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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 5 - Angela's First Day At Work

It was 5.00 on Sunday morning when Mina, Angela's Papian slave, woke me up by kissing me on the lips. I could smell her gorgeous perfume and feel her soft silky hair go right into my face. She was so lovely as she kissed me, her tongue going right down my throat. I found out that this was the normal way for Pacificans, Norselanders and Papians, to greet one of the opposite sex and did not necessarily mean they wanted sex. In Mina's case I believed it did and it was only Angela's restraint that stopped her from going any further.

'Come on darling Stephen - you must wake up now. We have to prepare Mistress Angela's breakfast!'

She really did look lovely today. She was dressed in a sarong or sahoni as it was called in Papian. It was a really tight fitting silk dress which showed all her cleavage with a long slit up the side showing her lovely curvaceous legs. It resembled in many ways a Chinese cheong sam.

As it was so early and a Sunday morning I just wanted to carry on sleeping. Suddenly she dug her nails into my ball sac. I let out a cry of pain .I realised then that although she was much smaller than her Mistress she was actually bigger than me and could be very forceful.

'Stephen, I told you to get up now. This is the time I'm normally up in the morning in Norseland. My Mistress is asleep now but she will want her breakfast at 6.00 as usual and not a second later. You don't want to annoy her do you?'

The thought of Angela's leather crop filled me with terror. I leapt out of bed with Mina still holding me tightly by the balls.

She led me downstairs to the bathroom. She told me to stand naked. I was feeling so frightened standing naked in front of this lovely tall Papian woman. I did not realise that in her country nakedness was accepted as normal and healthy, not disgusting as we see it in England. She ran a hot shower for me and watched smiling as I washed all over. She continued to watch me as I shaved and cleaned my teeth, occasionally massaging my penis and balls, smiling at me with her sweet smile. She then told me to hurry up and change while she started to prepare breakfast.

I dressed hurriedly in smart casual clothes knowing Angela would not tolerate untidiness in any form. As it was Sunday, Mina knew exactly what her Mistress wanted to eat. It would be pineapple juice, coffee, muesli, hamburgers in a brown sauce and fried eggs with brown rolls. It all had to be prepared meticulously as if we were serving a guest in a top class restaurant. I knew that Angela was very strict about her diet and would not tolerate bad cooking or service.

As I came downstairs Mina was preparing the breakfast, making sure everything was absolutely perfect for her Mistress. She showed me how to cook the hamburgers and fried eggs to perfection cooking them in low fat margarine, not cooking oil. She also knew how to cook the fried eggs to perfection making sure they were cooked all over. I learnt that Papians are great cooks and that Papian cooking was now popular throughout the world being a mixture of Filipino, Indonesian and Chinese cooking. She promised to take me to a Papian restaurant one day provided her Mistress gave permission.

While she was cooking and showing me exactly how her Mistress wanted the food to be cooked, I prepared the muesli, pineapple juice and coffee. I had bought muesli by the ton and juice by the gallon to make sure there was enough for Angela. I had to make sure I used only the finest ground coffee, as Angela thought instant coffee was as disgusting as white bread and tea which I had to throw out of the house.

We made sure the table was properly laid out with the glasses and knives and forks all spotlessly clean as if we were getting ready for royalty!

Soon Angela came downstairs. She was dressed in a silk bathrobe that exposed her magnificent breasts to me. I could see underneath just what a muscular body she had. She came towards us and kissed me full on the lips.

'Good morning darling Stephen. I can see that Mina has prepared my breakfast with you. It had better be up to my standards. Soon you will be able to cook my breakfasts and evening meals on your own, won't you Darling?'

'Yes Miss Angela. I really hope everything is up to your satisfaction.'

'It had better be! Now go up and clean your spare room. Mina go up and make my bed and clean the room now!'

We both obeyed immediately without any hesitation leaving Angela to eat her breakfast alone. We were soon summoned downstairs to await her verdict.

'Well, Mina and Stephen, that was delicious. You cooked my breakfast really well. You will help Mina cook the evening meal tonight of fried chicken, liver, barbecued beans and creamed potatoes. You will soon have the honour of cooking my meal on your own Stephen. Won't that be an honour?'

'Yes Miss Angela' I said as stood in front of her nervously.

'Now go and do the washing up and clean the kitchen thoroughly Stephen. You will spend the rest of the day cleaning your house until we can eat a meal off the floor!'

'Mina prepare my clothes and finish cleaning the room! MOVE!'

She ran upstairs without hesitation while I cleared the table and prepared to wash up, meanwhile Angela went to shower and clean her wonderful body.

I carried on cleaning until Angela was ready to summon me downstairs. She looked as magnificent as ever dressed totally in leather and lycra. She was wearing a tight leather jacket, leather gloves, silk scarf, leather gloves and calf length boots. She was also wearing lots of mascara and shiny lipstick looking ready for the day ahead.

'Right Stephen, before Mina and I go out you can take breakfast together.

Hurry up and eat as I want to leave soon. While you are doing that I will be doing some exercises outside. Mina get ready to leave in 15 minutes.'

Mina and I ate breakfast together in the kitchen as we were not permitted in the dining room as slaves to Angela. The hamburgers and eggs were beautifully cooked and Mina was certainly an expert cook. After cooking breakfast for her Mistress, Mina would reserve a small portion for us. As we were eating together Mina put her long finger nails down my crotch and said she wanted me and would love to make love to me if her Mistress approved.

Soon Angela had finished her exercises and was ready to leave. She kissed me full on the lips and fondled my crotch with her leather gloved hands.

