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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 7 - The New Manager and Supervisor

Angela stood next to her slave Mina knowing that she was now in complete control .She had established her power in only a few hours of taking control of the pub and putting the fear of God into the staff. Rick had just experienced a damned good thrashing and Marta was now bandaging up his bottom that was red and sore. Marlena had been sent home after Angela had seen dirt on her blouse. She had 20 minutes to return or else! Arnold, the former Manager, was now on his hands and knees cleaning the toilet. Angela and her Papian slave Mina were going to inspect him and God help him if that toilet was not absolutely spotless!

Marta returned after bandaging up Rick's sore bottom.

'Well, have you bandaged his sore bottom up Marta?'

'Yes Miss Spiteful. His bottom was really very sore!'

Angela grabbed her by the neck in her leather gloved hands.

'Marta I do hope you're not feeling sorry for Rick because if you are I shall give you a good thrashing as well. He got exactly what he deserved and I thoroughly enjoyed thrashing him and will happily do it again! Do you understand me, Marta?'

'Yes Miss Spiteful he got exactly what he deserved and he was lucky only to get 3 strokes!'

'I could have given him 30 strokes because I am the new Manager and Supervisor here and I shall do exactly what I want. Now you will clean all the tables Marta; I want them cleaned until they positively glisten. Once you have cleaned them you will start cleaning them all over again. You will not stop until I tell you; now get to work and if I catch you slacking for one second you'll feel the crop!'

She went to work at once with a cloth, hot water and polish knowing full well the terrible penalty for disobedience!

'Right Rick, come here!’ Angela ordered.

He walked towards her sweating with fear and pain clutching his raw backside. Tears were welling up in his eyes.

'Rick, stop feeling sorry for yourself. You got exactly what you deserved! So you will clean yourself up, change your shirt, wash thoroughly and present yourself back to me in 20 minutes. You will receive the crop for every minute you are late. Now get going!’she shouted

'Now let's see how that lazy good-for-nothing Arnold is getting on, shall we Mina? He'd better be doing a good job or he'll be punished too!'

Angela and Mina walked into the toilet where Arnold, the former Manager, was supposed to be cleaning. He was obviously not used to manual work of any kind because Mina had been in before and saw what a mess he was making and he had hardly improved!

'Well Mina you came before and found that he was doing a miserable job. Can you see any improvement?'

'No I can't Mistress Angela. In fact I told him that if this place was still dirty I would put my heel into his testicles and shove his face down the toilet after I had urinated!'

'That's an excellent idea for him, Mina' said Angela as she drove the heel of her boot hard into his neck, pushing it down onto the floor that was covered in dirty water.

'Not only can he not manage a pub but he is incapable of cleaning a toilet properly. Look at this toilet! There’s dirty water all over the floor and there's still dirt in the toilet bowl. You are an incompetent idiot, Arnold!’

'What are you?’ she screamed right in his face.

'I'm an incompetent idiot!' he shouted back, just about able to talk with his face ground into the floor

'You forgot the correct form of address - Its yes who?'

'YES MISS SPITEFUL' he screamed, his face ground even harder into the dirty water on the floor so that the whole street could hear.

'Right Mina would you like to drive your heel into his testicles?'

‘I really would Mistress Angela it’s lovely to be able to dominate someone else for a change. I just want to drive my heel hard into his ball sac!'

'Go ahead Mina, enjoy yourself!'

With that she drove the heel of her shoe hard into his scrotum enjoying every second of pleasure. It was wonderful to beat someone else for a change!

He let out a piercing yell that could probably be heard at least a mile away


'I really enjoyed that Mistress Angela. I'd love to get some more opportunities to do some ball busting!'

'Don't worry as my Associate Manager you will have lots of opportunities to do some serious ball busting and punish those girls if either of them disobey you!'

'Now Mina you said you wanted to urinate and then push his face down the bowl for being so dirty!'

'Oh I'd love to Mistress Angela. In fact I would love to pee now!'

Then I’ll hold him outside while you go to the toilet'

With that Angela dragged him outside while Mina went to the toilet.

'Right Mistress Angela I'm ready for him now!'

Angela handed him over to her as she dragged his head right into the toilet bowl that was full of her urine'

'He won't be any dirtier than he was already!’she smiled as she held his face down for 2 minutes. He was almost choking and felt he would soon be drowning. She then flushed the toilet pushing his face right down the toilet bowl and enjoying every second of it!

She pulled him back and handed him over to her Mistress.

'Well Arnold you have been well and truly humiliated by me and my associate Mina You've deserved every second of it you dirty scumbag haven't you?'

'Yes Miss Spiteful' he said, his face absolutely soaked.

