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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment





Angela soon entered Palermo the capital of Sicily .It was soon time for Her to go back to England now that the Mafia had been well and truly beaten!She rode along the Tyrrhenian coast past the resort town of Cefalu Sicily's top resort town .She found that it was such an attractive town with its location right on the sea ,the towering crag that lay behind it called La Rocca as well as its relatively unspoilt medieval streets and sights .

As She rode along the waterfront and saw the numbers of people bathing in the sea She became desperate for a holiday Herself .Ever since She arrived in England She had spent Her time managing a pub in Walthamstow and beating up criminals. Even though the time She had spent in Sicily was very enjoyable and She had seen so many sights still She longed to relax and have a proper holiday .She was now desperate to see something of England and have a holiday there after only seeing Walthamstow and parts of London.

She carried on riding along towards Palermo riding through the other resort town of Termini Imerese.She was soon in the outskirts of the town .She decided to by pass the town altogether riding straight to Sterracavallo. In the distance She could see the beach with hundreds of bathers In the distance She could see the 4 Judges Hearthera ,Herda, Karl and Leif and the 3 Justices Torturella. Vanessa and Per. They all stood out because They were so much bigger and stronger than the local people .Also They were all blonde whereas the local people were dark haired. What's more They were naked and that made them even more impressive. The only covering were G strings over the Men's members which only served to make them look even more impressive than ever .It was illegal to bathe naked but as they were the Law who was going to stop them?

Angela was so overjoyed to see her fellow Noreslandersagain. She was fiercely patriotic and only wanted to be amongst Her own people away from these Sicilians!

She literally ran towards Them giving all 8 of them Welcome Kisses sliding Her tongue down their throats at the same time feeling them all over! She reserved the most intense Kiss for Her favorite Karl .They held each other passionately for at least 15 minutes in full view of everyone on the beach. They kissed passionately as Angela pushed Her tongue hard down His throat groaning with pleasure while She wanked him under His crotch at the same time. He felt Her massive firm breasts all over driving Her into ecstasy!

She then ripped of Her leathers and thigh length boots right in front of everyone on the beach.She exposed Her wonderful muscular body for all to see!She then grabbed hold of Karl by the hand and dragged Him with Her into the sea!

Heathera called out to Them

'Don't be too long you 2. Only 10 minutes .Then We all go back to Toretta for a hearty Norselandic meal, have a debriefing and then take the plane back to England.'

'We'll be back in 10 minutes Heathera 'said Angela as She pulled Karl with Her to the beach.

She was determined to engage Him in some Erotic Wrestling one of the favourite sports and pastimes in Norseland where a couple would make forceful and sometimes violent love towards each other.

She literally threw Him into the sea .She then leapt on top of Him pushing His head under the water and grabbing Him by the testicles. He was under the water for some time. He then squeezed Her breasts hard. She let out a piercing scream as He was now on top of Her biting into Her neck .She then squeezed his testicles again. He let our another scream as She was now on top of him .Being both extremely strong They were really enjoying themselves even though They experienced a lot of pain.

They loved each other but they were both prepared to beat the living daylights out of each other. It was clear Angela was winning as Norse Women generally do in EW as She had her legs around His legs and was almost choking Him with Her tongue. At the end He acknowledged Her superiority even though She was a Grade 2 Gym Kata and he was a Grade 1.Yet He had to accept that He was born and brought up in a matriarchal society in Norseland where Women ruled and were generally stronger.

They walked out of the sea smiling and holding hands looking into each other's eyes. Karl knew that even though He was very muscular He lived in a Nation where the Women were in control physically and mentally Generally in EW and in a Sex and Violence Sessions SVS another popular pastime, the Woman would win however hard the Man might fight!

They all went back to Toretta on Their bikes after changing once more into Their leathers in full view of the public. They all had a competition for who would be the fastest. Once again The Women won leaving the 3 men behind .These Norse Women could not be beaten!

At the hotel which They had taken over there was a hearty Norselandic meal ready for Them .Angela was desperate for Her own food as She was desperate for Her own people . She had enough of eating peasant food like pizza and pasta and wanted to get Her teeth into some hunks of meat!

