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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 44 - Another Strap-On and Leather Session

I was taken way from the room by Mina Angela's Papian serveant who held me by the hand. As she was holding me she caressed me stroking my crotch gently.

'Come on Stephen let's go to your house. I have to do a full Cleanliness Inspection before Mistress Angela returns Darling .It's important that your house is spotless as Mistress Angela will be annoyed if She sees any dirt and you may be in for a serious Norse Thrashing .You wouldn't want that would you?'

'No I'm really frightened when Mistress Angela returns .I am dreading

what She might do to me!'

Mina then drove me to the house. She had a Dirt Detector in her hand.

I had to stand there to attention while she inspected my house .She seemed to take forever as I nervously awaited her to finish her Inspection.When she finished she did not look very pleased at all.

'Stephen you have not cleaned your house properly at all! You have scored only 60% well below the required pass mark of 80% .You just have not bothered have you? You thought just because Mistress Angela and me had moved out that you could just neglect cleaning your house. I'm afraid I'm going to have to punish you. Just be grateful that it's not Mistress Angela as if She punished you you would not be able to sit down for a week!'

'Please Mina I tried my hardest don't punish me please!'

'Hold out your hand Stephen and from now on you call me Miss Mina do you understand?'

'Yes Miss Mina .I'm sorry please don't hurt me!'

'I'm going to give you 3 strokes of the crop. After that I'm reporting you to Mistress Angela and She may want to punish you when She returns!'

'Right Stephen hold your hand out!'

She held me hard in her leather gloved hand so that I could not move bending my fingers right back. Even though she was much smaller than Angela she was still a really big strong girl bigger than me.

She moved the crop up and down my hand smiling sweetly into my eyes. Suddenly she brought the crop crashing down hard .



'Remember to count Stephen darling!'


'Keep holding still!'

She moved the crop up and down again smiling into my eyes. It was clear she was getting wet with excitement!

''Keep holding still Stephen 2 more to go!'

She moved the crop up and down my hand smiling again with pleasure.

With another move she brought the crop crashing down again.




'Keep still Stephen! Just one more I'm really having fun here!'

She moved the crop again up and down my hand .It was clear that she really wanted to impress her Mistress with her thrashing expertise!




I was screaming with pain as Mina held me lovingly in her arms.

'Well Stephen I know that hurt .Just be thankful it was not Mistress Angela as I know She can thrash much harder than me!'

'Please for God's sake don't tell Mistress Angela' I whined 'I'm in enough pain as it is Miss Mina. I just couldn't stand any more. Please Miss Mina! I've been punished enough. I couldn't go through a full scale Norse Thrashing!'

'I'm sorry Stephen you're going to have go through it if that is what Mistress Angela decides!She has put me in charge of you and I have to report to Her everything that happens .Now make sure you clean your house properly now .I might put in a good word for you if you make sure it's spotless!'

I did exactly as she said I cleaned and cleaned the house going under every single nook and cranny making sure that every inch was spotless.She stood there supervising me .At the end of 2 hours cleaning I was exhausted completely.

'Right Stephen I will do another Inspection with my Dirt Detector'

She must have covered every inch going through every corner of the house.

She came down eventually .This time she looked quite pleased .

'That's much better Stephen. It looks really clean now. I will do you a favour darling as you did put in a lot of effort into cleaning this time. I will not tell Mistress Angela. I will tell Her that I did a Cleanliness Inspection and it passed .'

'I am afraid that that is a lie and She will be angry if She finds out and I will be thrashed but I don't want you to endure a Norse Thrashing sweetheart .You've suffered enough!'

'Come on sweetheart you are now due at Votans for a full scale SLS with Madames Helga and Martha!'

She drove me back to Votans The plan was to have a full scale Norselandic Sunday lunch and then go for a Session with Madames Helga and Martha.

As soon as I arrived at Votans I was greeted by Madame Helga the Associate Manager.

'It's good to see you Stephen .We've got a hearty Norselandic meal ready for you .After that you will have a lovely long Session with Us!'

