Chapter 4 - My Life As A Gate Slave

I slept. But in my dream I heard a bell ringing. What could that be? I wondered, in my dream. I lay warm and half awake in the sun. I heard a Lady’s voice calling. “Hello…..hello….open the gate!”

I jumped to my feet! Someone was waiting at the gate! I immediately ran to the gate, pulled the bolt, and swung the gate opened. A car had pulled up outside the gate, and a dark haired Lady stood by it. She did not look pleased. I immediately knelt, and put my head down. I heard her steps, and saw her feet before me. 

“You are the new one, aren’t you. You have a lot to learn, I can see! I’m going to report you to your Supervisor, for keeping me waiting!” she turned and went back to her car. She drove fast though the gate, and up to the house. I got to my feet, and closed the gate. I knelt on the grass again. I kept my eyes down. I heard Ladies voices up by the house. I heard a door close.

I had not made a good start at my duties! I didn’t like what she had said about being punished! I hoped it would not be too hard! I could not stand a lot of pain, I hoped they understood that!  

I was still very tired, but I forced myself to stay awake. I waited all morning. Nothing more happened. It was hot in the sun, and eventually I half dozed, but would not let myself sleep, just in case that Lady wanted to go out again.

I was dozing like that, when I realized the Lady from the house was standing before me. I was lying down, but I scrambled to my knees. She looked incredibly beautiful, in her leather clothes. I began to get an erection. I instinctively covered myself with my hands.

“Don’t cover yourself” she said.

She watched my erection start. I immediately felt a sharp pain, as the Kali bracelet’s teeth bit into my swelling penis. The pain grew in intensity. It became agonizing in just a few seconds. The pain caused the incipient erection to stop, then rapidly subside. The pain immediately stopped as the erection ceased. It was very effective feedback, training me not to have erections, I realized. I definitely could not bear to think about masturbating, not until she took this bracelet off.

She stood and watched the process happen..

“Yes, the Kali Bracelet is very efficient, isn’t it” she said with satisfaction.

“For your own protection, try to keep your mind off sex. As much as you can! Try to think about baseball, instead” She laughed.

She held a plastic gallon jug of water in one hand, and a paper bag in the other. “Come over to the wall” she said. She poured the water into a hollow depression cut into the stone wall. She shook the contents of the paper bag onto the grass. Three apple cores, half a slice of bread, some scraps of meat.

“This your water for the day. And these are the only scraps I could find for you today. We don’t have any guests, so there aren’t many scraps today” she said.

I was hoping she would ask me if there was anything I needed. I wasn’t allowed to speak, unless she asked me a question, or even look up. If she would only ask me if I needed anything, I could ask for a blanket. But she didn’t ask. So I knelt in silence, my eyes on the ground.

“Now. I have just heard a complaint about you, from a Lady that was very annoyed with you. Apparently you were tardy in your duty to her this morning. I don’t accept poor performance from any slave that I supervise. You may have gotten away with slacking in your previous life, but here, you will not! All errors here earn consequences, which you will not like! I will give you a black mark in the punishment book. This means you will get 50 extra strokes on Sunday.”

“It’s your first day, and you already have earned yourself a punishment! For your own good, I suggest you try harder. Strappings here are intentionally very severe. Apart from the fact that we enjoy it, we find that this produces much better service from slaves. Hard strappings quickly make men into good slaves! So be a good slave. If you are a good slave, you will avoid additional punishments. It’s completely up to you. I have no sympathy for you”.

To make sure you realise I’m serious about discipline, I am also going to punish you myself. I have decided to put you in a Cravat tonight. I’ll put you in it later”.

She turned and left me kneeling on the grass. I had no idea what a Cravat was. I think it’s some kind of medieval restraint. And so I was going to be strapped. I had hoped the Lady in the car would have forgotten about it.

I gratefully drank some of the water she had left me. Then I ate the bread. The apple cores had hardly any fruit left on them, but I ate what little there was, then threw them over the wall. It wasn’t anywhere near enough. I was very hungry.

I still felt exhausted.  I was scared to sleep in case I missed a visitor. But I literally had to sleep. I would have to take my chance. I went to sleep, lying naked on the grass in the hot sun.

When I woke up, it was getting dark. I sat up quickly. There was nobody in sight. To my relief, no one had needed the gate opened.  I adjusted my collar to be more comfortable, since it was sore where one edge had been pressing on my neck as I slept. I drank the last of the water from my bowl. I regretted throwing the apple cores over the wall. I would have eaten them now, I was so hungry. I looked around. There was of course nothing to eat, and no chance of getting anything. I was tethered by my chain.

The  evening sun had been on the wall, so I went over and sat with my back against the wall, my arms around my knees. The wall still retained a lot of heat, far into the night. My supervisor had said I was going to go into a Cravat tonight, whatever that was. But she didn’t come. Another example of the style of slave treatment here, I thought: I was just left on my chain, totally ignored. Nobody seemed to care that I was hungry and bored and cold.  They were in the house, and I was stuck out here. I sat and dozed, waking frequently. At last I did really sleep.

I woke at sunup. That night had been much better than the first. I was getting used to being naked outside. I need to go to the lavatory. I crawled as far from the gate as my chain would let me, then did it, in the grass by the wall. I crawled back to the side of the gate. I was totally humiliated, chained like an animal, naked, out in the open in full view of anyone. I  was dirty and sweaty, and probably smelled. My knees were filthy from crawling on the grass. Then I looked at my hands and arms and  chest, and I realized I was dirty all over, from sleeping on the ground, naked.

Shortly after daylight, the Lady with the car came out of the house. She looked at me for a moment, then jumped into the driver’s seat. She immediately accelerated the car down the driveway. I got to my feet, ran to the gate, and swung it open. I managed to get it open just in time. I fell to my knees. She didn’t slow at all, but roared through the open gate. I just got a glimpse of her face as she passed. She was blowing me a kiss! Her car vanished down the road. She just made it around the turn. She must be insane! I think she had intentionally driven down the driveway as fast as she could, just to try to get me another punishment! I was shaking. Some Ladies here were obviously mad. And I was on this damned chain, at their mercy! But my Supervisor seemed reasonable, and hopefully would protect me.

I got to my feet, and closed the gate again. I sat on the grass by the gate, and adjusted my steel collar to be less uncomfortable. The constant weight and rubbing of the collar had made my neck quite sore, and it was hard to make the collar comfortable. It was best if I lay down, so the weight of the chain hanging from the collar was lessened.

My Supervisor approached.  I noticed she was carrying her electric shock baton. I immediately knelt and looked at the ground. That baton really frightened me.

“Peter! Now I see you, I realize I completely forgot to put you in the Cravat last night” she said. “Lucky you! And today is Sunday, so I can’t do it tonight.  Never mind, I’ll try to remember to do it tomorrow evening” She laughed.

“Now, stand up. Face away from me, hands behind your back. I’m going to cuff you for movement. It’s Sunday, and you are going for your first strapping!”

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