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The Valkyrie

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Episode 1 - A Judicial Punishment




Episode 9 - Angela's New Slave, Stephen

Angela and Mina left the pub at 5.00 pm. Before she left she ordered the staff to stand to attention for an Inspection Parade. These would be held regularly and would involve the staff standing in a line in front of their new Manager and Supervisor. She would walk along them hitting her boot with Her leather crop just to put the fear of God into them. All four of them stood there sweating with fear not knowing what their Mistress would do next.

'Right I'm going away now to have my evening meal with my Associate Miss Popatoa. You will carry on working, cleaning up this pub. I want it spotless and I mean spotless; I don't want to see one speck of dirt anywhere.

'I shall be coming back with a Dirt Detector which can spot even a speck of dirt. I will be putting you all through a Cleanliness Inspection so if you score less than 80% registered by the Detector you're in deep trouble! You will get a stroke of the crop for every point you are below the pass mark!'

'What's more you are all now under the Staff Rules. That means there is no talking amongst you. You are employed to work and that's all you do all day. Talking is not permitted.You only ever speak when you are spoken to by me or Miss Poatoa. Is that totally understood?'

'YES MISS SPITEFUL' they all said at once.

She walked over to the former Manager Arnold. He looked so puny besides Her huge leather magnificence, she could tell that he really felt really sick after spending the last 2 hours cleaning the toilet out with his tongue.

'So how does it feel being a toilet slave after being the Manager, Arnold?'

'I feel totally humiliated and beaten Miss Spiteful'

'You will Arnold but that's your role in life. From now on cleaning out the toilets is all you're fit for. Do you understand? Also you will move out of your flat in 3 days as I will be moving in with Miss Popatoa. Is that understood?'

'Yes Miss Spiteful' he groaned knowing she had totally beaten and overpowered him.

'Also Arnold do you have any trouble with customers here?'

'Well Miss Spiteful we do sometimes have some rough customers particularly on Monday nights when the dog racing at Walthamstow stadium takes place'

She grabbed him by the hair.

'So why do you let them in, Arnold?

'Well because they spend money in the pub'

Her mighty hand crashed across his face as blood came pouring out of his nostrils.



'Why did I slap you then?'

'Because I forgot to say Miss Spiteful, Miss Spiteful!'

'And do you let people in who are scruffily dressed too?'

'Sometimes Miss Spiteful'

'All you care about is making money! There's more to running pub and bar than making money!'

'I'm sorry Miss Spiteful' he said dejectedly knowing as usual she was right as always.

'Right there will be a new Rule. You will get these Rules printed first thing tomorrow morning Arnold'

‘Yes Miss Spiteful!'


Anyone scruffily dressed, dirty-looking or weird in anyway will not be allowed in the bar. Only smartly dressed, clean, normal people will be allowed in this bar.



'Get back to cleaning that toilet with your tongue now!'

She turned to Mina

'Well Mina let's see how Stephen is getting on cleaning his house!'


I had been spending the entire day cleaning my house and I had not stopped for a second. I had cleaned and cleaned until the whole house was shining. I knew that Angela would check every corner so I cleaned everywhere even going underneath the bed and the cooker. The whole place began to reek of bleach and detergent but still I did not stop. The very thought of a Tongue Lashing and a Thrashing from Angela was enough to make me work without stopping. It did not matter how many times I cleaned a particular place I just cleaned it over again. Anything was better than facing the anger of Angela!

I heard the front door bell ring. My heart thumped hard, knowing what might face me becasue I was about to undergo a full cleanliness inspection

Angela stood in front of me. She looked so wonderful dressed in her tight leather jacket, silk scarf, tight lycra trousers, leather gloves and calf length boots. At the same time she looked really threatening with the crop around her waist. She really towered over me with her superior size and strength. I knew how her staff must feel!

She suddenly grabbed me by the hair and then forced Her tongue hard down my throat. I was almost choking as she pushed it in even further than ever. At the same time, she dug her nails into my pantsuit causing an incredible combination of pleasure and pain!

'Well Stephen that was a Norse Kiss or NK as we call it. If you're a bad boy you'll get a Norse Thrashing. It's absolute Hell and I've administered three today. Also Mina has experienced plenty of them haven't you Mina?'

'Yes Mistress Angela. They were extremely painful and I hated every second but, at the same time, I deserved them and I am grateful Mistress for you correcting my bad habits' she said knowing full well she had to agree with every word her Mistress said.

'I shall begin the Inspection using my Dirt Detector. In my Nation we have regular Inspections carried out by Social Officers. My SO Jens regularly inspects my flat so I keep it pristine clean as I know the dreadful penalties if he finds any dirt. I have experienced NTs myself from him so I know exactly what it's like!'

She walked upstairs to begin her Inspection. Those 20 minutes were the worst of my life. I just dreaded the horrible prospect of a leather crop crashing down on my arse. I was literally sweating with terror. Mina stood beside me knowing exactly what I was going through. She smiled at me sympathizing with me, at the same time she was not allowed to speak to me during the Inspection. If I was to be cropped I would be getting exactly what I deserved according to Angela.

Eventually the Inspection was over. I could hear Angela come down the stars. I was now literally sweating all over, terrified that I might have failed the Inspection. I was now actually crying with fear.

Yet as she walked towards me I could see that she was actually smiling. Maybe I had passed the Inspection!

