Alice and Anna - On The Beach

by Yvonne Sinclair

After the adventure where my cousin and I had been dressed as two bridesmaids, we both now found ourselves wanting to dress in girls' clothes again; but through my outburst our parents took measures to prevent this from taking place.

However, we did get a chance to dress again some two months later.

After the wedding, my cousin Peter returned home, and we could only keep in touch by writing to each other, which we did regularly, always referring to each other as Anna and Alice.

I did manage to see the photographs of the wedding, and gazed enraptured at the sight of us both as pretty girls in our satin dresses. The memory remained clearly in my mind, and each night I returned in my dreams, once again floating in a cloud of petticoats and peach satin.

Our two families always spent our summer holidays together as a group, and it was two months later that we stayed at a hotel by the sea.

The path that we had to use to get to the beach led through a chalet site before it went down the cliff path. It was on the chalet site that we noticed two girls of about our age, often playing with a beach ball, or waiting to go out for the day.

How we envied them their light summer dresses and attractive swimming costumes as we passed by their chalet!

One day, Peter and I sat on the grass watching them playing together. They probably thought that we were admirers; little knowing that in fact we were admiring their clothes; wishing that we were wearing them!

An Early Swim

It was on the last day of the holiday that we decided that we would have an early morning swim to finish our holiday, and to try and work out some plan for the future. We hoped we might be able to find a way to spend some of our time in skirts, as we both felt tense and frustrated at only being able to talk about fashions. We both knew that, however hard we tried to convey a feminine image to each other, we could not fully enjoy the excitement as the male clothing we wore completely spoilt the outward appearance of the feminine image we both felt so very strongly inside ourselves.

We rose at five in the morning, and even at that time the day was already warm. It seemed odd as we walked along the path to the beach that there was no one about, although at that early hour it was hardly surprising.

As we walked through the chalet site, it was Peter who noticed that, hanging on the garden palings, were the two swimming costumes and caps which belonged to the two girls. He nudged me, and we both stopped. We looked at each other, and I nodded my head in agreement. Although not a word passed between us, we each knew the other's thoughts; as we passed, we snatched the costumes and caps and ran as fast as we could; expecting all the time to hear a shout, but none came.

We ran all along the beach until we came to the sand dunes, and made our way to the centre, where we threw ourselves down, panting and puffing - partly at the exertion and partly at the thought of what we had done.

"Well, shall we?" said Peter.

"Oh, yes! yes! yes!" I cried as I stripped off my shorts and tee shirt.

Peter did the same, and shivers of excitement ran through me as I held `my' costume in front of me. It was blood red satin elastic, and I was shivering with delight at stepped into it, tucking myself away underneath to create the smooth line that a has, then drawing the straps

Over my shoulders before donning the cap, which was made of rubber daisies

Alice and Anna - at last !

I turned and looked at what was no longer Peter, but Anna; and smiled at how we had both transformed ourselves into two young girls. Like me, Peter had had to tuck himself away, and had a vee fine that showed only the molded outline of a girl. He was Anna again!

Anna gave me a coy smile, "I think your costume is very sweet, Alice" she said, and I replied, "Yours too, Anna, and I think your hat is very pretty."

How lovely it was to be able to say that, and how wonderful the feeling of joy that swept over both of us as we realized that not only did we look like girls, but felt the need to show it.

I slipped my hand into hers and we both giggled as we set out for the shoreline, delighting in the feminine feel of our costumes, walking on tiptoe as we had seen girls do when walking on sand. Then we burst into a run as the excitement swept through us, nearly screaming out loud at the long-awaited end of our frustration; then skipping and running as we reached the sea, screaming as each tried to splash the other, with our hands to our faces in girlish manner.

We released all the pent-up feelings of the past two months; racing along the beach wishing that it would never end. Then we turned back, as we knew we must, and met our first person of the day. As he jogged past, the man called out a cheery "Good morning, girls!", and gave us a big grin as we returned his greeting with radiant smiles. He never realized that he, had really made our day with his greeting; "Girls!"

"Oh Anna, why can't we be girls every day? It would make me so happy!" I said. "I know; I feel the same! Now, come on, e have to get these things back before y are missed!"

Regretfully we removed the costumes dressed in our own clothes, both aware t this was the last moment of enjoying e freedom of expressing ourselves as girls who knew how long?

As we returned to the path it was about eight o'clock, and neither of us wanted to lace the items we had stolen, although owed would be a better word, we thought.

To my horror, at the top of the cliff path we met the two girls, but Peter, thinking quick as a flash, said, "Excuse me; are you looking for these swimming things? We found them on the beach."

"Oh, thanks! We think it's the boys in one of the other chalets; they are a pest!" said one of the girls, and I heaved a sigh of relief as we walked on to the hotel.

We had been blissfully happy for a while, relieved that our explanation of how we'd got the costumes was accepted, but with more than a tinge of sadness at the end of this little holiday adventure in girls' clothes.

But I knew now that all girls' clothes would have the same appeal to me in the future, and wondered how long it would be before I once again had a chance to express the feminine side of my nature; this term I was going to a boarding school with all boys, so it might be years!



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