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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 43 - Angela Continues Her Holiday in Sicily

Angela woke up in the morning to see the sun from the Mediterranean streaming through Her bedroom. She looked at Her wonderful muscular body that was so tanned and impressive becoming more and more impressive by the day. Outside was Her Hardanger motorbike with the body of Di Gregorio

strapped to it hard Today .She would throw it off the cliff to eradicate his wretched memory for ever!

She took a shower washing Her incredible muscular body all over. She then dressed in Her all leather biker outfit of shiny black leather ,thigh length boots and leather studded collar .She wanted to put the fear of God into these Sicilians. It was not enough that She had eradicated the Mafia in the area .She also wanted to show in no uncertain terms that She was a Norse Woman a member of the ROJ ( The Royal Overseas Judges)and that She was effectively the Law .Even the police had better obey Her or they would meet the same fate as the Godfather.

She had her day all planned.First of all She would eat a hearty Norselandic breakfast sitting on the balcony of the hotel. Then She would go to the local newspaper in Taormina the Il Giornale and order the paper to take full colour photos of the dead body of Di Gregorio as a warning to all those who contemplated committing crimes.She would then explore all the sights of the town including the Greek theatre and the museums She would then go down to the beach bathing naked for all to see Her wonderful muscular body.After that She would make Her way across the island Toretta for rendezvous at 18.00 hours

She ordered Sr Tavoni to bring up Her breakfast personally .She had ordered it for 8 AM At 8.10 She was till waiting . Eventually Sr. Tavoni arrived sweating carrying a huge tray almost unable to walk .What's more when it arrived some of the pineapple juice had been spilt !

'I'ma sorry signora bit I am not used to carrying such a weight!'

'Right you bastard you're in deep shit !Not only do you arrive 10 minutes late you spill My juice and you fail to address me properly! Obviously one slapping isn't enough for you!'

'Pleasa JSO Spitefula I no meana it so much for you to carry Pleasa no slapa me!'

'Of course I'm going to have to slap you .You're going to have to learn that I am a customer and I demand respect at all times. After that you will lick that spilt juice with your tongue and then you will bring Me another jug Now put your hands behind your back and position your face do it now!'

He looked so terrified as he reluctantly put his hands behind his back.

She positioned Her leather gloved hand carefully up and down his face. Suddenly She struck with full force




'That's good Tavoni. You remembered to count! That was for bringing my meal 10 minutes late!'

'Hold still for the next one!'

He stood there absolutely petrified.

She brought Her hand crashing back. Blood exploded from his nose as he bellowed in pain.




'That was for being clumsy and spilling my juice.Don't ever do that again!!'

'Hold still!'

He was now crying in pain as She held his face in Her leather gloved hand.

She brought Her hand crashing down his face again drawing more blood from his nose.




Blood was now pouring out of his nose in torrents.She continued to hold him hard in a vice like grip

'And that was for failing to address me properly as JSO ( Judge Support Officer) Spiteful I am not signorina!'

She grabbed him in Her leather gloved hands .He was now shaking under Her mighty grip.

'Look here you Sicilian arsehole ! I am a Norse Woman. I have come here to liberate you from crime. I expect to be treated with respect as I deserve You address me as JSO Spiteful .You speak only when you are spoken to and you do as I say Is that understood?'

'Yes JSO Spiteful I promise to do as you say ! 'he whined

'Now Tavoni you can lick up that spilled pineapple juice with your tongue!'

He bent down doing exactly as She ordered He was being totally humiliated by this superior Noreslandic Invader!

He then returned with a large jug of pineapple juice .She then ordered him to get out of Her sight at once!

She sat on the balcony eating Her huge breakfast. Although it was not cooked to Norselandic standards and was quite greasy, it was clear that they had gone to great trouble cooking it knowing the terrible penalties if it was not cooked to perfection!

She shouted at Tavoni to come with the tray .His face was still bloody from the face slapping She had given him.

'That wasn't bad Tavoni. The problem is that it was far too greasy In future you do not use so much olive oil when you cook .I don't want everything swimming in grease !I will be having lunch here and if that is swimming in grease I'll throw it all over you Now get out of My sight!'

Angela was now ready to leave Just as She was about to leave there was a telephone call from Senior Judge Heathera

'Hello Angela it's Heathera here. I just wanted to tell you that the Operation has been a complete and total success! The Mafia have been effectively eliminated here in Sicily their home!'

