Episode 40 - Another Gang Bank By Two Norse Women

I would like to tell you all about what has happened to me since my Mistress Angela has been in Sicily fighting the Mafia.As you know I had said goodbye to Her in a previous episode .The last I saw of Her was when She had shot down the road on Her Harley Davidson in the direction of Gatwick Airport .Before She left She had given me strict instructions about my behaviour and conduct.I was to make sure that I was spotlessly clean at all times and that my house was spotless too.What was more I was to watch my drinking habits by only drinking a maximum of 4 alcoholic drinks a day with 2 days off.

Of course my behaviour would be very closely monitored. Just because She was away in Sicily did not mean I could do as I liked! Not only would She be phoning me every day She would also put me under the control of Her Papian 'slaveant' Mina .Mina would inspect my flat and look after my personal hygiene .She had full permission from her Mistress to thrash me if my house was not spotless or if I was not clean personally. What was more Mina would supervise my diet too. I would only be allowed to eat healthy food such as brown bread ,fruit ,vegetables and large chunks of meat such as steak .Effectively that meant Norselandic food only! Mina would be happy to take the place of her Mistress.

As far as my drinking habits were concerned ,I would be under the strict control of the Associate Manager of Votans Marshal or Madame Helga.The rule was that I was only allowed to eat and drink in Votans and nowhere else! Angela would not tolerate me eating in filthy 'greasy spoon 'cafes and dirty pubs any more! Helga would maintain a very strict control over my drinking habits making sure that every single drink was accounted for on a tab!

Saturday evening had come round and I was really missing Angela desperately. Just then the phone rang. It was Helga.

'Stephen darling come round to Votans now! Why are you on your own on a Saturday night?You can have a lovely meal and there's dancing to the juke box too . Come now!'

I knew that Her orders had to be obeyed at once and without hesitation I left my house at once and walked there. I walked inside the bar. It looked as pristine clean as ever with the 3 South African staff Rick Marta and Marlena working away under the supervision of the Kitchen Supervisor Mina and the 4 Marshals ,Helga the Associate Manager and Her Partner Lars and Martha and Her Partner Lars Helga looked magnificent in Her black leather cowperson outfit .She really did resemble the bodybuilder Sally McNeil.

She was dressed in a leather hat ,jacket, gloves skirt and high heeled shiny boots.The first thing She did was to give me a Welcome Kiss by putting Her tongue hard down my throat and Her hand with its sharp nails down my crotch.

'Oh Stephen it's really good to see you .You must come to Votans when I order you like a good boy! I know you miss Angela .So do I .She's in Sicily now as you know beating the shit out of the Mafia .She should be back tomorrow evening with Her mission totally successful!'

'Just enjoy yourself this evening .You can have a free complimentary drink .I want you then to eat a hearty Norselandic meal as Angela ordered you to .There is a dance floor. There's no band tonight but there is a juke box with Norselandic and American country music

Mina then came up to me. She looked as lovely as ever in her shiny black leather sahini

'Oh Stephen it's so good to see you again!Now that Angela is away I can debauch you even more When the cat's away the mice can play as the saying goes!' she said as she put her hand down my crotch. My crotch was getting really sore and the evening had only just begun!

Helga walked right up to her.

'Mina you are a Papian slave and you do as you're told !I am in the position of Angela and you ask My permission before touching Her property!Now go into the restaurant and supervise the kitchen staff .Move now! 'she yelled!

She grabbed Mina by the neck She was terrified out of her wits being a Papian and so much smaller than Helga.

'I'm sorry Madame Helga I will never do it gain! 'she said in tears She ran into the kitchen knowing full well the terrible penalty of disobedience!

'Right Stephen what would you like eat and drink ? You must eat a hearty Norselandic meal. Remember you must learn to behave like a Norselander and to eat rather than drink! I will tell Mina to bring it to your table. I will give her permission to touch you and dance with you but she can't go too far!Remember she's a Papian and the normal rules are that you don't socialise with Papians!

I sat down and looked at the menu I had to remember to eat slowly as Norselandic portions were gigantic!

I ordered a ham and lentil soup as a starter. I then ordered pork chops and tropical fruit to follow. I ordered Volssons lager to drink.

When Mina brought the soup the bowl covered the entire table It was huge It also came with huge hunks of brown bread By the time I had finished it I could hardly move It was a meal in itself!

When the main course arrived it was huge too! I was given two enormous hunks of pork chops under tomato and pepper sauce .It was as if I had been given a whole pig to eat!It came with a large bow of fries swimming in mayonnaise!As usual this came with an enormous bowl of salad again swimming in mayonnaise .I could hardly finish the pork chops and could not finish the salad. God what appetites these Norseladers had!

