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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 46 - Total Victory In Sicily

Angela left the restaurant after eating Her delicious meal at the D'Enzo restaurant in Capo DOrlando. The owner of the restaurant Sr. Tavarotti was so obsequious towards Her realising he was in the presence of such a mighty Glamazon. In fact he told Her he was so grateful for Her to be at the restaurant that he knocked 50% off the bill and begged Her to come again .She replied that She enjoyed the meal and he should be grateful that a Norse Woman like Her had visited him at his meagre restaurant and that he should be grateful to be in the presence of a Superior Invader and Conqueror like Her!

She rode off into the distance along the Tyrrhenian coast past the town of Sant 'Agata di Militello, a popular little resort full of holidaymakers who all seemed to gaze at Her in amazement as She shot past them riding full speed on Her way to Palermo.As She rode on Her mobile rang again This time it was Herda on the line

'Hello Angela how are you? It's Me Herda your friend I'm missing You so much and can't wait to see you again! I'm lying here on the beach with Leif on one side and Torturella on the other .We're all showing off our magnificent muscular bodies for all to see!Heathera is now bathing in the sea with Per absolutely naked for all to see .We're breaking the law but as we are the Law here who's going to stop us?'

'That's great Herda .I can't wait to bathe in the Mediterranean too!I'm getting so hot riding this motorbike. You must tell Me all your experiences!'

'I certainly will Angela .You can listen to them while You ride your Hardanger!'

Herda and Leif had headed west towards Trapani ready to capture and killl the Godfather Ernano and any other Mafiosi who got in Their way! They both rode along the coast road past the small resort towns of Capaci and Terasini. It was only 104 KMs from Palermo to Trapani so They would be there in an hour's time .

Overhead was the Helicopter Gunship with Senior Justice Torturella driving it.She radioed down to Herda

'It's a lovely day today. We'll soon be there. Doesn't the Mediterranean look gorgeous ?'

'Yes it does Torturella .We are so glad to have Your assistance!'

'When We arrive in Trapani at the Godfather's house .I want to take part in the fight. I am a Gym Kata Grade 1 like all Justices and I can't wait to get My hands on those bastards .In fact as a Senior Justice I want to put the Godfather Ernano to death personally !'

'You certainly must Torturella .This is going to be a fight to the death and We want Your help!'

They were soon in Castellamare del Golfo in Western Sicily. Western Sicily generally had been seen as a remote and uninteresting part of the island.It was certainly true that it was more infested with the Mafia than any other part of Sicily and that is why the Judges and Justices had come along to eradicate this menace .Yet at the same time it had some of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in Sicily and was also full of fascinating historical relics.

Beneath Them now lay Trapani the main city in the West. It was not a particularly attractive city .Yet it had a fascinating history dating back to the Phoenician times and the Carthaginian period when it was a major port.It had subsequently been invaded by the Romans ,Saracens ,Crusades and Aragonese.Now it was being invaded and occupied by Norselanders part of a long line of Conquerors!

Torturella radioed down to Herda from Her Helicopter Gunship. She was in fact the Senior Officer in charge of the Operation as a Senior Justice.

.'Right Herda I want You to get off Your motorbikes just at the corner of the Via Trento where Ernano's villa is situated. I am going forward on My Helicopter and landing in the courtyard of the villa. You will join me when I am ready.

Herda and Leif did just as She told them parking their bikes as She shot ahead .She was soon over the villa of Ernano ready to strike hard!

This time the Mafiosi were aware they were going to be attacked .As She flew overhead the Mafiosi were firing for all they were worth .However this was useles.s This was the most powerful Helicopter Gunship in the world and the bullets just bounced off!

One of them fired a rocket grenade into the air but it just missed ! Immediately She fired from the Gunship 3 missiles .2 hit their targets blowing 2 mafiosi to pieces as they literally exploded! The other hit the gate of the villa smashing it in easily so that Herda and Leif could enter.

She was soon right inside the front entrance of the villa .The Mafiosi continued firing bit it was useless .This Gunship was made of reinforced steel and machine gun bullets just could not penetrate!

She moved with lightning speed. She had 3 knives in Her hand. One went straight through the neck of the first Mafiosi coming towards Her .The second went through the stomach and the third through the groin .All 3 literally flew up in the air screaming as they did so!


She teally was now ready for a fight

One Mafiosi came towards Her with as word. It was hopeless as Her boot toe went high in the air and crashed against his face.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! he bellowed as he took up in the air.

Another one came from behind .It was useless again. Her boot went driving with full force into his testicles breaking every single one.



