Chapter 9 - My Twelve Months Are Completed

One afternoon, in the spring, I was working in the barn as usual, when the dark-haired Lady from the Main Office came in. Ms Wilson, I remembered her name was.  She was accompanied by the whip bitch.  I was very surprised. I had not seen Ms Wilson since I signed the contract. I naturally kept working, and did not look up at her. That would have been punished. The rules were always strictly enforced.

The Ladies approached us. We all knelt immediately, our eyes down on the floor. We were good slaves now.

The other slaves were ordered to go to the far end of the barn and continue their work there. They slid their chains to the end of the barn, and resumed work, keeping their eyes down. I knew they could not work at normal speed, not at that end of the barn. I broke out in a sweat. If we did not keep working, we could not possibly meet our daily work quota! That would mean extra strokes for all of us! But I could do nothing about it. I knelt and waited for instructions.

I was instructed to slide my chain towards the door, as far as the beam would allow, then kneel. I obeyed.

The office Lady spoke: “hello Peter. Do you remember me? Ms Wilson? I signed you to your contract! I remember you well. You were an important executive then, but you were unhealthy! I see you are on a nice heavy chain now. That is as it should be. And you look much better now. You really look strong and healthy. Just like a real man should look. You look quite attractive, really. Not that I would ever consider a slave attractive, of course!” She flushed bright red.

She turned away for a while, then turned back to me. I had remained kneeling. My eyes were on the floor. But I could take very occasional glances upwards without being noticed. I was well experienced in the ways of a slave.

She walked up before me. I knelt before her, naked. I looked at the floor, waiting.

“I see you are well trained now! Our training methods work well on men! Do you like your work here, boy? It’s hard, mindless work, on a chain, with strict strap discipline, as is best for males! Not too much intelligence needed, is there? We like males to have simple work! Men think they are so clever and superior! But here, males do manual work! Women do the thinking here! It’s the natural order!”

“But, I must get to business: I am here to review your contract extension, and to decide how to proceed. This is just routine. I have done this many, many times. It’s all pretty well fixed by the terms of the Contract. I don’t have much time today. But this need only take a few minutes. Let’s proceed. First, do you have anything to say regarding the extension of your Contract?”

She had asked me a question! Now I could speak! “Yes, Ma’am, I respectfully request to be released, if my 12 months are completed” I said politely.

I was so happy! It had been a long, hard 12 months, but at last it was over!

Ms Wilson spoke icily. “I didn’t ask about your release, Peter. Your off-the point response is an error! I will deal with that error in a few minutes! But first, answer my question, please!”

I shook with fear. I had made an error. She had asked a question, and I had used that as an excuse to say something off the topic. I knew she would have extra strokes for me!

“Ma’am, I do not wish to have a Contract extension, please, Ma’am” I said, as respectfully as I could. I was seething with rage inside.

“Thank you for your answer, Peter. But it is clear that you do not understand the terms of your contract, or you would not have said that. But your answer is understandable, since I recall that you didn’t read your contract before signing it. I, however, understand your contract perfectly. We use exactly the same contract for all our slaves. I don’t have time to explain it all to you, but I assure you I’m right. Very briefly, Clause 6 stated that you agreed to complete the initial 12 month period, and also any time extension. Clause 10 stated that the Company has the sole right to decide if any time extension should be implemented, and how long this should be. The only avenue for you to cancel the contract is with a phone call. I assume you haven’t made a phone call? I’m afraid you foolishly signed a Contract which doesn’t allow you any control, Peter. It’s completely for the Company to decide how long you stay here! I did warn you to read the Contract before you signed it, didn’t I?!”

I was silent. I kept my eyes down. I was angry. Of course I had not made a phone call! I was not allowed off my chain! How could I make a phone call! Yes, I had signed that damned agreement! But it was a cheat!  They knew I would be chained and could not get to a phone! They had rushed me into signing it! I was being cheated! I longed to  speak, but she had not asked me a question, so I could not speak. I had become a well-trained slave!

She looked down at me, then continued “I am informed that you have successfully lost 28 pounds since being admitted here. Since this is more than the guaranteed weight loss of 20lbs, your option to leave the program because of our Non-Performance is not available to you”

“Do you have anything else to say, before I make a decision?”

It was completely unfair, of course. But it sounded like I would have to serve some extended time! I could not bear the thought of this! I must find some legal recourse to stop this! I obviously needed a lawyer to help me!

“Please Ma’am, I wish to have a Lawyer to assist me” I said, trying to sound as respectful as possible. I knew that if she thought I was being disrespectful, I would be strapped. I shuddered at the thought.

She laughed. “What nonsense! You disappoint me. Perhaps your mind does not match your excellent body”

I flushed. I was very angry now. She was mocking me.

She continued. “You don’t have anything, Peter! Just your collar! You are not a powerful executive any more! Do you have money, Peter? Do you have access to a phone? You can cancel your contract if you can get to a phone! I think not! Do you really have anything, Peter, except your collar and your chain? Can you even masturbate?”

I was beside myself with anger, but I was chained. I forced myself to stay kneeling. “Yes, I have money” I said thickly “I can write a check”. In my anger, I forgot to address her as ‘Ma;am’. That was yet another offence! But luckily, she didn’t seem to notice.