'Did you enjoy that Stephen darling ?'said Mina as she came up to me.

Yes I did Mina but I can hardly move' I said clutching my stomach

'You have to realise that Norselanders are the strongest people on earth much stronger than either of us and they can eat by the ton! If you want to eat small helpings you must go to a Papian restaurant! Now Stephen would you like to dance with me? Madame Helga has given permission.'

With that she moved me over to the dance floor with me. There was a country song by Hank Williams 'You won't be home no more 'playing.Although smaller than any Norse Woman Mina was taller and bigger than me. It was lovely feeling her voluptuous leather clad body next to mine . She held me close to her .With one hand she massaged my crotch and with the other she held me round the neck

The strains of Hank Williams played on as Mina danced with me massaging my crotch and kissing me on the lips.

'You're just in time to be too late I called you but I could not wait!

And now I've got another date so I won't be home no more!'

I was really enjoying myself when suddenly I looked around. It was Lara and Karla the two Norse Women who had raped and gang banged me before!

They walked in both looking as stunning as ever .Lara was dressed in a black leather Cowperson outfit just like Helga with shiny leather boots with high heels.

Karla was dressed in a shiny PVC cat suit with thigh length boots.

They both strutted up to me looking really tough. Karla pushed Mina away with one hand.

'Get out of our way you Papian cow!Go back to the kitchen where you belong! He belongs to us!'

Mina did exactly as she was told running away in tears.

'Now lets take off this American crap This is supposed to be a Norselandic bar!' She said.

With that She put on some music by the Norselandic country singer Tara Parsson. She resembled Agnethe Falskog from ABBA .She did have a lovely voice!

'Right Stephen let's dance !'said Karla as She moved Her hand right down the front of my crotch.

'Yes Madame Karla 'I said groaning.

'I would love to dance with you as well Do you remember the screwing We gave you? said Lara.

'Yes Madame Lara' I said groaning even more.

They danced across the floor to the strains of Country music with me. Karla had Her hand down the front and Lara had Her hand down the back They maneuvered me across the floor as if I was just an object .Both of them were so much bigger and stronger than me that I just could not move.

Eventually Karla said in my ear

'Come on Stephen darling let's go upstairs to the Love Room!'

With that They just dragged me upstairs .I was just putty in their hands as I was before .Karla pushed me inside the Love Room with Lara standing from behind

'Right Stephen

Strip now!' She ordered.

I did exactly as I was told by Her knowing the terrible penalty of disobedience As I stood there naked in front of Them ,They felt up my penis and testicles in their leather gloved hands. 'Right Stephen Assume the Doggy Position !' ordered Karla

I had absolutely no choice but to obey. I put my face right into the pillow and my arse right up in the air so they could penetrate me fully.

I could hear Them put on Their strap ons ready to screw me mercilessly

Karla grabbed hold of my face She was wearing a 13" strap on. With one move She pushed it hard into my mouth until I was almost choked .At the same time Lara penetrated deep into my anus from the back. She pumped into me hard for at least 20 minutes while Karla pushed into my mouth so hard I was really choking in pain.

Karla then shouted at me

'Stephen assume the Back Position !'

I lay on my back while Karla drove hard into me pushing my legs back until they were almost cracking.Meanwhile Lara wanked me furiously forcing me to spunk .I screamed as they carried on using me remorselessly like a sex toy!

I let out a scream that could probably be heard right across the bar


Suddenly my mobile phone rang .It was Angela speaking from Sicily.

'Hello Stephen darling how are you?'

'I'm fine Mistress Angela 'obviously sounding as if I was in pain.

'Are you all right Stephen?'

'Yes Mistress Angela' I replied groaning.

'What's that talking in the background Whose with you?'

'It's Madame Lara and Madame Karla' Mistress Angela' I replied still groaning .

'Put me on to Madame Lara!'

She spoke to Lara

'So what are you doIng to Stephen?'

'We're only giving him a good screwing Angela. We didn't think you'd mind!'

'Look here Lara I don't mind You fondling him and dancing with him but You ask my permission first before You give him a Gang Banging. I told You that he's only a weak English person not a Norse Man and he can't take a full Gang Banging!'

'I'm sorry Angela We only wanted to have some fun!'

'I'm warning you Lara if I find he needs medical attention when I return to England you're both in trouble. If you want to screw an English man why don't You find one of Your own?'

'We're very sorry Angela. I don't think he needs medical attention .He's not bleeding yet!'

'Just leave him alone and go home I'll see what condition he's in!'


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