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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 49 - Stephen Admitted For Entry To Norseland

I awoke feeling so sore in hospital after my operation and my SLS (Strapon and Leather session) .My whole anus had to be stitched up after the Gang Banging I had received before. It was now morning and by my bed was Nurse Lydia .She was a huge Black Woman who wore a really attractive nurse uniform that really exposed Her gigantic boobs.She always wore latex gloves and loved to caress me.

'How are you Stephen ?You really slept soundly after that anesthetic .Your anus was really bleeding after that Gang Banging you received. You must really have been screwed absolutely senseless.I wish I could have seen it .I know that these Norse Women are the biggest in the world even bigger than us Black Women .Are you really sore sweetheart?'

'Yes I am Nurse Lydia .What's more my Friend or Mistress Angela is returning today from Sicily and She might want to screw me again!'

'Well as a matter of fact Stephen darling She has returned .There is a big blonde Woman dressed in black leather waiting outside. She insists on seeing you!'

She showed Angela to my bed .I was now surrounded by 2 huge Women as I lay in bed. Angela was on my left who looked even bigger and stronger after all the killing and beating She had done in Sicily. To my right stood Lydia the large Black nurse .

'Well Lydia I hope he's been a good patient If he hasn't I want to know as he's my property!'

'Oh he's been very good Miss Spiteful. He's been sleeping very soundly after his operation. After you've gone I will give him breakfast.'

'Just make sure you look after him. I will be back on Thursday to collect him .He will be coming to My Nation Norseland so I want him to be fit for a long journey!'

She sat by my bed. She gave me a long slow Welcome Kiss pushing Her tongue hard down my throat ,almost choking me at the same time .She fondled my crotch hard.

'Stephen it's good to see you again. I returned from Sicily yesterday where I did lots of beating and killing! In fact my score was the best of all the Judges and Justices!

'I know you have been through another SLS from Madames Lara and Karla and have had to have an emergency operation as a result. They were very hard on you but it's for your own good Darling.We will be going to Norseland on Friday and there you will have to endure more SLS's as a foreigner and a oslander.'

'Of course this means that you have passed your Interview and Health Inspection that were held at the embassy .The letter was sent to me as I was your Sponsor .It comes from the Senior Immigration Officer who interviewed you Ms Joanne Dahl'.

Stephen opened the letter;





W8 4QA

TEL; 020 7857 8606

E MAIL; Norselandicembassy@aol.com


Dear Stephen

I am writing to you to inform you that your application for an Entry Visa has been accepted .I enclose a Visa stamped to your passport .You must consider yourself very fortunate to be admitted to my Nation .I receive over 5000 applications a year for Visas and reject over 70% of them.

You were accepted for a visa because;

* You have no criminal record or record of any anti -Norelandic

activities. I consider you a very law abiding person

* Your credit score is very high which demonstrates that you will not

have any financial problems.

* You have a sponsor Ms Spiteful who not only is a Judge Support

Officer but has an exemplary record as a Citizen.

* You were dressed very smartly at the Interview which is very

important, as you must be smartly dressed while you are in My Nation.

* You showed an attitude of admiration for My Nation and the Queen

Goddess which is essential for any oslander visiting My Nation.

* You are a dedicated member of the Norselandic Admiration Society

which demonstrates your love and affection for My Nation.

You however only just passed the Health Check that was conducted by

Senior Nurse Elena Seplen .Although you have a very good record in that

you have almost no sick leave from work, you have 2 problems that need to

be corrected

* Your muscles are not very large .Although we do not expect oslanders

to be as large as us ,we do expect you to participate in sporting

activities in My Nation Also as an oslander you will be regularly

used for sex and SLS's

* You will therefore undertake a full scale course in physical activity

supervised by a Social Officer .I have nominated one of the Social

officers in Varkjaa where you will be staying ,Ms Alexis Storgaard to

supervise you.

