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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 42 - Stephen Prepares To Travel To Norseland

I did exactly as I was ordered by Angela after the Gang Banging I received from Lara and Karla as I spoke to Her from the Love Room in Votans.My anus was actually bleeding ,my penis and balls were really so sore and my mouth was sore and aching after having a huge rubber strap on rammed down it.I had been through a real Strap on and Leather Session (SLS) when I had really been gang banged by huge 2 Norse Women .

I knew that Norse Men also loved to Gang Bang foreign women too calling it a Cocks and Leather Session ( CLS).I knew a French woman Monique a member of the NAS ( Norselandic Admiration Society) who had been through a 3 hour CLS when 3 muscular Norse Men had Gang Banged her senseless for 3 hours without a break! Naturally being a weak foreign woman she was powerless to resist and ended up loving every minute of it!

That was the result of a CLS or SLS -you start by hating the pain and ending up desperate for more! She is going on holiday to Norseland in June for an all inclusive Sightseeing and Gang Banging holiday ( SGH) organised by NAS with flights and hotels and a Norse Men included for only £1400! She knows that half the time will be spent on her back.I also knew that when I visit Norseland in June next month I will be subjected to at least 3 SLS a week so I had better get used to it now!

I went into the shower and washed myself thoroughly all over. Blood was still pouring down from my anus. I kept thinking of the number of SLS' I would have to go through in Norseland .I would be used and abused just like a rag doll like all Oslanders were. I had already applied for a Visa a long time ago . It had taken at least 3 months to process .The Embassy and the ROJ ( Royal Overseas Judges) had looked through all my personal files including my criminal record or any history of failing to pay debts and my health record.

I was warned in the literature sent to me by the Embassy that I would really need to toughen myself up as I might end up in hospital after undergoing numerous SLS. Another member of NAS a friend called Chris said he came back after a 2 weeks holiday almost a cripple unable to walk after he had been well and truly Strap on Gang banged! He said that he had to have an emergency operation on his anus just like many foreign women have to have surgery too after their visit! So I had to get myself prepared !

In fact as I stood there in the shower I was getting more and more excited at the thought of going to Norseland .The plans were that when Angela returned from Sicily tomorrow on Sunday that She would go on a week long tour of England on Her Harley Davison alone. Being a strong Norse Woman She was quite used to doing almost everything alone .She was not like weak English or American women who always seemed to need a man to protect them. To Angela that was absolutely pathetic. What was more unlike English women who always seemed to be scared of being raped or accosted by men ,Angela like all Norse Women was totally fearless and prepared to go anywhere at all! She would return in time to accompany me for my interview at the Norselandic Embassy .The interview would be conducted by a Senior Immigration Officer Ms Joanne Dahl. I had been sent a letter to appear at the Embassy for interview on Monday 18th May at 9 AM sharp.I had to make sure I arrived exactly on time .I would be accompanied by Angela .I had to make sure at the interview that I was wearing a new smart suit and was immaculate After the interview I would have to go through a full scale Hygiene and Medical inspection (HMI) by a Senior Nurse whom I found out to be Senior Nurse Elena Seiplen.

If I passed the interview I was scheduled to fly to Norseland by Lufte Flote one of the main airlines ,the other main airline being Norse Air.The flight would take off from Gatwick Airport Terminal S on Friday 4 June at 11.55 AM.It would fly from Gatwick to Vikingsborg with total flying time of 22 hours .There would be only one stop over on the way at San Francisco .I would fly back with Angela and Mina together. We would arrive at Vikingsborg at 10.42 PM local time .We would then travel to Angelas flat in Varkjaa.

Angela would hand over the management of Votans to Marshal Helga who was very capable,The total cost of the flight was £812 return .As a member of NAS I had saved up every moth into a special find and would get a 10 % discount so it would cost me £730 altogether. I would stay with Angela in Her flat in Varkjaa near Vikingsborg.

Angela and Mina would then stay on. I would have to sat goodbye to them when I returned to England on a flight on June 19th at 6.30 pm .I would return with Angela's niece Christine who was at school and would be coming to England to learn English. I was getting so excited In less than a month I would be flying to an earthly paradise across the world in the Pacific ,a country I had always wanted to go to. I just could not wait!

After the shower I applied cream and powder to my prick and balls. I knew that I had to toughen myself for when I was in Noressland as I would have to face so many SLS's I then took 3 powerful sleeping tablets so that I could sleep soundly .

