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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 6 - Angela Takes Over At Work

Angela stood there in the pub 'The Granite' as Mina expertly cleaned every single glass until they positively shone. Years of practice had meant that she was expert at cleaning. They were now the cleanest glasses you could ever see. They positively sparkled all over - it was amazing! Yet at the same time Angela would order her to get some new glasses altogether. Her intention was to totally transform this pub. She even thought that it could become part of the Votans, a chain of Norselandic bars, which could take over the pub with her as Manager.

At the same time the former 'manager' Arnold was cleaning the toilet out on his hands and knees. Angela was disgusted about everything about him, his incompetence as a manager and his whole appearance. She was determined to take over his job completely and reduce him to being a mere employee. In fact she thought him so filthy that she might not even let him serve at the bar but might just make him a permanent toilet attendant, whose duties would include cleaning the toilet, changing the toilet paper and perhaps giving various perfumes to customers. That was really all that he was fit for.

She decided to see how he was getting on by telling Mina to have a look at him.

'Mina dear, go and see how Arnold is doing. I want that toilet spotless! You have my full permission to do whatever you want with him!'

Mina being a Papian slave to Angela relished the opportunity to dominate someone else. Even though Papians are small and weak compared to Norselanders, compared to other people they are quite big .When Papians visit the Philippines or Thailand with their Norselandic Mistresses and Masters, they are certainly bigger than Filipinos and Thais especially the women. Mina could not wait to get her own back on Arnold especially as he was supposed to be her manager!

She walked into the toilet and could see Arnold on his hands and knees. He was obviously totally unaccustomed to manual work as he was making a complete mess of it. The toilet bowl was full of dirt still, the floor was still filthy and there was still a mess in the washbasins.

She was wearing leather gloves that Angela had given her as she did not want to touch his dirty hair with her bare hands. She grabbed him hard by the hair in her leather gloved hands.

'Arnold, you are absolutely bloody hopeless. You have no idea about cleaning, do you? You'd better start getting your back into it, because if this place is still a mess in an hour's time not only will you get the end of my high heels in your testicles, I will put your face right down the toilet bowl and flush the water after I have urinated, is that understood?'

'Yes I understand!’ he groaned as she was almost pulling his hair out by the roots.

'Yes what?' she screamed pulling his hair even harder, really enjoying taking out her whole lifetime of servitude on him. He was now really afraid of this vicious dusky beauty.

'YES MISS POPATOA!' he yelled as she was enjoying every minute of her new found power.

She went back to her Mistress Angela.

'I told that bastard if that toilet is not spotless he's in deep shit, literally !'

'That was great Mina - isn't domination wonderful? Especially as you're so used to being dominated yourself. Remember though Mina you can tell him and the staff what to do, but you will always be my slave and inferior to Norselanders. Is that understood?'

'Yes certainly Miss Angela' she said meekly.

It was now nearly 10.00 and the time when the staff were due to arrive. Angela had found out beforehand that they were all South Africans: 2 women and a man. Angela had discovered that the bars in London all tended to employ foreign workers. This was because the wages were so low that only foreigners would work for those wages. In Norseland by contrast, bar work was regarded as a high status job, barpersons had to be qualified, were very smartly dressed and had to be treated with respect by customers, at the same time as treating customers with extreme respect.

The 3 employees walked in just after 10.00 to see a gorgeous dark-skinned woman cleaning the glasses and a tall blonde leather clad woman standing before them. The name of one of the girls was Marta. She was fairly short and blonde. The other was Marlena. She was very short and dark. They both seemed quite sweet and submissive, just the sort of employees Angela liked. The man's name was Rick. Rick, on the other hand, was a really fat, scruffy specimen. He was wearing a 'uniform' that consisted of a dirty white shirt and greasy black trousers. It was clear he had not bothered to wash or shave properly that morning.They were all afraid of their boss Arnold - how would they feel about him cleaning the toilets?

Angela stood in front of all 3 of them really towering over all of them.

'Good morning, I'm Angela Spiteful and this is my associate Mina Popatoa. As you may know, I'm from Norseland the greatest country in the world. Miss Popatoa comes from Papia the neighbouring country. Naturally, as a Papian, she is my slave.'

'I will be your Supervisor and Manager from now on. When I am away Miss Popatoa will be your Supervisor; she is my slave but as far as you are concerned she is your Boss and you do as she says.'

'You will do exactly as I say at all times. You will address me as Miss Spiteful and my associate as Miss Popatoa at all times. Arnold is no longer your boss. Arnold has shown that he is completely incompetent, not fit to manage a public toilet. In fact he's cleaning the toilet now and according to Miss Popatoa he can't even do that properly. Are you clear that from now on I'm the Boss?'

'You address me as Miss Spiteful pronounced SHPEETEFUL at all times. Is that understood completely?'

Martha and Marlena tried to pronounce her name as well as they could. They were naturally terrified of her.

'Yes Miss Spiteful 'they said together trying to pronounce it .

Angela walked over to Rick.

'Rick do you have problems saying 'Yes Miss Spiteful?'

'Look here, you bitch! You've just arrived here and you think you can tell us what to do. Who the hell do you think you are? Arnold is our boss, not you! Why don't you go back to Norseland. That's the trouble with you Norselanders, you're so bloody arrogant! I’ve met some of you before and you think you own the world!'

With one move she brought her leather gloved hand right down his crotch. He let out a loud cry of pain.