'That's wonderful Heathera I knew we would be victorious!'

'I have just fought and beaten 10 mafiosi I have also personally put the Godfather of Sicily Pirandello through the most agonising death! I have also heard from Herda and Leif .They have effectively eliminated the Mafia in western Sicily by killing 20 mafiosi between them and then executing the Godfather of Trapani by torturing him to death!'

'That's marvellous Heathera I knew We would be victorious!'

'It's also important Angela that We let the local people know that We are their Mistresses and Masters now and that the rule of the Mafia is well and truly over .We will let it known to the local people that we will be revisiting the island again and again and anyone making friends with the Mafia will almost certainly also be treated as a criminal too.

' Many of these people have consorted with criminals in the past and have a criminal mind themselves .We will have to let them know We are in charge and they are going to havre to change to our Norselandic ways or else!In fact I will be coming back in a week's time with Leif. We are determined to tour the island rooting out any criminality .If you see trouble today You must report it!'

'I am going to the local newspaper to make sure they show pictures of the dead Godfather Heathera!'

'That's an excellent idea Angela. When I come back next week We will visit the newspaper office to make sure those pictures are on the front page with an article praising the ROJ or we'll torch the office with the editor inside!'

'I can't wait to meet all of You again We will celebrate Our victory Heathera !'

She put the phone down feeling really like a Conqueror and Mistress .These Sicilians better obey Her or else The ROJ and the JL ( the Justice Leaugue) were effectively the Law now!

She strutted outside to Her Hardanger motorbike .Her plan was to ride to the local newspaper office the Il Giornale di Taormina in Corso Umberto and make them take a picture of the dead Godfather.

She rode down the road to where the offices of the newspaper was situated

She strode inside hitting the side of Her boot with the crop..

'Right where's the editor here?'

Even though it was a Sunday there were still staff there .

A man with dark hair and moustache walked up to Her

'What do you want?'

She grabbed him by the collar in Her powerful leather gloved hands.

'Look here arsehole I'm a Norse Woman and Conqueror and demand to see the editor!'

He began shaking with terror as She continued to squeeze his neck.

'The editor is Signor di Rosso He's in his office signorina!'

'You refer to me as JSO Spiteful you areshole .I'm from the Royal Norselandic Overseas Judges and I've come to liberate you!'

'Yesa JSO Spitefula 'he groaned

With that She threw him across the room as if he was just a sack of potatoes'

She then marched into the editor's office kicking the door back hard.

He was another fat man .He was sitting at his desk He looked petrified at the sight of this blonde Glamazon!

She pulled him up towards Her. Right Di Rosso there's the dead body of the Godfather outside. You will take a full colour picture of it and publish it in the next edition of your paper!'

'I mighta get into trouble signorina I no have a camera !'

'Look here you will get a camera and take a picture yourself or I will start busting up your office you aresehole! You also address me as JSO Spiteful .If you don't publish this in your paper next week with a colour picture and an article stating what a wonderful the job the ROJ and the JL did in destroying the Mafia then My friend Senior Judge Heathera will come here next week and burn down your office with you in it! Is that understood?'

'Yesa JSO Spitefula'

She dragged him outside and forced him to take a full colour photo A large crowd had gathered watching in amazement at the sight of the dead Godfather!

She then rang Heathera up and told Her exactly what had happened.

'You've done a wonderful job Angela If there's not a colour photo next week and an article stating how wonderful We are then that newspaper office will be torched just like every other newspaper office in the island!

Angela then took the body of Di Gregorio after warning Di Rosso of the fate that might await him!She drove to the edge of a cliff and threw the body of Di Gregorio into the sea. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

She spent the rest of the day enjoying the sights of the town She looked around the Greek Thhatre that dated back to the 3rd century BC. She loved looking at the ancient sights especially as She came from a Nation where nothing was more than 300 years old She then bathed naked in the sea feeling so refreshed and showing of Her muscular body for all to see.

Finally She returned to the hotel where She ordered lunch. Sr. Tavoni was there ready to greet Her hid face still covered in bruises. She was treated like royalty and had a delicious lunch of spaghetti with baby clams and white wine.

As She took Her leave of Tavoni She grabbed him again by the collar 'I'm going back to England tonight Tavoni' She said 'But I'm returning again to stay here and the service had better be better!'


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