* Your alcohol intake is far too high .Again Ms Storgaard will control

your alcohol consumption making sure you do not have any more than 24

units a week

I enclose your Entry Visa that is attached to your passport.It lasts for

6 months from the date of your arrival on June 4 to December 4

* It is a strictly Tourist Visa. You are forbidden to take any work

paid or unpaid while you are in My Nation

* You must obey the law at all times .The slightest infringement will

lead to severe punishment and immediate deportation with your

passport stamped to prevent you returning again.

* You must dress smartly at all times. There is a very strict Dress

Code in My Nation that means you do not wear scruffy jeans, trainers

or shorts in public. You do not leave the house unless you are

properly shaven and clean and tidy. I am sure Miss Spiteful will make

sure of this!It is for the Judges to determine if you are properly

dressed and if a Judge think you are scruffy or dirty you will be

punished and if necessary deported.

* You must report regularly to your Supervisor Judge Marissa Langvoll

who is the Judge for the town of Varkjaa where you will be staying

.Her word is Law and you must obey Her without question .She will be

very strict but fair with you.You must address Her as Madame and do

exactly as She tells you .This applies to all Judges who have supreme

authority in My Nation

* When you are in My Nation you must behave like a Norselander.That means you must worship the Queen Goddess, respect the Flag and stans to attention to the National Anthem when it is played.You must beleve that My Nation is the most wonderful place on earth.

In addition I enclose your Foreigners Identity Card. This must be worn at all times .It must be produced to a Judge on demand .The Card contains your Identity Number which is S062321 It contains your;

Name .Stephen

Nationality. British

Passport Number.

Status. Tourist only



Identity Number. SO62321

Your address in Norseland

Alpha Block 21 Varnasvej Varjkaa 213600 Ljungnamo Lynge.

Your Supervisor Judge Marissa Langvoll

Your Social Officer Ms Alexis Storgaard

Your Sponsor Ms Angela Spiteful

Visa Validity Dates 4/6/04 to 4/12/04

Date of Return 19/6/04

At the end of your stay in My Nation you I receive a Report on your behaviour from your Supervisor and Social Officer. If I am satisfied with the Report you will be issued with Visas for future years.

Upon your return to England I will have an interview you at the Embassy to inform you of the results of the Report. I understand you are returning on 19/6/04 with a Norselandic National, Ms Christine Dianasdottir who is entering the UK to learn English I will interview you again accompanied by Ms Dianasdottir at the Embassy on Monday 28 June 2004 at 9 AM

I hope your stay in My Nation will be the most wonderful experience of your life.You are going to the greatest and most beautiful Nation in the world.





I was absolutely overjoyed . I was successful in my application! I was one of the 30% who were successful! The dream of my life had come true at last!I had been a member of the NAS for 3 years and my wish had come true. I was going to Heaven!

I put my arms around Angela She gave me a long slow Norse Kiss penetrating right down my throat.I had now forgotten my pain completely!

'Oh Stephen I'm so happy. You will have a lovely time with Me staying in My flat! You will thoroughly enjoy yourself!You must understand that you will be going through lots of SLS's.

'My Niece Christine who will be travelling back with you can't wait to meet you and give you a damned good SLS. Don't worry Stephen. I will do everything I can to toughen you up to make sure you can endure plenty of Gang Banging while you're there!'

'Now Stephen one thing I've noticed is that your hands are red .Mina has told me that you failed the Cleanliness Test and she gave you a thrashing .Unfortunately she deceived me and did not tell me.For that I am going to give her a damned hard Norse thrashing when I return home .I have tied her up to make her ready!'

'Don't worry Stephen I will let you off this time and won't thrash you as you have suffered enough.In future Christine will be monitoring your flat when She comes to England on the 19th and She will administer lots of Norse Thrashings if it's not up to standard!'

'I will be going way for 2 days holiday tomorrow riding across England on my motorbike.I will return to collect you on Thursday. On Friday you will fly with me and Mina to Norseland .I know you are very excited and sore at the same time .Take these 2 sleeping tablets now. Lydia knows you are taking them do as she says exactly until I return'

She gave me one more long slow Kiss



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