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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 41 - Angela Relaxes After Her Beatings

Angela carried on speaking to me in England on Her mobile.

'How are you feeling Stephen?'

'I'm really aching and sore after the Gang Banging from Madame Lara and Madame Karla .My anus has started to bleed ,my mouth is aching and my penis is really sore all over .Thank you for stopping them when You did Mistress Angela.I think I would have passed out if They had carried on any longer!'

'You did the right thing Stephen by letting Them dance with you and Then gang bang you.You must understand that They are much bigger than you and you have no chance against Them .If you are really sick I will tell Them off !'

'Now I want you to put some vaseline and powder up your arse and then take a long shower. You must then take some aspirins as you will not be able to sleep after all that pain! Good night Darling and I will see you tomorrow night as the Operation will be over by then .It has so far been brilliantly successful .The Italian Army and Police have surrendered to us. I have just beaten and killed 10 Mafiosi including the Godfather himself!'

'You're brilliant Mistress Angela .You always win .You are incredible!I really miss You Mistress Angela and I'm so happy to be your slave!'

With that She put down the phone. She really was starving and tired after all Her exertions!

She had been riding Her bike all day long and had fought and killed 10 Mafiosi . She just needed a meal and rest .What was worse was that She had the prospect of riding all the way back to Toretta over 100 KMs away

She decided to find somewhere to eat in Taormina .She phoned Her Boss Supreme Judge Heathera. She had tied the body of the Godfather Di Gregorio to Her Hardanger motorbike ready to ride through the streets to show everyone he was well and truly dead!

'Hello Supreme Judge Heathera it's Angela here. I just wanted to report to You that I have been totally successful .I have beaten and killed 10 Mafiosi more than Karl and Vanessa! I have also put to death the Godfather of Catania Marco Di Gregorio!'

'That's wonderful Angela .You really will make an excellent Judge one day!I have also single handedly put to death the leading Godfather in Sicily the Godfather of Palermo Luigi Pirandello as well as killing and beating all 10 of his bodyguards without a hair of my head being touched!

'I have also just had a report from Herda and Leif who are in Western Sicily in Trapani.They are in the middle of a fight at the moment .They say they have killed at least 10 Mafiosi and are about to get the Godfather Pietro Ernano. It looks like this Operation Kill All Mafia iwll really be a total success!'

'That's wonderful Angela. What's more not one hair of Our heads has been touched .Once more We have emerged totally victorious!'

'I'm so happy Judge Heathera The only problem is that I don't want to ride all the way back to Toretta. Do you mind if I stay here in Taormina? It's such a lovely place We can join up tomorrow!'

'That's fine Angela Find the best hotel you can and claim back the costs.Just relax and enjoy yourself Rendezvous is at 18.OO hours tomorrow at Toretta'

Angela rode on Her motorbike into the town carrying the dead body of Di Gregorio that was strapped to it.She decided to call in at the first available hotel the Hotel Del Corso .It looked like a really attractive an old building in the centre of the town.

She strode in as if She owned the place which as an invader and conqueror as well as a Norse Woman effectively She did!

The Manager Signor Tavoni was sitting behind the counter.He was a big fat man with dark hair

He looked at Her in total shock. He had never seem a woman of Her size in his entire life!

'Right I want the largest room you have and I want it now!'

'I'm terribly sorry that the largest room is occupied signorina.'

She grabbed him be the collar .She was very tired and angry and in no mood to be argued with.

'Look here areshole. I'm in a bad mood .You tell those people to vacate the room and get it ready for Me by the time I get back or you'll feel this crop across your big fat arse Is that understood ? I expect the room to be pristine clean or you really will fell this crop hard!'

'Si signorina' he groaned as Her powerful nails dug hard into his neck.

'For a start you address Me as JSO Spiteful. I am a Judge Support Officer from the Royal Norselandic Overseas Judges and I have come to eradicate the Mafia from your island. I expect to be treated with total respect and obedience. Now I want that room spotless in an hour's time Tavoni or you really are going to feel this crop so hard over your arse you'll wish you were never born!'

He groaned in agony as Her nails dug once more hard into his neck.

'Yesa JSO Spiteful 'he whined terrified of this huge Norse Woman.

'Right I'm going for something to eat .I'll be back in an hour and I expect that room to be spotless or else!'

She left him in terror. She was tired and hungry. She was not going to take any nonsense from anyone!

She walked down the Corso Umberto into the main town. Everyone looked at Her in amazement at the sight of this really tall Woman in leather strutting down the street .They had never seen such a powerful Woman in their lives .

She eventually found a restaurant called the Gambero Rosso.It was situated in Via Naumachie in the centre of town. She was now really ravenous and decided to order traditional Sicilian food .She demanded service at once. Of course they had no choice but to obey this huge leather clad blonde Glamazon! She ordered them to get Her an 'Agnello alforno al Madonita' a roast lamb that came marinated in oil lemon juice, garlic and rosemary to give it a really delicious flavour.