'Stephen you can stop crying now. I have very good news for you .You have passed the Inspection your flat is very clean you have scored 85% Come on sweetheart, let me give you a long slow Norse Kiss!'

With that, she grabbed me by the hair even harder than before. She pushed her tongue hard down my throat until I was almost choking. At the same time she masturbated me hard making me come in my trousers. She held me like that for at least 10 minutes. It began to really hurt. Still it was better than the alternative a Norse Thrashing!

'You enjoyed that didn't you Stephen darling .Well I'm afraid that's as intimate as I can get as I'm only allowed by Law to have intimate sexual relations with Norse Men. I could get into really serious trouble from the Royal Overseas Judges if I was found out having sexual relations with an Oslander. Besides Stephen as you can see I am very big and strong and I would probably cripple you if I went any further. Do you understand Stephen?'

'Yes Mistress Angela'

'Mina here can have full relations with you. You would like to debauch Stephen wouldn’t you Mina?'

'I'd love to Mistress Angela. I can wait to debauch him!'

'You will have plenty of opportunities to debauch Stephen. In fact I want you to do it right in front of me so I can watch you masturbate him! Now I'm absolutely starving Mina. I want you to go and cook my meal with Stephen I want 2 huge pieces of fried chicken, 2 slices of liver, a huge bowl of creamed potatoes and a large bowl of barbecued beans. Make sure it's ready in 20 minutes and not a second later!

'I will be taking a lovely long shower and I want it ready by the time I come out!'

Both of us rushed to the kitchen. Mina was an expert cook. She also knew how to cook quickly as her Mistress did not tolerate lateness and wanted her meals on time!

Mina said 'You must feel so relieved to have escaped a Norse Thrashing from Mistress. Mistress is extremely strict but very kind and fair. I feel so fortunate to be a Papian and to be dominated by Noreslanders like her. They are such wonderful people and Noresland really is the greatest country on earth. The Norse Men are so fantastic as well so big and strong with huge penises!'

'I agree Mina .I’m a member of NAS the Norselandic Admiration Society and it is a condition of membership that I acknowledge the superiority of Norseland and Norselanders. I really look forward to travelling there and staying with Mistress!'

'You will have a lovely time. I also want you to come to Papoa and stay with my family if Mistress will allow it.

'Anyway we haven't time to talk. I will cook the chicken pieces; you will cut up the liver and then cut the potatoes. Remember Mistress’s standards are very high indeed. She will not tolerate bad cooking of any kind! I will show you how to cook the fried chicken to perfection so it's brown but not burnt.'

Soon the meal was ready. Angela came out of the bathroom showing her well-toned body beneath her silk bathrobe.

'Right I'm ready to eat now, Stephen. You will lay the table while Mina, you can wait on me.'

We awaited Angela's verdict on the food anxiously both feeling scared we might be in for a Thrashing if she didn’t like it.'

She stood up and caressed me.

'Well Stephen that was lovely! You have been a good boy haven't you. You have cooked a lovely meal with Mina and you have done a good job cleaning your flat. Don't be too complacent as you may be thrashed if you ever do something to displease me. I am very strict but loving and kind; from now on you must regard yourself as my slave and property. I will own you just like I own Mina. You must serve me at all times and do exactly as I tell you.'

'Also Stephen, Mina and I will be moving out in three days time. I will be living with Mina in the flat above the pub. Arnold who used to be the manager will be moving out or else. That does not mean you can do as you like. As my slave, everything you have belongs to me. That means this house is now mine and I will be doing regular Cleanliness Inspections. Also you will be helping out in the pub whenever I need you. I will need help with the accounts which is something you know about. Do you understand?'

'Yes Mistress Angela I will be a very good and obedient slave to you. I recognise your total superiority in everything!

'You'd better or else! Now we have to change to go back to the pub. Mina I want you to look like my AssociateManager. You will wear your skin tight leather sahini and calf length high heel boots. I want you to strike terror into the staff'

'Certainly Mistress Angela I thought I'd wear lots of make up too Mistress!'

'That would be a good idea Mina! Come on let's get changed!'

They were soon ready. They both looked stunning. Angela was wearing a tight leather cat suit and high heeled boots She was also wearing the traditional black silk scarf. She was carrying a whip and was also wearing tight leather gloves.

Mina also looked really gorgeous in her skin tight leather sahini that clung to her skin.

'Don't we just look fantastic Stephen?' Angela said as she held me by the neck with Her mouth close to mine as She caressed my crotch with her other hand.

'You certainly do Mistress Angela' I said groaning as she massaged my penis and testicles.

'We're going back to the pub. Be a good boy! I will do some exercises now, Mina, and you can eat. You have 15 minutes.'

I went to the kitchen with Mina She brushed her leather sahini against me and put her leather gloved hand and felt my scrotum.

Mina said 'Come on Stephen I will be making love to you very soon. I will cook for you this time but tomorrow you can cook under my supervision. We will eat the same meal as Mistress we are not allowed to eat as much as her as she is bigger than both of us put together and needs lots of food to build up her muscles.'

We ate together. It was soon time to leave

Angela came towards me.

'Be a good boy and wash up. I will be inspecting the dishes to make sure you have done a proper job.'

She gave me a last long slow kiss.

‘I want you to go to bed early. I expect you to be asleep when we return!'


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