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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 45 - Heathera The Invincible

Angela decided it was time for Her to return to Toretta after She had thrown the body of the Godfather Di Gregorio over the cliff .She now had to ride across the island of Sicily on Her own for the rendezvous with Heathera Karl ,Herda and Leif and the Justice Leaguers Torturella, Vanessa and Per.She was desperate to be amongst Her own Norselandic people once again and to feel the bulge of a Norse Man like Karl. She missed him so much and was desperate to put Her tongue right down His throat!

She rode out ot the town of Taormina on Her Hardanger motorbike at full speed oblivious to all speed limits that had no effect on Her at all. After all She was an Invader and Conqueror. If any Police dared to stop Her they would meet the same fate as the Godfather and be thrown off a cliff too!

She turned toward Mount Etna .She would ride back to Palermo by going again through the centre of the island .She rode south through the towns of Giardini and Fiumefeddo along the coast. She then drove into the town of Randazzo a charming mediaeval town.She turned right into the interior riding towards the Nebrodi Mountains .Everywhere She went the local people gazed in admiration at the sight of this wonderful leather clad Glamazon on Her powerful Hardanger motorbike!

Just as She was riding out of Randazzo She received a call from Heathera.

'How are you darling Angela ?We all miss You so much!'

'I'm fine Heathera .I've left Taormina after putting the fear of God into the Editor Di Rosso .I'm riding through the countryside on My Hardanger bike really enjoying Myself so much! '

'All of us are on the beach in Sterracavallo outside Palermo naked showing off to the local population Our wonderful muscular bodies that are so much bigger than theirs!We are just waiting for You and Karl and Justice Vanessa'

'I will be there soon Heathera .I can't wait to bathe in the sea too and show My wonderful body off to these puny Sicilans!'

'I'd love to tell you my experiences in beating the Mafia Angela. Herda and Leif also want to tell You about Their's too when They emerged victorious over the Mafia and put the Godfather Ernano to death'

'Please tell Me all about your experiences. I can listen on my headphones as I ride through the country!'

The last time Angela had seen Heathera was in Palermo.Together with Justice Per they had totally defeated the Italian Army and Police They had surrendered to Them and had realised that they stood no chance against 2 mighty Norse Women and a Norse Man like Karl. Justice Per had been there with His helicopter gunship and had knocked out 2 tanks easily!

The Royal Norselandic Navy or the RNN was still stationed off the Italian coast and the RNAF (Royal Norselandic Air Force) was prepared to carry out an Awe and Shock raid on Rome itself if necessary!It would not be long before the Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi himself would send a message to the Noreslandic Premier Patricia Ingvoll totally surrendering to Norseland and allowing the ROJ and the JL free rein to operate throughout Italy.After all the Mafia did not just operate in Sicily alone!

What's more the Italian government knew quite well that Norseland was now the second greatest power in the world after the USA and in some ways better equipped and stronger!If it came to war there would be no contest!

She headed in the direction of the Godfather Pirandello's house.It was situated in a suburb of of Palermo in an area known as Guapo .Overhead as She rode along was the Helicopter Gunship driven by Per ready to blast any possible resistance .Her plan was to break into the compound single handed and to put all the Mafiosi to death .She knew quite well as a Senior Judge She was invincible and that no number of Mafiosi could even lay one finger on Her!

She saw the residence of Pirandello in the distance .It was protected by men in suits with dark glasses.She parked the Hardanger motorbike down the road. She radioed to Per to take the helicopter gunship away as he was sure to be noticed.

She moved to the back of his residence making sure no one noticed Her at all.She ran along until She was just under the wall.The idiots had not noticed Her at all and were looking in the opposite direction. She had a length of rope which She threw over the wall. She climbed up the wall using Her brilliant athletic skills.

Soon She was in the compound itself.Still She had moved with such skill She had not been noticed at all.She was just behind 2 Mafiosi.

She moved forwards incredible speed a. She had a leather chord around one of them .With Her great speed She pulled hard .She could hear a loud crack as he landed in a heap on the ground.


The other Mafiosi turned round .With lightning speed She had the chord around his neck.She pulled him towards Her hard.