I went into the bed in the Love Room. It was a wonderful king size bed specially reinforced for Gang Banging and love making for customers of Votans. I looked around me. There was a TV screen where customers could watch a full selection of adult movies all of which came from Norseland and were very explicit. There was a stereo where soft music could be played so customers could relax while they had sex .There was also a full range of special sexual aids far more than Ann Summers. The whole place was designed so that couples and groups could spend a night of heavenly passion.In the corner was a drinks cabinet with tea and coffee and non alcoholic drinks were available .I felt so warm and comfortable as I lay on my own in that enormous bed.

I awoke in the morning at 9AM by Mina Angela's Papian slaveant .She kissed me full on the lips pushing her lovely silky hair straight into my face At the same time she gently massaged my penis in her leather gloved hands .She looked really gorgeous all dressed up in her black leather sahini with a split up the side showing her gorgeous legs and her calf length boots .Her smell was a wonderful combination of leather and perfume.

'Come on Stephen you must wake up now We need to clean out the Love Room for the next customers. Come on now I want you to take a long hot shower and clean yourself thoroughly .Madame Helga the Manager wants to see you downstairs in an hours time!'

With that she pulled me out of bed .She pushed me right under the shower making sure the water was as hot as possible.She washed me thoroughly with shower gel all over digging her fingers up my nose my neck and washing thoroughly around my penis and balls .She took me out as if I was a little baby covering me in a towel and powdering and creaming every centimeter of my body. She then covered all my body in perfume and after shave I was smelling just like a rose afterwards.

Just then Marta one of the South African staff arrived with a full Norselandic breakfast on a tray. She was ordered to leave the room immediately by Mina her supervisor.

'Right Stephen Madame Helga wants to see you in exactly an hour's time Enjoy your breakfast and then maybe you can watch one of our adult movies ! I'll see you later darling'

I sat down to as real hearty stick to your ribs Noreslandic breakfast It consisted of a whole cafetiere of coffee and a large jug of pineapple juice The meal consisted of 2 huge bratvurst sausages, bacon ,2 fried eggs tomatoes, mushrooms and a large bowl of fries as well as 6 slices of toasted rye bread.By the time I had finished eating I could hardly move.

As these was 20 minutes left before I had to see Madame Helga I turned on the DVD player .It was an explicit film showing 3 Norse Women gang raping a Thai lady boy, putting him through every conceivable position as they shove their strap ons into every orifice of his weak and pathetic body!

I was getting quite excited watching .This video that was in full colour detail.Just then Mina walked in. She was still looking so voluptuous in that leather sahini and that gorgeous silky hair.

'Come on Stephen Madame Helga is waiting for you Switch that off now! Get changed !'

I did as I was told .She was in no mood to be argued with as she stood over me leather crop in hand!

She then took me by the hand along the corridor until we reached Madame Helga's office

Madame Helga was inside dressed as usual in Her leather Cowperson out fit She really was a big powerful Woman almost as large as Angela Next to Her stood Marshal Helga the line Dancing Supervisor I had to stand to attention with Mina holding me from behind by the hand

'Right Stephen did you sleep well last night?'

'Yes Madame Helga 'I said respectfully.

'I hope you did Stephen because you are gong to be put through more exertions today!I have just spoken to your Mistress Angela. She is in Sicily as you know and is due to return late tonight .She has given me instructions as I am in charge while She is away .She wants you first of all to clean your house thoroughly .Mina will accompany you and inspect it with a dirt detector .Later on Mistress Angela will inspect it so it had better be spotless Then She wants you to have your lunch here in Votans. You will have a typical enormous Norselandic Sunday lunch!'

'After that Angela has given full permission for Martha and I to give you another SLS. I know you have just received a SLS yesterday from Madames Lara and Karla However Angela your Mistress believes you need toughening up and fattening up before you go to our Nation in less than a month's time. The fact is as Mistress Angela has said you will have to go through a full Hygiene and Medical Inspection at the Embassy ( HMI) and if you are not strong or fit enough you may fail it and then be refused admission to the Nation .

'We do not expect Oslanders to be as tough as us but we do expect them to be reasonably fit especially as they will undergo so many SLS and CLS. Even though Our Health services are the best in the world we do not want Oslanders to be a drain on the Health Service Do you understand?'

'Yes Madame Helga ' I replied.

'Right I want you to go back to your house where Mina will conduct a full Cleanliness Inspection It is now 10AM .You will return at 12 for a hearty Norselandic Sunday lunch. At 14.00 you will have a full SLS with me and Madame Martha which is to prepare you for your journey to Norseland. You will almost certainly spend the night in hospital where Mistress Angela will visit you after She returns.'

'Yes Madame Helga' I replied continuing to stand to attention.

'Leave now Stephen!'


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