Chapter 3 - I Am Assigned To Gate Duty

“Now, since new inmates are never very physically fit, we start you off with easy work. We assign new inmates to be the Gate slave. Do you think you can handle that?”

I gaped at her. I could not believe this was happening. She laughed at my expression.

“I am being very tolerant with you Peter, since I know this is new to you. But you are beginning to try my patience! So wake up! This is real! A question means you have permission to speak. And in fact, you must speak! You must answer, briefly, to the point, and without using it as an excuse to say anything else. That is not permitted!”

“So, once again. Do you think you can handle the duties of a Gate slave?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I think I can” I answered. I had instinctively realized I should address her as “Ma’am”. I of course had no idea what the duties were.

“Good. We are making progress. Your duty will not be difficult. Your duty will be to open and close the gate, as Ladies require. Any fool could do it. Even you!” She laughed at her joke.

She methodically undid the straps around my ankles, until I was only left in the strait jacket. She helped me sit up, then to stand. I was naked from the waist down, my arms still tightly strapped into the strait jacket. The Kali bracelet was locked tight around my penis. I was in some kind of weird place. But there was nothing I could do.

She picked up a black plastic baton, about 24 inches long.  It had a rubber handle and pushbutton at one end. I could see small steel electrodes on the other end, covering the last few inches of the baton. She came over and pressed the electrode end against my balls. I tensed with fear.  “You had better pray you never find out how this feels, Peter” she said. It’s an electric shock baton. We carry these whenever we take a slave off his chain, to move him around the compound. You will always be fully restrained, when you are moved, until you are safely locked back on a chain again. This is in case you try to give any trouble! Be warned. I’ll use it on your balls, immediately, if you give me the slightest trouble whilst I’m escorting you! It will drop you in your tracks!”

She laughed at my expression. “Don’t worry! I won’t use it! Not unless you make me, of course!”

She took the baton away from my balls, and clipped it to her belt.

She walked to the door. “Do exactly as I say, Peter! Go out here”

I obeyed immediately.  I was really scared by the baton.

She followed behind me.  

I was still in the strait jacket, but naked from the waist down.

She prodded me with the shock baton. I shuddered.

“You won’t get a shock unless I press the button” she said. “Turn right here”.

I obeyed. I was so very afraid of the shock baton!

Once outside the house, I could see it was an elegant country house. A wide gravel road led from the house, around the lawn.  A high stone wall surrounded the lawn, with dense trees beyond the wall. I had been told one true thing, I thought: this really is a beautiful place.

She directed me across the lawn towards the wall. As we approached the wall, I saw the gravel road, which circled the lawn, lead to a heavy wooden gate. I realized this was the gate I was to operate.

She directed me to go to the side of the gate. I saw a steel ring was bolted to the wall, and a chain ran from the ring, down into the grass. She bent and picked up a steel collar that was lying in the grass, attached to the chain. Turning to me, she closed the collar around my neck, and locked it with a padlock.

“This is your chain, Peter. You will get to know it very well. Every slave here is locked on his own individual chain, which secures him to his workplace. This relieves us of the need to keep watch on each slave. Your assigned work is to open this gate whenever a Lady wishes to pass. You will kneel whenever a Lady passes, then will immediately close the gate again. The gate may only be opened when a Lady requests it. Any questions, slave?”

“No, Ma’am” I said.

“Good” she said. “It’s not hard. Even you can do it. Let’s get you started. Turn around”.

I turned around, and she started unbuckling the straps of my strait jacket. In a few minutes I was out of it. I felt very naked when it as off. Because I was in fact naked, apart from my padlocked collar.

She walked back towards the house, taking the strait jacket with her.

“You are on duty, now, slave” she called back.

I was left naked, on my chain.

I pulled the chain up from the grass, to see how long it was. It was about ten feet long. Just long enough to allow me to perform my assigned duty.

The gate was made from heavy wooden beams, with a large sliding bolt at the far side. I walked to the bolt. The chain was just long enough. I saw that there was a small peephole in the gate. I looked out. Beyond the gate, the gravel road led away between the trees for about 100 feet, and then turned. I could only see as far as the turn in the road. The trees prevented me seeing further. I listened. I could hear nothing except some birdsong from the trees. Clearly we were far out in the countryside.

I could not move more than ten feet from the gate before my chain pulled me up. I sat down on the grass next to the gate. I was naked, and I realized there was no shelter provided for me. It was a sunny day, but the occasional breeze felt cool on my skin. The Lady was now nowhere to be seen. I realized that I wanted to pee. I was in full view of the house, and had absolutely no privacy, but I had to pee urgently. So I stood and peed against the stone wall. I did it as quickly as I could, embarrassed to be doing it out in the open, where anyone could see. I also wasn’t sure if was breaking a rule, but I couldn’t see what alternative I had.

I sat down on the grass again. Hours passed.  Time went very slowly, tethered in place, with nothing to do. The sun started to go down. It became cooler. I huddled on the grass, my arms around my knees.  It grew darker. It’s an indescribable feeling, to be on a chain. I felt free of the usual responsibilities and stresses of modern life. The people here had to take care of everything now, not me. I had no more worries. There are some benefits to being chained, I thought.

I wondered where I was expected to sleep. I assumed my supervisor Lady would come out and take me somewhere to sleep. I realized that the style here was not to explain much. I had been simply put on my chain, then ignored. Essentially no explanations had been given of what I should expect.

Lights started to come on in the house. But nobody came out. I pulled on my chain. The chain was a heavy logging chain. The collar was thick steel, and fitted snugly around my neck. I could not see the heavy padlock, but I could feel it with my fingers. I tugged at it. It was securely locked. She had chained me well. Escape was impossible. I realized that security had been very effective. I had been completely helpless from the moment I had been put in restraints after my interview.

Then I heard the sound of chains, in the distance. Faintly at first, then louder. The sound came from behind the house. It sounded like several slaves were being marched along in chains at the back of the house. I heard a Lady’s voice giving an order, then the sound of a heavy door slamming shut. There was silence again.

About another hour passed. It was almost fully dark now. I was cold. I lay down on the grass and shivered. Surely she would come and get me soon!

I must have fallen asleep. I woke in complete darkness. I sat up, my chain clinking in the night air. All the lights were now out in the house. The compound was completely dark. There was no moon. Although it was a summer night, and probably about 75 degrees, I was shivering. It’s hard to keep warm when one is naked and not moving, unless the air temperature is up near the 94 degree temperature of the human body.  I got to my feet. I beat my arms against my chest to try to get some warmth. It didn’t help much. I walked to the extent of my chain, and back to the wall again in the darkness. My chain clinked softly as I walked. The exercise quickly made me feel warmer, so I kept walking. I walked back and forth for hours. Occasionally I would lie down, but then I started to feel cold, so had to get up again. The heavy collar and suspended chain had made my neck sore, from the rubbing as I moved. I supported the weight of the chain with one hand, and the weight of the collar with the other. That helped.

The night seemed to last forever. But at last the sky lightened. I was so thankful when the sun finally came up. The wall was in shade where my chain was bolted to the stone, but the chain was just long enough to let me get into the morning sunshine. I rapidly warmed up. I was exhausted from the night with so little sleep. I lay down at the extent of my chain, in the sun, and fell asleep.

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