She really was enjoying herself on this holiday .She was so happy to escape England and to sit in the warmth of Sicily. It was lovely sitting there eating and looking out over the sunset and looking at the Mediterranean in the distance. Taormina was known to be Sicily's most picturesque town and was known to be a playground for the Sicilian 'jet set'. It had a magnificent setting a famous Greek theatre and lovely bougainvillea flowers everywhere. She really did not want to leave.

Just as She was eating She received a call on Her mobile from Justice Vanessa.

'How are you Angela ?It's Vanessa !'

'My Operation was brilliantly successful Vanessa.I beat and killed 3 Mafiosi and have killed the Godfather Di Gregorio. It was a wonderful and easy victory. They stood no chance at all against my brilliant fighting skills !'

'I have strapped the body of Di Gregorio to my Hardanger which is parked outside my hotel'

'That's marvellous news Angela .It looks like this Operation has been a great success .We have effectively destroyed the Mafia here in Sicily by cutting off the head of the snake!'

'I have blown up the house of Di Gregorio by firing 2 missiles from my helicopter gunship straight into it It has been reduced to complete rubble. I would like to have the whole place bulldozed over so that there is no memory of the Mafia. Tomorrow I will collect the bodies of the Mafiosi and throw them from the helicopter into the Mediterranean You have my full permission to do the same with Di Gregorios body!'

'I certainly will Vanessa I want the memory of those scum to be eradicated forever!''

'So where are you staying Vanessa?'

'I'm staying with Karl at the Hotel Rubens in Catania .It's extremely comfortable and the service is very good though of course not up to Norselandic standards Where are you staying ?'

'I'm at the Hotel de Corso. I've told the manager there to have the room ready for me and tell the people staying there to move out. It had better be ready or that areshole in for a damned good beating!.

'You must Angela .Just remember that although We have come to liberate these people from crime We are invaders and conquerors and We are their Mistresses and Masters .Remember at all times you are a Norselander ,a descendant of the Vikings who pillaged their way across the world .We are their worthy successors! '

'Make sure You are obeyed Angela !When You are here have no compunction about giving these Sicilians a good beating if necessary. Remember We are the successors of the Vikings who invaded Sicily over 2000 years ago and r*ped and pillaged!'

'I certainly will Vanessa We are here to be obeyed!'

'By the way Angela Karl sends you His regards and really misses you. We are staying in separate rooms. I know how you miss His huge bulge!'

'I do Vanessa buI also know I am a big tough ,self sufficient Norse Woman beyond all emotions like attachment and jealousy .I look forward to seeing You both tomorrow Vanessa and kissing Karl and feeling his bulge. I'm sure this Operation will be a total and complete success!'

Angela walked down the road feeling really confident She was the successor of the Vikings and was so big and powerful compared to the Sicilians especially the women who were like dwarves in comparison to Her!The men looked at her in admiration but none of them dared to ogle Her at all!

She arrived back at the hotel. The owner Sr. Tavoni was standing outside nervously awaiting Her arrival. She could see Her Hardanger motorbike parked outside with the dead body of the Godfather Di Gregorio strapped onto it.

'Well Tavoni is my room ready? I expect it to be spotless and up to Norselandic standards !'

She walked upstairs with him nervously following.

She walked inside .It was a large room overlooking the Mediterranean .

She inspected the room thoroughly as Tavoni stood there in terror

At the end She noticed dust under the bed, hairs in the sink and some dirt in the toilet bowl

She pulled him towards Her.

'Look here Tavoni !This room is not up to my standards .Also you failed to address Me as JSO Spiteful as soon as I entered.You don't seem to acknowledge me as your Superior!'

'Pleasa JSO Spitefula I forgot I'm a sorry!'

Well maybe this will teach you respect for a Superior Norse Woman especially one who has come all this way to free you from crime! Put your hands on your head Tavoni!'

He had never been slapped by a woman before .He was confronted by a real Glamazon!

He put his hands on his head in pure terror .She moved Her leather gloved hand up and down his face.

'You're getting 3 Tavoni and you count every one!'

Suddenly She struck.



She brought Her hand crashing back again



She moved Her hand up his sore face again and brought the back hander with full force again.



He remembered to count just in time.


He fell onto the floor clutching his bloody face She pulled him up by his hair as he carried on blubbering

'Look here Tavoni you got what you deserved you Sicilian arsehole! Now get this room cleaned up or you're in for more beating! Get to work now!'

He went down on his hands and knees with Her standing above him .He picked up the dust in his hands He cleaned up the sink and toilet with a small cloth. It took him half an hour to make the room spotless!

She pulled him up by the hair again

'Right Tavoni I'm the customer and you do as I say! Tomorrow morning I want a hearty Norselandic breakfast of coffee, orange juice, 2 fried eggs ,bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and beans and toasted rye bread. Don't you dare give Me an Italian breakfast that is not enough to feed a hamster! I want it at 8 AM sharp.Now get out of My sight before I go to work on you again!'

With that She threw him out of the door head first.

She stripped naked showing off Her muscular body .She opened the windows wide .

Soon She was asleep in Heaven


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