpacked her Mistress' belongings, Angela bathed her gorgeous body. She then decided to inspect my house. She inspected for about 30 minutes while she ordered Mina and me to sit together without speaking downstairs. Mina looked at me in pity realising what Hell I might be put through should I displease her Mistress.

Eventually Angela came downstairs. She did not look too pleased.

'Stephen, I have inspected your flat and it’s not up to my high standards. The point is you must clean everywhere. If my Social Officer Jens did an inspection in my flat and found that sort of dirt he would punish me severely. Well this time I won't actually use the crop on you as I have just met you; I will give you one more chance. While I'm out tomorrow on Sunday you will clean and clean. If I see dirt like that again I will thrash you and you will get 6 strokes of the crop! Do you understand?'

'Yes Miss Angela' I said feeling so relieved I had escaped a thrashing. I had to make sure I used the correct address at all times.

'Right Stephen, Mina and I are hungry; we'd like to eat now. You mentioned that Filipino restaurant?

'Well the problem is Miss Angela that it's quite far in Earls Court in West London. I wonder if you would like to go somewhere nearer? There's a Chinese restaurant nearby called King Chef which I think you will like.'

'All right Stephen, we'll go there. It had better be good and clean as well. I'm starving. Now take a shower and get dressed and look smart for me. I want to go out in the next 20 minutes!'

I did exactly as she told me and dressed, washed and shaved in my smart casual clothes. She had changed too; God she looked wonderful! She was dressed in a black shiny leather cat suit, thigh length boots and leather studded collar and leather gloves She had a leather crop around her waist. She looked so magnificent, strong and tall, every inch a Valkyrie!

Next to her stood Mina far smaller than her Mistress. She still looked really gorgeous next to her. She was dressed in a silk sarong type dress with a long slit up the side. She had a flower in her hair and she was earring high heels that made her taller than me.

'Come on Stephen, darling, I'm famished let's eat!'

I ordered a taxi to take us to the restaurant. It was a place that was spotlessly clean so I was sure she would like it. As she walked in the Chinese staff looked in awe at the sight of this huge, leather-clad Valkyrie. They had never seen such an enormous woman in their lives. As a Norse Woman she did have a slight contempt for Orientals although she did respect their culture. She made it known to the staff that she was Norselandic and came from the greatest country on earth, something that she would repeat all the time.

She also told them she wanted to inspect the kitchens to make sure they were clean enough and up to her very high Norselandic standards. She also told them she expected the food to arrive as quickly as possible as she was absolutely famished. She inspected the kitchens but as expected they were not quite up to her exacting standards. She ordered them to be cleaned immediately or else. They complied because they had no choice but to obey her orders without question! She also ordered them to address her as 'Miss' all the time or else!

As she was famished she ordered 4 starters and 8 main dishes. Being a Valkyrie she was a hearty eater. She had no time for these feeble anorexic looking English and American women!

When the starters arrived she had 2 for herself eating the dick rolls and satay chicken, while I had satay beef and Mina had deep fried squid. All through the meal Mina was totally servile to her Mistress serving the food on her plate and making sure she ate first before her.

Yet at the same time her manner was not slave-like but respectful as if she really admired and loved her Mistress and thought it the greatest honour to serve her. It was as if servility was born in her nature as it seemed to be with almost all Papuans, as if they were brought up to admire and love their Norselandic Mistresses and Masters. At the same time she was very assertive with me and with the Chinese staff. In fact the Chinese staff was nearly as afraid of her as Angela when she ordered them to hurry up with the food for her Mistress!

The food arrived fairly quickly as they knew by now how impatient Angela could be. Angela had 4 dishes for herself a whole quarter roast duck, chicken curry, Singapore fried rice and fried ho fun pork. Mina and I had 3 dishes between us beef curry, squid in ginger and pork chowmein. Mina was never allowed to eat as much as her Mistress - not that she would be capable anyway!

Angela was very generous and ordered 3 bottles of wine. She managed to finish one and a half bottles on her own! At the end she paid the bill that came to £35. Being a typical Norse Woman she paid the whole bill herself and would not hear of it when I offered to contribute something.

Angela said she was exhausted after she had eaten a hearty meal. She had to ordered so much she said because Chinese food was not very substantial as she said they were such small weak people. She said she could not wait to get her teeth into an enormous steak!

We took the taxi home. Angela was to sleep in my bed while I would sleep in the spare room. Meanwhile Mina would sleep on the floor so she would be ready to do what her Mistress ordered. Angela kissed me on the lips to say goodnight .

'Stephen, I shall really enjoy staying with you. Mina really likes you too. I will stay until we can find somewhere else. Just make sure you keep your house spotless for me. You will also do all the cooking with Mina. Just make sure you do as I say all the time. You will get up at 6.00 tomorrow morning to prepare my breakfast of muesli, frankfurters in brown rolls and coffee with Mina. Tomorrow I will be visiting my workplace just to see what it is like and I start work on Monday.'

She kissed me once more on the lips and then fondled my crotch in her leather gloved hand. This of course did not mean she would have sexual relations with me an Oslander! She only had relations with big hunky Norse Men!


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