'I have news for you, Arnold, I have just taken over your job. From now on I'm the Manager and Supervisor and you are just a member of staff! Do you understand?'

'Yes Miss Spiteful!' he said knowing he had no option but to agree with her every word.

'And I will be taking over your flat upstairs with my associate, Miss Popatoa. You have three days to move out. You've probably been living here rent free so you can easily find somewhere else to live. I've been staying with a friend and I would like to find my own accommodation. Your flat now belongs to me. Do you understand?’

Yes Miss Spiteful' he replied knowing he had to agree with every word she said.

'From now on you're going to be a toilet slave do you understand?

'Yes Miss Spiteful'.

‘That means you will be spending all your time cleaning the toilet and looking after customers in the toilet by giving them perfumes and cosmetics. That’s all you’re fit for, Arnold. What's more you will pay me your salary as the Manager while you will be living on the minimum wage. You will see what it's like to be on the minimum wage as you've been paying it to other people. Do you understand?' she said grabbing him hard by the hair.

'Yes Miss Spiteful!' he groaned

'Right Arnold you have an hour to clean this toilet out until you can eat a meal off the floor. If it's not spotless within an hour I will shove your face in the toilet bowl and give you 6 strokes of the crop. After that you will clean it out with your tongue! Is that understood?'

'Yes Miss Spiteful' he replied feeling the pain as she grabbed his hair.

'I think I want to go to the toilet now; Mina take him outside!'

Angela urinated in the bowl and then ordered him inside She then pushed his face hard into the toilet bowl until he was almost drowning.

'Come on Arnold swallow and clean it up now!'

She held his face down in the bowl for about 5 minutes His face was drenched. She then pushed his face right down the bowl again as she flushed out the toilet.

She pulled him up once more

'Well Arnold are you going to clean this toilet out thoroughly?'

'Yes Miss Spiteful!' he groaned.

Angela and Mina left him there as they walked back into the pub. Marta was cleaning the tables while Marlena had returned after she had washed and changed.

Angela stood before Marlena who was shaking with fear in front of her new Supervisor'

'You're looking quite smart this time with your new blouse, Marlena. The only problem is that you're late. I told you to return in 20 minutes and you've been away for 23 minutes. I've got a stop watch and I have made a note of how long you've been away!'

'I'm so sorry Miss Spiteful please could you let me off it's just I live quite a long way. I came as quickly as I could!

'Marlena I believe in zero tolerance - that means I do not tolerate any misdemeanours at all. If you misbehave you will be punished!'

'Please don't crop me Miss Spiteful I'll never do it again!' she whined.

'You're getting 3 strokes of the crop, it's as simple as that. I will not tolerate disobedience at all. Bend over and position yourself over the bar!'


She immediately did as she was told positioning herself right over the bar. Mina held her down by her hair.

'Right Marlena you will count every stroke or you get it again! Is that understood?'

'Yes Miss Spiteful! she groaned.

Angela positioned the crop just above her virgina; with one movement she brought it crashing down with full force.




'Are you going to be a good girl and arrive on time?'

YES MISS SPITEFUL! 'she screamed at the top of her voice.



Do you realise you've been a very naughty girl?'

YES MISS SPITEFUL!' she screamed even louder.




Right Mina let her go!

Marlena fell down on the floor clutching her sore bottom and screaming for all she was worth. She was in utter agony. Angela ignored her screams as they meant nothing to her at all.

'Are you going to be a god girl and learn to be on time?'

Yes Miss Spiteful!' she wailed

'Good! Now you can get a bucket and some cleaning liquid and clean every window. You will not stop until they are sparkling. Is that understood?'

Yes Miss Spiteful!’she said still clutching her bottom. She could hardly walk after her thrashing and hobbled across the room to collect the bucket.

Just then Rick came rushing in. He was sweating all over He had just changed and washed. He was actually looking quite smart for the first time.

Angela walked over to him.

'You look quite smart now, Rick, it's amazing what a thrashing can do isn't it?'

Yes Miss Spiteful’ he said bowing his head in submission.

'Now, Rick, I want you to clean this floor You will be doing it on your hands and knees. You will clean every centimetre of this floor using a knife to remove the dirt and grease. If I see one speck of dirt when I return tonight you will get a really sound thrashing!'


Angela had all her staff or slaves working away. Marta was cleaning the tables, Marlena the windows Rick was cleaning the floor and Arnold was cleaning the toilet. Mina carried on cleaning the glasses.

'Right you slaves!' Angela said.

'I will be here until 5.00 pm and I will come back at 11.00 pm. I want this pub so clean you can eat off the floor!


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