There was a massive Norselandic meal waiting Them .It consisted of vast chunks of venison, piles of fries swimming in mayonnaise and salad by the ton made up of 15 ingredients.There was also an enormous pile of tropical fruits of every variety.Finally there was an enormous jug of Volssons lager which They would drink in their goblets shaped like horns .This would be a true Viking feast!

They all put on Viking helmets. They were after all the descendants of the Vikings only they believed in raping and pillaging even more!

Heathera stood up in front of them.

'Right before We begin our celebration We will give thanks to the Nation

and the Queen Goddess for our wonderful Victory!

They all stood up together holding hands for the National Anthem. There

was musical accompaniment on the stereo.

Glorious Nation our Motherland

We will fight for thy liberty

To make our Nation strong and free

We are prepared to die for Thee

Glorious Nation O Motherland

We shall be true to Thee till death!

We shall be true to Thee till death!

They then tucked into their meal. Angela helped Herself to a huge hunk of venison which She proceeded to rip apart just like Her descendants the Vikings did so long ago.She also helped Herself to an enormous bowl of fries making sure they were drowned in mayonnaise .She then piled on lashings of salad. She was so glad to get back to eating hearty and healthy Norselandic food once again!

Altogether She helped herself to 3 chunks of venison .She really was so hungry after all Her exertions and She loved the taste of fresh meat especially after eating that food that was really only fit for puny peasants!

Once They had finished eating They began singing hearty drinking songs banging Their goblets on the table Of course they all knew how to enjoy them selves without getting drunk After She had drunk 4 goblets of beer She would move on like all the others to fruit juice which was served in enormous jugs with ice.They started to sing the Judges Biking Song at the tops of Their voices

On bikes We ride forwards

In sun warm and bright

In days hot as hell

Or in the freezing night

Our faces tanned and bronzed

We keep our spirits high

We keep our spirits high

For our Nation ride forwards

For Justice We fight!

With engines a roaring

We're fast as the wind!

All criminals they fear us

We're tough and leather skinned!

All criminals We put to death

They will await their fate

Await their fate!

For our Queen Goddess

One Nation strong and great!

After They had finished singing Heathera stood up to address Them

'Ladies and Gentlemen Masters and Mistresses Judges and Justices!

'We have won an incredible Victory. In just 2 days We have effectively eradicated the Mafia in their home base of Sicily .Not one hair of Our heads had been touched .We have won every single fight hands down! In only 2 days We have captured and killed the 3 most powerful Godfathers in Sicily! We have also beaten and killed 79 people without sustaining any injuries at all!

'I have your scores for the numbers beaten and killed as follows in ascending order;

Angela 15

Torturella 14

Heathera 11

Per 9

Vanessa 9

Karl 8

Herda 4

Leif 3

Erika 3

Jan 3

The average score for the Women is 8 and for the Men 5.4 .As usual the Women did better as expected

'The best score of all is for Angela. She is a Support officer and a Grade 2 in Gym Kata and yet has achieved the best score of all.She has also single handedly captured and killed a Godfather.She will soon receive Her Grade 1 and has the makings of an excellent Judge!'

She walked up to Angela and kissed Her full on the lips.

'This is the Golden Ring .It is based on the Runes of ancient Norse mythology .It has been blessed by the Queen Goddess Herself. She has been told of our exploits and We will all have an audience with Her when we return to the Nation

'All of us as Judges and Justices wear Golden Rings.They give us powers to make us even more invincible than ever!'

They all clapped Angela as She put the ring on Her arm. It gave Her a glowing feeling of power and strength .Being fiercely patriotic She loved and worshipped the Queen Goddess and the thought of being in Her presence was like being in the presence of Divinity!

It was soon time for Them to return by plane to England .Angela and the Judges said goodbye to the Justices Torturella, Vanessa and Per They would return to the QGS (Queen Goddess Ship) Amazonia that was still stationed off the Italian coast ready to strike against Rome itself unless the Italian Government allowed the Judges and Justices free rein to operate against the Mafia all over Italy itself.

In 3 hours time they would land back in England. Angela sat next to Karl feeling His crotch and kissing Him .Herda and Hearthera sat next to Leif kissing Him and wanking Him at the same time. She felt the Ring on Her arm infusing Her with such power. She was truly


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