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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 8 - Angela's First Days as a Manager

Angela walked around the pub relishing her sense of total and absolute power. She knew her staff or 'slaveants' were totally terrified of her and rightly so. She knew that they feared her and recognised her total superiority.

She walked over to Marta who was cleaning the tables, standing over her just to humiliate her. Marta worked as hard as she could, not daring to stop for a second; she had cleaned all the tables 3 times. However she would just have to clean them over and over again until they positively glistened. Angela inspected the tables, going through each corner with a magnifying glass just to see if she could find a spot of dirt!

She then went over to Marlena who was cleaning the windows. She was having great difficulty as she had just received 3 strokes of the leather crop across her backside. She was having difficulty standing up and there were tears in her eyes. She was cleaning the windows using a bucket of water that was now filthy.

'God those windows look filthy! They look as if they have not cleaned in weeks. What’s more you will change that water now. How can you clean windows in dirty water! Don’t you know anything about cleaning at all! You’d better clean those windows until they are shining! If I see you cleaning windows with filthy water again I will push your head into it.'


Without any hesitation Marlena ran off absolutely terrified of the punishment that would await her if they were not pristine clean. At the same time she clutched her bottom as the pain from the thrashing was now getting worse than ever.

Angela then walked over to Rick. It was clear that he was not using his full effort cleaning the floor. It was covered in dirty water and the mess was getting worse as his trousers were covered in dirty water.

'Rick you have no idea how to clean a floor at all. You are supposed to go backwards so you don’t get your trousers dirty .Also the floor should not be covered in dirty water. You're supposed to squeeze the sponge and put the dirty water into the bucket. You've got no idea, have you?’

'I'm sorry Miss Spiteful our standards are not as high as yours in Norseland.'

'I know they're not so you'd better not be cheeky about my Nation! Of course our standards are higher because we are the best in the world and you'd better believe it. Now, get that water changed or you'll get 6 strokes of the crop! After that you will go home and change your trousers!'


Angela then walked over to Mina. She was still cleaning the glasses; she had already cleaned them all six times. She knew that if she was ordered to clean glasses she had to carry on cleaning them until her Mistress told her to stop.

'Right Mina I want those glasses to be positively glistening. As you are more experienced at cleaning I expect a perfect job; I will be satisfied with nothing less. You also have to understand, Mina, that although you are my Associate Manager that does not mean you can't be beaten. I will still thrash you and I don't care how much pain you feel, is that understood?'

'Yes Mistress Angela I will always do exactly as you say!'

'You'd better Mina because you're my slave just like everyone else who works here!'

It was now time to inspect Arnold the former Manager and now the toilet slave.

As she entered the toilet Arnold was on his hands and knees, she did notice some improvement. There was no doubt that the toilet was much cleaner than before and the toilet bowl was nearly spotless. It was amazing what the threat of having your head shoved down the bowl and 6 strokes of the cane could achieve!

Yet it was still not up to Angela's standards. There was still some dirt in the sink and there was some graffiti still on the door. She grabbed him hard by the hair.

'Arnold you incompetent bastard! I see that this toilet is still not up to my standards of cleanliness!'

'Please Miss Spiteful your Norselandic standards of cleanliness are so high!'

'I know they are much higher than your English standards aren't they?'

'Yes much higher Miss Spiteful!' making sure he agreed with every word.

'And what did I say would happen if the toilet was not clean enough?'

'I would get my head pushed down the toilet bowl and would get 6 stokes of the crop Miss Spiteful!’he groaned.

'And what exactly did I say would happen to you after that you areshole?'

'I would have to clean out the toilet with my tongue' he groaned at the prospect.

That's exactly what you're going to get Arnold because I wanted to thrash you the first minute I saw you!'


'I don't believe in showing mercy. I believe, as a Manager, in complete zero tolerance! Now put your face into that bowl now! Don’t put it into the water as I want to hear you count every single stroke!'

She pushed his face down into the toilet bowl with her leather gloved hand.

'You will count every stroke or you get it again you maggot!'

She positioned the crop just above his ball sac as he lay with his head in the bowl shivering with fear.

With one mighty move she brought the crop down hard.




'Right you'll get the next 2 one after the other. Hold still!'

He was shaking in total terror as she brought the crop down 3 times in succession





He was in such agony that he had almost forgotten to count,




2 more to go Arnold hold still!'