'Stephen darling you will spend the whole day cleaning until the house sparkles .You may listen to music while you work but you will work all the time. If this place is not totally spotless by 5.00 when we return, you will taste the crop. Is that understood?'

'Yes certainly Miss Angela I will do exactly as you say.'

Mina also kissed me on the lips before leaving. She said she would miss me all day.

They decided to take a taxi to the pub called 'The Granite'. This would be where Angela would be working for at least the next 3 months. Although working in a pub was something that seemed very menial for someone of her intelligence, she decided to work there in order to improve her English. For 3 evenings a week she would go to College to study English. I could not understand why she needed to learn English, as her English seemed perfect to me and better than many English people!

She would work the morning shift from 11 to 5 six days a week, a total of 36 hours. She would be paid the minimum wage of £4.50 an hour. Between them they would be taking home about £250 per week. The money would of course all be paid to Angela. Considering they were not paying any rent and only contributing to the food, it was not bad. Also Angela had thousands in savings so money was no problem.

The taxi pulled up outside the pub. It was a large Victorian building just outside the station. At one time it had been a fairly grim pub called the Tower Hotel. It had been renovated and bought up by a chain called The Goose. It was situated right next to Walthamstow station. It did a lot of trade from people coming straight out of the station on their way home.

There was no sign of life at all Angela knocked on the door repeatedly.

'I wonder where everyone is Mina' she said.

'Well Miss Angela, unlike in Norseland, there are licensing laws in England that apparently date from the First World War. I was doing some research Miss Angela. They open between 12.00 and 11.00 '

'Oh I forgot Mina. I always knew this country was living in the past. Look how old the houses are! Still I'll ring again'

Eventually a man answered the door He was very short with dark hair and stubble all over his face. He face was red and blotched as if he was suffering from a terrible hangover. He was dressed just in a short rather dirty looking dressing gown.

'Who is it?' he said rather rudely to the 2 glamorous women who stood in front of him. He looked such a wreck before them. Mina was much taller than him while Angela was at least 3' taller.

'I'm Miss Spiteful and this is Miss Popatoa .We've just arrived from Norseland yesterday'

'Oh yes' he yawned. I thought you were going to start tomorrow.'

'Well I've decided I'd like to have a look at the place today. Do you mind stepping aside?'

Without any hesitation she pushed past him followed by Mina. What a dump the place was, she thought! It had been renovated at considerable expense but the landlord, the man who answered the door, had not bothered to look after it. He was just content that there were enough customers coming in every day. She found out his name was Arnold and he was the dishevelled creature who answered the door!

As soon as she walked in she was conscious of the revolting smell of the place. It stank of stale beer, sweat and stale cigarette smoke. The floor underneath her boots was sticky from beer that customers had dropped. There were still dirty glasses everywhere that no one had bothered to wash up. She could see dirt and dust in every corner and the windows were thick with grime. She walked into the toilets. God this place stank! This was where she and Mina were supposed to spend the next 3 months at least!

She walked over to confront Arnold. She towered over him as she spoke.

'Arnold, this place is a bloody disgrace! In my country this place would be closed down by the Health Officers and you would spend 6 months in a Detention Centre for being filthy! Look at the state of this place. How dare you!'

He was not used to being spoken to in this aggressive way. In fact he was known to all his staff as 'Hitler’. He would employ lots of illegal labour so that he could sack them easily. All his staff were afraid of him. Yet like all bullies he was just really a coward. He was not used to a big strong woman like Angela telling him what to do'

'Well no one has complained yet' he said, trying to sound tough.

'Well it's about time they did then! Now Arnold, what's going to happen today is that you and the staff will clean this dump up. You will close the pub for customers the whole day. What’s more you will clean yourself up by shaving, washing and getting rid of that filthy dressing gown that stinks!'

'Look here, I'm the Manager here!'

She grabbed him by the throat in her leather gloved hand. He was shaking with fear under her powerful grip.

'Look, arsehole, you don't deserve to manage a public toilet! You will do as I say or this hand will go smashing across your dirty face .What's more you address me as Miss Spiteful and my associate as Miss Popatoa at all times. I’m Noreslandic it's pronounced Miss SHPEETEFULL. Say it now!

He made a pathetic attempt to pronounce it but it just showed he could not speak any other language but English.

'That was hopeless Arnold. Get your filthy body out of my sight now!'

He ran upstairs knowing she meant exactly as she said.

'Right Mina it looks as if I'm going to be taking over this rat-hole. I'm going to start by closing it down completely for today for cleaning. No customer should have to put up with this dirt!. Let’s start with the glasses. I bet they're all filthy. We might have to order new ones altogether. I want you to clear all the glasses and then put them in the cleaning machine in boiling water.'

Mina dutifully did as she was told putting every single glass in boiling water and detergent until they glistened. She carried on working away under Angela's supervision.

Soon Arnold appeared. He had cleaned himself up and was moderately smartly dressed though not really up to Angela's high standards.

'Well Arnold you look okay, I suppose, a little less dirty than before. I want you to get on your hands and knees and do some work for a change. That toilet needs cleaning out, get some bleach some overalls and get cleaning !'

He was not used to being spoken to like this as the Manager of the pub. He was not used to doing any manual work at all.

He hesitated at first. She grabbed him by the hair. He let out a terrible scream of anguish.


'You either do as I tell you or this boot is going straight into your balls. Now what are you going to do?

'I'll do as you say' he said looking so dejected.

'There's a little word that comes at the end of every sentence - it's Yes, what?'


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