Ms Wilson smiled. She paused.  “Oh, Peter” she said. “That’s another one”. My heart sunk. She had caught my error. That meant another black mark! Another punishment!

She went on.

“I don’t see any checkbook, Peter. Do you have a checkbook? We don’t normally allow our slaves to have checkbooks! Or anything! Our slaves are allowed no possessions! We keep them completely naked! They only have their steel collars!”

They both laughed. I was boiling with anger now.

She continued “That’s enough time-wasting. My decision is as follows: As Company representative, absent any legally-recognised action of Mr Mann to terminate the contract, I choose to act on the contractual right of the Claimant per clause 14 to implement a time extension. I elect a permanent extension, as also specified by Clause 14.  I also elect to make this disposition effective immediately.  Further consideration of additional time extensions is obviously unnecessary. The disposition of this Contract is therefore concluded.  No further contractual reviews will be made. The contract will continue as modified and now defined, in perpetuity. I declare this meeting is ended”.

I was totally amazed. I was speechless at the unfairness of it all. I think that she had just consigned me to permanent slavery!  This was NOT right!

I looked up at her. Yet another offence! I saw the whip bitch standing behind her, smiling broadly. She was enjoying this! She lifted her whip, and quietly pointed to it.

“Get your eyes down, slave!” Ms Wilson said icily. “That your third offence, boy. Be assured that I will have you punished for each and very offence!”

“We have done here! You are now a permanent slave.” Ms Wilson turned to the whip bitch. “He’s permanent now, so please get him registered with the IRS and have him tattooed with his slave number. And have his cock pierced and fitted with a locked chastity tube”.

The whip bitch smiled. “Yes, Ma’am. I’ll see to it immediately. With pleasure”.

Ms Wilson turned back to me. “As for you, Peter: I wish you well. My advice is to accept your situation, because there’s really nothing else you can do. You will now be tattooed with your International Registry of Slaves (IRS) slave number. You will remain on your chain. I’ll make a point of calling in here to see how you are doing, when I make my annual visit, next year”.

The whip bitch was standing behind her, trying not to laugh out loud. She was looking right at me. Her right hand was stroking her short whip. I knew she was telling me that she would use it on me, just as soon as she had me alone.

Ms Wilson turned to leave. At the door, she looked back. “Goodbye Peter. I will see that black marks are placed against your name in the punishment book. You will get your punishment for those on Sunday! Now you had better resume your work. I’m sure you don’t want to fail to meet your daily work quota!”.

I was now desperate. That Contract was completely unfair! I so wished I had read it before I signed it! And I now had three punishments coming! I could not possibly endure that many strokes, not from that strap! I had to get off this chain, somehow!

I called out “No! Please! Please Ms Wilson…I beg you….there must be some other way!” I had spoken without permission, but I was desperate. I got to my feet. I tried to move towards her, but of course my chain pulled me up short. I pulled madly at the padlocked steel collar, then the heavy chain. I had lost control of myself, but the chain ensured I was harmless.

The office Lady stood just a few feet in front of me, and watched me struggling with my chain. The whip bitch stood behind her. I could see the whip bitch was still trying not to laugh. That made me really really really angry!

They did not move. They knew I could not get off my chain. Panic and fear and anger rushed through me, all at the same time. I was not going to be released! They were going to keep me on this chain! I began panting with emotion, my face contorted with my emotions.

“You are cheating me!” I shouted. “Get me off this chain! Please! I must get off this chain!”

Ms Wilson smiled at me. She seemed amused by my outburst. Suddenly I became afraid. I had lost control of myself! I had broken several rules! I fell back to my knees, and pressed my face to the floor. I trembled in fear now. I had made even more errors!

“Well, well” she said “That was a childish tantrum, wasn’t it? Not exactly what we expect from a good slave! You clearly aren’t yet a good slave, as you have been pretending, are you? But we know how to deal with slaves like you! You will be made into a good slave, whether you like it or not! A chain, and sufficient strapping, will make any man into a good slave, no matter how willful he is. And you are not any different to the others!” 

She continued. “I counted at least four additional offences there! Four black marks! I will of course note them all in the punishment book!”

She looked down at me. “You will become a good slave, Peter, I assure you! And no, I’m not going to order you released from your chain. You will remain on your chain for the rest of your life.”

“You are now due for a very, very special strapping this Sunday!  Very special! I think I will delay my return to Minneapolis, and watch you receive it! I think many Ladies will also want to see this! We’ll very much enjoy seeing you get your punishment! You have a really great spirit, Peter! But I’ve seen many other proud men brought here, and we made them all into slaves! The others were all arrogant and willful, when they arrived, just like you. But they are all now working here as good, docile slaves! A heavy chain and a good leather strap will make any man into a slave! And you will be made into a good slave, too!”

Now, get back to your work! Your supervisor will take care of you”.

The whip bitch smiled. “I’ll take good care of him, Ma’am” she said.

Ms Wilson turned to the door, then paused and looked back and spoke to the whip bitch.

“I will attend his strapping this Sunday. And afterwards, I want him brought immediately to my private room”.


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