She positioned the crop at the top of his buttocks moving it so he could feel the torment.

Suddenly she brought the crop down twice really hard so that she could draw blood.



YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!' he bellowed in a rage of pain as blood came pouring down his cheeks in a torrent.

He was bellowing with pain, his face right down in the bowl as he lay in such misery. He had never suffered such pain and humiliation in his life before.

She dragged him up from the bowl by his hair. He was now literally shivering in pure terror.

'Now you are in agony, as I can see. You will clean this toilet out with your tongue. I don't care if it takes you all night I want this place spotless and I mean spotless!''

'Now take all those cleaning items away and get working with your tongue NOW!'

He did exactly as he was told clutching his backside in pure agony as he started to clean the floor just with his tongue.

She strutted out into the pub; all four of the staff were working away dreading the prospect of a beating like that received by their former Boss. They dreaded the prospect of the same thing happening to them as well!

'Listen slaves, I will be in the room next door so don't you dare stop work for one second or you will feel the end of my crop! Now get working! If I come out and see you've stopped you will definitely feel this crop hard!'

They knew that she meant exactly what she said. All the staff had been cropped with the exception of Marta. The way she was working if those tables were not spotless she would also feel the crop too!

Angela went into the side room beside the pub. She wanted to write out her Rules for the Staff and the Rules for the Customers.

She would post the Rules for Staff as follows:


1. You will obey every single one of my orders without question. You are effectively my slave from now on and you will do exactly as you are told at all times. My word is Law. When I am away my Associate, Miss Popatoa, will be the Manager.

2. You will address me as Miss Spiteful at all times. The word comes at the end of every sentence you utter. You will address my Associate as Miss Popatoa.

3. You will only speak when you are spoken to; I am not interested in your opinions on anything. As far as I am concerned you are here just to work.

4. You will arrive exactly on time which is 9.00 am for the morning shift and 5.00 pm for the evening shift. You will leave when I give you permission. The evening shift will only leave when the place is spotless and every single glass and table is cleaned thoroughly.

5. You will dress smartly and cleanly at all times. I do not tolerate scruffy dress at all!

6. You will treat all customers with respect As far as you are concerned the customer is Queen and King. If I hear any complaints you are in very deep trouble!

7. You are forbidden to talk amongst yourselves at all. You are here to work and serve customers and that is all!

Infringement of the rules will earn you a very severe cropping. I will use whatever force is necessary to enforce my will. Don't think of resistance as I am much bigger and more powerful than the whole lot of you put together!




Angela then wrote the Rules of the Bar as follows. Soon they would be posted on the door and all over the pub.


This pub is now under new Management and I, Miss Spiteful, have taken control. These rules are for your own happiness and convenience.

1. My orders are to be obeyed without question. If I order you to leave the premises you must leave at once or face the consequences which will include me becoming physical with you and beating you if necessary. I can be easily recognised as I am a very big tall woman dressed in leather at all times. I will be wearing a name badge MISS SPITEFUL. When you enter the Bar you will greet me by saying 'Good evening Miss Spiteful.'

2. Misbehaviour and drunkenness of any kind will not be tolerated. If I find anyone misbehaving, such as becoming aggressive or swearing, I will personally evict them from the premises.

3. In order to combat drunkenness you are expected to eat every time you drink. This bar will soon be transformed into a restaurant as well so no one will come here just to get drunk. I will soon have a range of delicious Norselandic snacks such as smorgasbord and fries on the menu you can choose from.

4. You will pay at the end of the evening on a tab as you do in my country. This means that I will be able to keep careful control how much you drink. You will not be able to have more than 4 alcoholic drinks in one night.

5. All customers will be clean. If I see you have made a mess in the toilet you will clean it up yourself.

6. Smoking will only be allowed in a very small designated area. Eventually it will be banned altogether as it is in all public places in my Nation.

7. You will be waited on at the table by my bar staff they are expected to give an excellent service They are completely under my control so if you have the slightest complaint about them please tell me and I shall personally punish them. If necessary I will thrash them right in front of you!

This pub will be totally transformed into a Norselandic bar and restaurant. It will keep its name the Granite for now but it will soon be transformed and given a Noreslandic name. The menu will be changed to healthy Norselandic food only. Soon I will put on a full range of Norselandic entertainment such as Cowboy Barbecues and a Viking Feast.

A New Order has begun!


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