Another one had a meat cleaver in his hand .Again She did a brilliant drop kick knocking it right up in the air! She then picked it up and with incredible expertise drove it clean through his throat. Like Heathera She was Torturella the Invincible!

She called on the radio to Herda and Leif.

'Come on you 2 I'm having a great time here! I've just knocked 8 out. Only 7 to go and then We capture the Godfather!'

Herda and Leif did as They were told and roared forwards at full speed towards the Villa.

Herda was the first inside .The Mafiosi were firing at Her for all they were worth. One of the bullets hit Her front tire as She swerved out of the way and fell on the ground .

3 Mafiosi ran towards Her thinking they had killed Her. Suddenly She leapt up and with amazing skill sliced right across the face of the first mafiosi with Her knife cutting out both his eyes at once


She then brought Her boot toe hard into the groin of the second


She had broken every one of his testicles as he writhed on the ground bellowing for all he was worth. She then grabbed the third by the neck and brought Her mighty fist straight into his face knocking out half his teeth and breaking every single bone in his nose



It was now Leif's turn to take out 3 more Mafiosi.They gazed in amazement the sight of this Muscle Man with His gigantic bulge!

One of them moved against Him with a sword .It was a hopeless move as His fist went crashing into his stomach breaking every single rib on the way!He was an incredible Belly Puncher!



2 of them stood there not knowing what to do .He ran towards both of them and grabbed one by the testicles and the other by the hair .They screamed and screamed as He tightened His vice like grip.



He was to show no mercy as He drove his fist hard into the stomach of the one He had by the testicles




He was now ready to confront the other one as He was literally pulling the hair out in His mighty leather gloved hands.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! he bellowed as he knew the Belly Punch was coming

Leif ignored his screams totally He smiled as His fist drove in breaking every single one of his ribs completely.




Herda and Torturella looked at him on wonder as He stood over the 3 prostrate victims .It was clear He was enjoying himself as His bulge was now bigger than ever!

Yet however strong He was He was not as strong as His Senior Officer Torturella who was ready to attack again!

14 mafiosi lay dead and there was only one left and the Godfather Ernano.The one Mafiosi left was running towards the car with Her coming right after him. She could see that Ernano was in the car itself.Suddenly they sped off down the road.

She leapt into the Gunship determined to pursue and capture them .What chance did a car have against a Helicopter Gunship? They were heading in the direction of Marsala along the main road. Her plan was to swoop down in front of the car .

The car was speeding along. Just as it left the town of Paceco She decided to land. She drove the helicopter down onto the main road .All the traffic had to come to a halt as the Helicopter was right across the road!

She leapt out of the Helicopter The motorists looked at Her in astonishment. She ran towards the car crowbar in hand

'Right Ernano get out of this car or this crowbar will go across your windscreen !'

They knew that they had no choice at all. Ernano and the driver came out .He was a fat greasy man with a black moustache .He looked so frightened now his power was well and truly over!

She grabbed hold of both of them by the necks and slammed them both against the car .She then handcuffed them together .,

.Right you bastards You're coming with me !.

She dragged Ernano by the hair followed by the Mafiosi. She threw them both into the Helicopter head first. She grabbed Ernano by the throat .With one mighty move Her fist slammed hard into his face It. was an incredible blow as all his teeth and bones of his nose fell out.



She then grabbed the Mafiosi by the hair and drove Her boot into his testicles



She left both of them screaming on the floor as She took off .She rode westwards towards the sea near the Egadi Islands .

She then opened the door and grabbed hold of both of them .With one move She kicked their bodies into the sea


they screamed

'You're just fit for shark meat you bastards!'

She looked down and saw the bodies fall into the sea. They were still screaming as their bodies hit the water!

She then turned the Helicopter back in the direction of Trapani .She felt so happy that She and Herda and Leif had eradicated the Mafia in Western Sicily which was effectively the stronghold of the Mafia .She felt so proud to be Norselandic from a Nation that was always victorious!

She landed the Helicopter in the forecourt of the villa that used to be Ernano's headquarters

She passionately embraced Herda and Leif kissing Them both passionately on the lips.

.We have won a tremendous victory So have all the other Judges Heathera Angela and Karl !'

'Angela as a Support Officer has especially shown Her Brilliant fighting skills Justices Vanessa and Per have been wonderful too! Lets go!

As She took off in the Helicopter She fired 2 missiles directly at the building The whole place exploded at once in a huge inferno!


To continue this story, click Episode 47

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