I sat down and waited to be served by Marlena one of the South African staff .She was totally submissive and had learned to be totally obedient after being well and truly controlled by Angela the Marshals and Mina the Kitchen Supervisor.

On the plate was a gigantic steak that was slightly underdone cooked in a tomato sauce.It actually covered the entire plate almost falling off the sides.To the side was a huge bowl of salad with 12 ingredients that was swimming in Caesars salad.There was also an enormous bowl of fries that was covered in mayonnaise. I believed I would soon get mayonnaise poisoning I had eaten so much!

I just about managed to finish and at the end could hardly stand. After the beating I had been given my hands were really aching and sore and I could hardly pick up the knife and fork.

Soon Mina came up to me

'Right darling Stephen did you enjoy that?'

'Yes Miss Mina very much' I replied

'Right it's now time for your Session with Madame Helga and Madame Martha .They don't like to be kept waiting!'

She led me along the corridor holding me in her leather gloved hand .My heart was thumping in terror at the prospect of more abuse.

I entered to see Helga and Martha standing there looking so imperious in Their leather Cowperson outfits. I was actually shaking even more with fear as Mina held me by the hand.

Helga walked up to me.

' Stephen you know what you're going through now .Just prepare yourself!You are going to be put through yet another SLS. You're going to have to understand that you're going to Norseland soon and you are going to have to toughen yourself up for being screwed constantly.'

'What I want you to do is to strip down to your pants .You must do exactly as We say remembering the words Madame Helga and Madame Martha after every sentence !'

I dutifully obeyed stripping off all my clothes. I looked in the distance and could see a table with straps on it. I realised I was about to be tied down and Gang Banged mercilessly.

I stood in front of them feeling so puny in the presence of their large muscular bodies.

'Right Stephen I want you to take off your clothes and lie naked on that table!'

'Yes Madame Helga 'I said making sure I did exactly as I was told.

I lay there feeling so vulnerable as They put their long strapons on. I realised that all that was going to go up my anus .Helga took me in Her leather gloved hands and strapped me to the table.

' Stephen I'm penetrating you first .I want you to put you hold still 'said Helga

She took out a bottle of vaseline and rammed it right up my anus pushing in hard in Her gloved hand. She then pulled my legs right apart I could hear a crack as She spread them wide over Her shoulders

' This is the Forward Position !Hold still!'

With that She rammed into me hard pushing hard forward. I let out a scream of pain as the strap on moved right up my anus.


At the same time Martha opened my mouth up wide and then forced the strap on hard down my throat. I was really gasping and choking almost unable to breath!

It was now Martha's turn to penetrate me

'Stephen turn around and out your head into the pillow This is the Doggy Position!'

I did exactly as I was told pushing my head right into the pillow as She untied the straps. Martha pushed some more vaseline hard up my anus.With one move She drove the strap on in hard


At the same time Helga pushed the strap on hard into my mouth. I was now nearly vomiting as it reached the end of my mouth.

I was now bleeding quite heavily. At the end they decided that I had enough Soon the pain became so intense that I was effectively unconscious.

The next thing I knew I was lying in bed in Whipps Cross Hospital near Walthamstow .Every part of my body was aching all over, my anus, my penis and testicles. My hands were still really sore after the thrashing Mina had given me.

Next to me bed sat Angela showing of Her really stunning body dressed totally in black leather as usual .She gave me a long slow Welcome Kiss Her tongue penetrating my throat really hard

'Stephen it's good to see you again .I have just returned to the country from Sicily. I know you have been through another SLS .You've just had an emergency operation on your anus to have it stitched up .I know Madames Helga and Martha were very hard on you but it's for your own good Darling as you will be going to Norseland in less than a month's time where you will endure even more SLS'!'

'I will be going away on holiday in England for a week You won't have to have any more SLS for the time being until I return. I will come back tomorrow Darling to take you home Just sleep in peace! '

She gave me 3 sleeping tablets to take. I was feeling drowsy .Almost at once I fell into a deep coma.


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