'I am your Boss from now on and you'd better believe it. I have just arrived in this country and have found that this pub is a disgrace with dirty glasses everywhere. If you had done your job properly you would have cleaned this place.

'Yes, we Norselanders are very bossy people and think we should run the world, because we are the greatest country on earth and we are superior and you'd better believe it!'

'You have a serious attitude and obedience problem; also, you look absolutely filthy. When I have dealt with you, you will change, wash and shave. You will NEVER come to work looking like that ever again! Do you understand?'

'Yes I understand' he said groaning with pain as Angela continued to squeeze his testicles.

Suddenly her hand went crashing hard across his face.



'Yes who?'

'YES MISS SPITEFUL!' he screamed

She continued to hold him by the crotch while Marta and Marlena looked on in horror.

'Do you know what you deserve?'

'No Miss Spiteful!' he whimpered in terror.

'I believe as a Supervisor that disobedience should be nipped in the bud! You need a damned good no holds barred thrashing!'

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!' he whimpered tears going down his eyes.

'Take your trousers off now, position yourself over the bar now! You're getting 3 hard strokes of the leather crop. Marta and Marlena you will watch every minute of this, as this what I will do to you as well, if you are defiant or disobedient in any way. Do you understand?'

'Yes Miss Spiteful'! they both said together.

'Strip down and take your trousers down in front of me'

'Yes Miss Spiteful'

He did exactly as he was told exposing his miserable body and penis and balls to her and to Marta, Marlena and Mina.

He bent right over the bar exposing his bare arse and ball sac. Angela ordered Mina to hold him down by the hair. This she did with great relish. She had experienced Angela's crop so many times in the past that it was wonderful to see someone else suffering. She knew that Angela was a brilliant thrasher and could hit with terrible and deadly accuracy!

'You are going to experience some very serious Corporal Punishment as the penalty for defiance and insubordination and for coming to work looking like that. You will count every stroke or you will get it even harder again!'

'Mina I want you to hold him down by the hair. I bet you're glad to see someone else being thrashed for a change!'

'Oh I am !!It's marvellous to see someone else feeling pain Miss Angela!'

Angela positioned the crop just above the testicles. She moved it up and down. He was shaking with terror.

Suddenly she brought it down with terrible force


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!' he bellowed so that the whole area could hear.


A huge weal went right across his arse. Tears ere now rolling down his face.

She positioned the crop just above the weal. She was determined to hit with the most deadly accuracy.




He was now almost unconscious with pain, screaming for all he was worth.

'Keep still Rick for the last one; I'm glad you're feeling plenty of pain!'

With one sudden move she brought the crop down hard at the top of his bottom. It was the hardest stroke of all cutting right into the flesh and drawing blood.




'Right Mina let him go!'

Mina let him go as he fell in a heap on the floor bellowing with pain for all he was worth. Angela had done a brilliant job thrashing him.

She pulled him off the floor by the hair in her powerful hands.

'Rick you got exactly what you deserved and I enjoyed every minute!'

'You're going to have to learn that I'm your Boss and I expect complete and total obedience! You'd better learn the Six Rules. These apply to all of you so Marta and Marlena, I hope you're listening too.'

'Firstly all orders given by me and my associate Miss Popatoa, are to be obeyed immediately without any question.'

'Secondly you will address me as Miss Spiteful at all times. The word comes at the end of every sentence; you will address my associate as Miss Popatoa at all times.'

'Thirdly you will only speak to me when spoken to. I am not interested in your opinions or what you think .You are just her to obey and work'

'Fourth, you will arrive on time every day. For every minute you are late you will receive a stroke of the crop. At the end of your shift you will only leave when I give you permission and after the place is spotless.'

'Fifth, you will dress smartly at all times wearing a clean uniform and tie.'

'Sixth, you will treat all Customers with respect. In my country the Customer is Queen and King. They are the ones who pay your wages!'

'These are the Six Rules, they will be posted on the wall in the changing room and the slightest infringement will earn you a cropping. I believe in zero tolerance. Is that understood?

'YES MISS SPITEFUL! 'all 4 of them said at once.

'Now is there a first aid kit here Marta?'

'There's one in the changing room Miss Spiteful.’ said Marta.

'Right Marta you will bandage up his bottom!'

'After that Rick, you will change and come back washed, shaved and with a clean shirt and tie. You will return in exactly 20 minutes! If I ever see you in that state again I will crop you hard right in front of the customers with your pants down!'

'Do you understand?'

'YES MISS SPITEFUL!' he yelled still in complete agony.

'Marta take him away NOW!'

She did exactly as she was told helping him up from the floor.

Angela then walked over to Marlena.

She towered over her and she felt so inferior in the presence of her mighty Boss.

'Marlena there's a spot on that blouse. In fact that blouse is filthy. Go home and change now. You look like a slut. If I ever see you with a spot on your blouse again. I will rip the blouse off you and tear it up! You will be back in 20 minutes or you face the crop for every minute you are late!'

'Yes Miss Spiteful!' she said absolutely terrified out of her wits. She ran out of the door as fast as he could.

'Well Mina I'm determined to stamp my authority from the very beginning I believe as I have said that disobedience and defiance should be firmly nipped in the bud!'

'You were wonderful Miss Angela. You showed your total authority!’ said Mina in admiration.

I certainly did, Mina ! I'm now determined to deal with Arnold the former manager and take his job. I wonder how he's getting on in that toilet!'


To continue this story, visit Episode 7.

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