The Mafiosi knew that there was an intruder in the compound.They ran towards Her firing their machine guns furiously.

She counted 8 altogether as She hid behind a wall.She waited for them to stop firing as She saw 2 of them coming towards Her . Suddenly with amazing speed She threw 2 knives .They met their marks with deadly accuracy. One went straight through the neck of one Mafiosi while the other went straight through the stomach of the other one What a brilliant Knife Thrower She was!

4 were down and 6 more to go! She stood in front of the 6 Mafiosi ready for a fight just like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill!They had seen Her fighting prowess and were nor sure what to do next!

'Come on you bastards .There are 6 of you and only one o f me Show me what you can do!'

2 of them rushed towards Her yelling abuse in Italian.With Her brilliant Gym Kata skills She brought the toe of Her boot hard into the face of the first goon. Blood shot up into the air as he let out a terrible piercing scream.


She moved the boot heel hard into the stomach of the next one. He literally fell forwards screaming as he fell hard onto the ground They had never seen such fighting expertise in their entire lives. There were only 4 left for Her to beat!

2 of them came rushing towards Her brandishing swords .It was hopeless She brought the steel capped toe of Her boot up once more with brilliant athletic skills.

The sword went flying up in the air It landed on the ground She took it up in Her hand and drove it right through the first goon's stomach. With fighting expertise She drove the sword into the next Mafiosi cutting his head right off at the same time. Blood shot up in the air in torrents and torrents!

There were now 2 left. They just did not know what to do against this mighty Norse Woman .They stood there almost frozen .

She walked towards them smiling

'Come on boys Why don't you attack Me?'

They just did not know what to do. She casually walked toward them both Without warning She had Her leather gloved hands around both their throats digging Her razor sharp nails in hard.


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! they bellowed

She dug Her nails even harder. They screamed even more. Soon blood was streaming out of their necks .There was absolutely nothing they could do to break Her mighty grip .Soon She could hear the all too familiar sound of broken bone!


She let go as they both fell down in a heap on the ground!

She gazed at her total triumph as 10 dead bodies lay on the ground. She was really Heathera the Invincible !

Her next task was to capture the Godfather Pirandello himself She rushed inside the building .She was determined to capture and kill this bastard at all costs!

She ran inside .She noticed at the end of the corridor 2 goons were standing at the door wearing dark glasses.As soon as they saw Her they started to fire. She leapt out of the way. She lay on the ground and watched them come towards Her.

Suddenly She leapt up and with Her usual brilliance threw 2 knives forwards One went straight through the eye of the first goon, while the other went right through the neck of the other. It was incredible .They both fell on the ground in a bloody heap!

She was now outside the room ready to strike .Right Pirandello .The game is well and truly up. I have just beaten and killed all your Mafiosi .All 12 of them are now dead. Just give yourself up and face execution!Come out with your hands on your head I'm giving you 2 minutes or I'll break the lock!'

He knew the game was up. He came outside with his hands on his head shaking with fear .He was a fat man with a balding head. He had once been the Godfather of Palermo a powerful Mafia boss .Now he was just a whimpering wretch who had lost everything . Soon his house was about to be blown to smithereens from a missile from the Helicopter Gunship with all the bodies inside!

As soon as he came out She threw him over a chair and pushed his head down with Her boot .She was determined to make him suffer as much as possible before executing him.

.Right Pirandello I'm really going to make you suffer! .

With that She clamped Her mighty leather bound legs around his neck .He began to scream in sheer agony.



'Shut up Pirandello you're finished!'

With that She moved her steel like legs together until his head was clamped in a terrible vice'

'Say your prayers Pirandello. It's lights out time!'

She could hear the now very familiar sound of broken bone.


He fell in a heap on the floor well and truly dead!

As She was telling the story Angela was sitting in a restaurant called D'Enzo in the resort town of Capo d'Orlando on the coast.She was enjoying a falsomago with pasta It was the most famous Sicilian dish being a stuffed roll of minced beef, sausages ,bacon, egg and pecorino cheese in a tomato sauce.

'That was wonderful Heathera!'

'You are really


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